BB – 08/22/22 Q-School Incubator Posh

I did not delay this post on purpose. If you do read this backblast, thank you! I woke up the morning on 08/22/2022 with a feeling of dread. I do not Q often. I like to believe that when I do Q, I have everything planned ahead of time, so it can move easily for everyone to get a good full body workout. When I woke up that morning, I was not as prepared as I traditionally prefer. You can insert any excuse you want into why I was not prepared, I know that I have told them all to myself. I had an outline for the Q school workout and I was going to make sure to follow my script, even though it felt incomplete. In the past couple of weeks, a few regular Pax had some aliments that were limiting their workouts so I planned a few items for them, and was arranging a workout for them as well. I made it to Gheens, planted the flags so everyone knew were F3 was to gather for a 5:30 start. So there I sat, 5:28 and there were no cars in any parking area at Posh that I could see from the flag, except mine own. No early morning runners, no fit for mom groups, no dog walkers, and no park ranger. It was eerie. Then one car came in, parked next to mine and Big Bird hopped out. So when 5:30 arrived I already began to modify my plan for a Q school of 2.

I checked for any FNGs. Let everyone know that I was not a professional. Inquired that they were all there of their own free will, and encouraged everyone to modify if necessary. Big Bird proudly confirmed that there were no FNGs, he came willingly and was ready to participate in the workout that I had planned.

We formed a circle of two pax. In which I introduced 5 exercises with proper introduction. In between each exercise we discussed the 5 core principles of F3.

After we were properly warmed up, it was time to mosey to the fountain for the Thang. If you have not been to Posh, many people would consider the sprawling confines of the park to be Majestic. There are almost too many places to name, and no matter what day I go, it is never the same, and always gets better. Much like how F3 impacts each HIM that participates. Every time I make my way to the Fountain in the gloom this, seeing the lights shine in the fog like a beacon of hope to self betterment, always starts my day with a smile.

Well this morning was the same, but as with all plans in Q school you have to be flexible. My preblast noted that we were going to be bears out in the gloom. The plan for the Thang was to do a Dora at the fountain, with the partner push performing bear crawls up and down the ramp to the fountain. The only thing I did not plan on finding at the fountain was a pack of 30 cougars already working out at the fountain. Again, the view of the fountain in the gloom never seems to stop inspiring and reminding me of the beauty in the world. After taking in the sights, I had to try to figure out if we should stick to my carefully thought out plan. So rather than causing a scene, we decided the two bears would improvise and continue our workout elsewhere.

We turned around and headed to the egg lawn. The new Thang. Move around the egg lawn alternating bear crawl and mosey from park bench to park bench. At the first bench 10 Boyos, second bench 20 step ups (single count each leg), third bench 30 bench squats (old man nut crunchers). We completed one lap around the egg lawn and had completed 40 Boyos, 80 step-ups, and 120 squats, and bear crawled so much it began to look natural. We did have one runner call us out as two bears as he made his way around the run path. Big Bird and I had strong mumble chatter as well. We spoke in depth about what F3 means to us. How we got started in F3. And much more about who we are as men in the gloom and outside the gloom and what truly makes F3 more than a workout.

I did not save time for Mary as I had planned as the bear crawls were a big further than I had originally planned and that ate into my Mary time. We did circle up around the flag. We did count-or-rama, name-o-rama, spoke on announcements, intentions, and ended with a blessing thanking each other for starting the day with each other. I promised Big Bird that I would write a backblast. These are important to write, not just for the listing of the exercises, but also for the Q. It helps to look back over what you have done, how it compared to what you planned, assess how you handled the adversity, and learn how to progress and move forward. Q school week is an instructor for us all. Q school never really ends, as the Q is always a student. I continue to learn that lesson.

F3 is more than a workout. If you have made it to this part of the post, come on out to Posh on Monday mornings. Try going to other locations as well. Think of bringing FNG who may live out in another area. Break out of your set routine and grow. It may not go as you planned, but you will be better for it. Hope to SYITG.

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