Backblast 08.26.2020 PK

The tank was strong this morning.  The workout was set to be one that challenge those who are Merkin challenged, as myself.  With that being the case, the workout was a new version of a workout I titled the Tomb Raider.  Here is what we did:

5:30 disclaimer was given and rough guidelines were set up for our warm-up.  I counted 12 PAX as we started, not counting myself.  Informed the PAX to maintain 6 feet apart during our mosey, try to remain as a unit.  Three columns of four PAX in each column.

PAX: No Nuts, Whitney (R), Vincent (R), Aerobie (R), Drysdale, Rhythm, Greenwich, Tony Malito, Bunghole, Cousin Eddie, Nice and Slow, Huggies, Meatball, PK (Q)

PAX made a slow mosey down the road toward the Jeffersonian, around the circle and back to the Memorial.  While maintaining lines, performed High Knees, Butt Kicks, Marios, Carioca (left and right), and Rockette’s while mixing a mosey in between each.

Once back to the Memorial, a light stretch before performing Thang 1.  SSHs, Downward Dog, Left over Right Downward Dog, Runners Stretch, then Imperial Walker Squats.

Thang 1 Tomb Raider

PAX split into two groups.  Group 1 performing an exercise around the “Tomb” near the top of the memorial, until Group 2 completes their exercise through “the Neck” then running around the Memorial, and completing the same exercise through “the Neck”, and pushes Group 1 to switch exercises.

Exercises at the Tomb: Round 1 – 25 Incline Merkins, Round 2 – 25 T-Merkins, Round 3 – 25 Decline Merkins, Round 4 – 24 Stiff Arm Merkins (12 One Arm Straight out to one side, repeat 12 with opposite arm straight), Round 5 – 25 Typewriter Merkins (keep one arm laid out straight, Merkin, motion to opposite side, and Merkin with opposite arm straight, repeat-o)

Exercise through the Neck: Round 1 – Bear Crawl, Round 2 – Frog Jump, Round 3 – Crab Walk, Round 4 – Lunge Walk, Round 5 – Burpee Broad Jump

Really impressed with the PAX on how they kept moving and kept pushing one another through the workout.  Followed up the Tomb Raider with closing ab work.

Tossed the count around the PAX to lead, LBCs, Gas Pumps, Flutter Kicks, V-Ups, Plank, American Hammers, Jeffersons, Box-Cutters, Dying Cockroaches, with an Absolution finisher.

Glad to make it out on a beautiful morning to start my day with the men in the gloom.  I have been having difficulty getting out in the gloom and learning how to maintain a modicum of normalcy this year.  Thanks to Meatball for taking over the Tank and leading the PAX there this year.  The PAX is strong not just because they are made up of a bunch of beasts crushing workouts.  I mean, we totally have that too!  The part that makes F3 Louisville such an awesome group, is that it is more than a workout.  Thanks for picking me up when I am the six, and not just in the workouts.  I carry that with me everyday, and strive to do that for others as well.

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