Backblast – 09/03/2022 PK at the Fog

Another beautiful morning at the Parklands. For all you HIMs that hit the fartsack, you missed out. Bacon had intended to Q, but he came down with the sickness, so I was glad to offer my non-professional Q services. With Labor Day weekend, back to school season, and for PK, the start of soccer season, it was destined to be glorious. I put a pre-blast out and an offer to join whoever showed up at 0600 for a Pre-workout Run or Ruck. I had a bit of set-up planned for the workout so I got there a bit early, and was surprised to see Edward Scissorhands show up at 0545 ready to ruck. We chatted a bit, and waited for additional PAX to arrive. He said he was concerned we would run out of topics before our ruck, and it would just be two HIMs out on the gloom. No problems were had. We covered 3.2 miles and had time to spare.

As we got back to the Gheens lodge a few more cars arrived and additional HIMs were ready to workout out. Jewel and Jitterbug, while Edward Scissorhands had to head out for a soccer tournament for his kid. Definitely feeling the soccer vibes this morning. Perfect for the theme that I had planned for the day. It was also another sign, that as the sun began to illuminate the park, they had put up soccer goals and fields in the egg lawn.

As 0700 arrived, I did the official welcome party, checked for FNGs, gave the disclaimer, informed everyone that I am not a professional, and that they are to modify. I had planned a bit of moseying in the gloom, and knew my PAX and a few of their ailments, so I began to modify the weinke. First this first, COP.

25 SSHs, Toe Touch stretch, 25 SSHs, Standing Quad Stretch (right then left), 25 SSHs,Downward Dog into ROL quad stretch, then LOR quad stretch, 25 SSHs, Sitting hamstring stretch, right, left, then middle. I am battling a few ailments, and do not stretch enough, so always good to work it into the Q.

Next thing was time to begin the soccer portion of the workout. We made our way in an easy pace, kept the three of us close and tried to keep the workout going on the way. Think of “Remember the Titans” but way more awkward with only three guys. High Knees, Butt Kicks, Carioca Left, Carioca Right, and Marios. We made our way to my car which was parked near the egg lawn. I opened the trunk and told the PAX to pick out a soccer ball, while I grabbed the speed ladder and cones, then proceeded to set up an agility course. Here is what we did, the course was set up in the shape of a square. From the first cone one PAX went and did the speed ladder, step in right foot, then left foot, out right foot, out left foot, and move forward to the next run, and proceed left to right, repeato through the rest of the ladder. Once through the ladder, move up to the shuttle course. This represented the top section of our small square. move around the cones, left to right till you get to the other side. At the last cone, take a right and sprint to the end of the square where two cones represented the finish line. While one PAX completed this course, the rest were with their soccer ball, performing Toe Touches with the ball in front of them. Once all of the PAX were through we would change the thang the PAX did while one ran the course. Now we only had three PAX running the course, so we went faster through this than I had anticipated. Still we got after it. Round 1, Toe touches in with the ball in front of us, Round 2, Hop over the ball side to side with the ball under us. Round 3 Deep lunges. Keep 1 foot on the ball and lunge forward. Round 4 Diamond Merkins on the ball (pretty much too slick with the morning dew to perform). Round 5, Squat all the way down till your butt touches the ball, getting deep. Round 6, Hold Plank while keeping your feet on the ball, and when the PAX completed his round he would hop over the planking PAX.

After the course, I was pretty well smoked, and it seemed like time was not moving fast enough for us. It was time for the next Thang. I know soccer is not big for many of our Louisville PAX, so I was not going to have any footskills competitions, or shooting on frame ( aka goal). So I had the PAX pick up their ball and time for a prisoner carry to a bench along the Egg Lawn path. There we did three rounds of Dips, Derkins, and Squats (Old Man Nut Crushers – butt has to touch the seat before you go up. 20 reps each round.

After three rounds, prison carry the ball back to the car, pick up the course, and then head back to the flag for some Mary. The chatter was good this morning and the consensus was that no one enjoys waking up and leaving the bed/house so early in the morning, but no one has ever regretted coming out to the workout. Every time, every morning, they know that they are thankful that they did, and are ready to make their day a good one. It is difficult to remember that some weeks. Many PAX used to be regulars, and have since fallen deep into the fartsack, deep into becoming sad clowns again. I was well on my way there, and am working to keep those demons at bay. F3 is more than a workout and I look forward to seeing you back in the gloom soon.

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