10.28.2019 Heavy Backblast


Heavy’s are not my thing.  The cold is not my thing.  I am very thankful for the 2 other HIMs who braved the cold on Monday to come out and work at getting better.

PAX: Plumb Bob, Yoshie, PK (Q)

As everyone gathered, the disclaimer was given.  We triangled up for the warm-up.

SSHs – 40

Abe Vigodas – 20

Grass Grabbers – 20

Imperial Walker Squats – 20

With everyone warmed up, time to get into the Thang. The plan was for a you versus you partner assisted workout.  Moving weight in ways not consistent with traditional workouts. I had set up 10 stations around the monument with different motions at each station. Taking turns, 1 minute AMRAP, partner 2 rest/assist, partner 3 works on an exercise on their own. So with 3 members ready, we paired up into a group of 3. Ready, set, modify.

Station 1 – Partner Assisted Weighted Squats.  Rucksack containing 30 lbs, and a 60 lb Sandbag.  Partner 1 does the work, Partner 2 removes weight when asked, Partner 3 Weighted Overhead Flutter Kicks.  Rotate after a minute.

Station 2 – Partner Coupon Big Boy Pass.  Partner 1 extends their arms holding 20 lb weight to touch the ground above their head in the lower big boy position.  Sit up, and pass the weight to Partner 2, who will repeat, and pass back to Partner 1.  Partner 3 does Curls. Rotate after a minute.

Station 3 – Weighted Merkins. Partner 1 performs Merkins with 20 lb weight on their back till smoked, then remove the weight and continue.  Partner 2 Monitors and encourages Partner 1 to crush it.  Partner 3 Upright Rows with 20 lb weight. Rotate after 1 minute.

Partner Coupon Pass Twists.  Standing back to back, Partner 1 and Partner 2 pass the coupon clockwise, then counter clockwise passing the 20 lb weight. Partner 3 does Halos with 20 lb weight.  Rotate after 1 minute.

We did 2 rounds.  With the time remaining, we did Captain Thor’s and Absolution.

Finished up with CoT.  Definitely glad 2 other HIMs came out in the gloom.  It definitely was a workout that I will remember, as some good 2nd F was exchanged.  Thankful for the HIMs in F3 that can take the things that I hate and turn it into something that I love.





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