BB – PK Day at the Fog 02.26.22

I write this knowing that I am a hypocrite. Complaining about back blast, and how they aren’t what they used to be. Honestly, I have not written one, and I have not read one. I am the sad clown, and the jester. This morning in the gloom, was inspiring for me. Hopefully, I can take this positivity and carry it forward.

I showed up at the gloom this morning trying to redeem myself from fartsacking a Q earlier this month. Yep, it happened, and to Handbook, I will forever be shamed. So, today’s Q had to be a good one. When I arrived in the parking lot, fifteen minutes early, and there was already a truck there with the lights on, I took it as a good sign. Except that person never got out of their car, and seemed a bit shady in hindsight. Luckily, 5:45 rolled in and I had someone else to wander the early light. Given the shady truck, Bacon and I stayed near the egg lawn, and kept an eye on our vehicles, and prepped for the 7:00 workout. It is still funny, and I mentioned earlier that I was a hypocrite. I have been attending F3 for quite some time, and still have been missing out on the full effect. Too locked up in my own head to partake in the true second F of F3. Bacon caught me on a good day, and fellowship was in good form. I learned that we actually have kids in the same grade, in the same school, and they have been there for the past 9 years. I spoke with my daughter, and mentioned his son, and she knew more about Bacon that I had. This brought me to my realization that I am can do more to take the F3 principles to heart. Turns out Bacon and I have many things in common, and have similar tastes in movies. In addition to the awkward truck, we also saw a high speed police chase headed down highway 64, and heard two cars driving on the highway with flat tires. I highly recommend joining the mumble rucks if you can, or any other ruck.

The other interesting thing that we did after the ruck, was the workout. At 7:00, there were five of us. I actually put out a preblast this time, and I came prepared with mini-coupons for everyone. I brought enough for 8 people, although there has not been that many on a Saturday Qu in a while. Minnow, Jitterbug, Lady Bird, Bacon, and Myself (PK), were ready. I informed the group that I was not a professional, and that they were adults and should modify as necessary. I recommended using my mini coupons (simple bricks), but if they wanted to carry something else, hey, you do you. With that we left and headed to the egg lawn. Now I copied this workout from one that Tool Time had put together year ago. He jokingly named it the Kilo challenge. It involves carrying weight and moving one Kilometer, while stopping ten times, to do an exercise at the stop and completing 100 reps. Thus 10 x 100 = 1,000 (a kilo). Now, remember, Bacon had helped me set up while we completed our pre-ruck. He was informed of all the items that we were going to do, and he chose to bring a 60 lb sand bag. Here is what we did, Station #1 – Side Straddle Hops, Station #2 – Shoulder Press, Station #3 – Merkins, Station #4 – Big Marge, Station #5 – Air Squats, Station #6 – Curls, Station #7 – Curtsy Lunges, Station #8 – Shoulder Raises (50 front/50 side), Station #9 – Mountain Climbers, Station #10 – Bent Over Rows. Then we moseyed back to the flag and closed out with some Mary. The workout was simple, stupid, painful, and fun. The best part was when the Pax proved that it was working in unison. We don’t know how it happened. It just did. Jitterbug was leading the count on Curtsy Lunges, and I think we all came to the same realization while performing the exercise. Suddenly we looked up, and we looked like an awesome synchronized swimming team. Five guys, standing in an evenly spaced circle, and each person started with the same leg, same rhythm, same cadence. It only got more weird (or awesome, pending your perspective) as each person tried their own adaptation or flare to the movement.

At 8:00, the workout ended. I was smoked. We concluded our workout the usual way. Updates on items to come, and prayers for those in need. It is in here that I am also a hypocrite. We pray for things to be better, but F3 is about being a man of action. I challenge the group as I challenge myself to be that change of good. It does not need to be monumental. It just needs to be for good. F3 is to be an instrument to build men to lead in their communities. I am not sure what I will do, maybe more long backlists, and ramblings of a hypocrite. I look forward to seeing you men in the gloom. I can’t promise that I will be better, but it is because of the men of F3 I can promise that I won’t be the same man that I was.

Thank you to all who have read this far. I aim to read your back blasts (and pre blasts as well).

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