BB 02/13/20 The Extender at the Mutt

The weather this week has been stellar and I am impressed with the Pax that have come out to get better.  Seeing there was a 10% chance of rain I knew it would be a soggy day.  I took a little detour driving home from work to scope out the lesser known dry spots atContinue reading “BB 02/13/20 The Extender at the Mutt”

PB The Extender at Le Mutt 2/13/20: A 6.5er!

Doing my best to stick to the 7th covenant of The Mutt, “Stay Dry”.  We’ll have plenty of cover as we stay close to the building’s many covered areas, but you’re going to have to move fast between them if you don’t want to melt.  Bring some gloves and a partner (optional) and get readyContinue reading “PB The Extender at Le Mutt 2/13/20: A 6.5er!”

Wisteria @ Pleasantville BB 01/31/2020

My first trip back to the house that Grinder built in a while was an exciting prospect.  A busy week at work and three hour beer tasting had me less prepared than usual Thursday night.  Hey no problem!  The possibilities are endless in Pleasantville.  Fast forward six hours and I’m driving that way, listening toContinue reading “Wisteria @ Pleasantville BB 01/31/2020”

BB: 10/10/19 at The Extender.

Apparently, the title alone was posted last Thursday so in the words of the great Paul Harvey,  “here is the rest of the story”.  Coming in just under the 14 day BB rule, this one is for you @kkzs (Sump Pump).  For everyone else, my apologies should you choose to read on.  No animals wereContinue reading “BB: 10/10/19 at The Extender.”

08/22/19 BB The Extender

3:05 am Thursday morning.  First kid comes moseying into my bed.  3:08 am, here comes the other on.  Mother nature was putting on quite a show that night.  I think Glen Ross put it best, “It was as if someone had parked a school bus with the bright flashing light right outside our window.”  NowContinue reading “08/22/19 BB The Extender”

Blender PB; The Triple Nickel Zima Q

I didn’t forget to put out the pre blast, I just had no idea what we were doing.  I’m in a real pickle so we’re going to do the triple nickel workout.  Where’s @tonymalito?  No money down! No payments!  Just show up ready for the triple nickel pickle.  (No gloves or grass were harmed inContinue reading “Blender PB; The Triple Nickel Zima Q”

The Blender BB 6/12/19

Despite being up most of the night after watching the rather disturbing and fascinating mini-series, Chernobyl, I felt pretty good about getting back out in the gloom.  And that WEATHER!!! Conditions:  55F and Clear Pax: OJ, Glen Ross, RihRih, PED, Blue Print, Buschhh, Fridge, Pope, Juicy, Cornbread (R), Stiletto, Cooter (DR), Chiklas, Big Papi (FNG)Continue reading “The Blender BB 6/12/19”

BB Major League fun at The Extender at the Mutt 5/16/19

The thing about F3 is it’s always hard.  Just when you think you’ve turned a corner, some weird back issue flares up or you lose motivation because you’re stressed or just tired.  For me, working out never get’s easier and I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to, but coming back is always the best decisionContinue reading “BB Major League fun at The Extender at the Mutt 5/16/19”

BB Wisteria at Pleasantville 4/19/19

My return to the Q at Pleasantville was a tough one to plan.  I don’t mind the rain, but I don’t necessarily like standing in it and one of the best features of this site, the amphitheater steps,  was sure to be sloppy. Conditions weren’t so bad when I woke up, but that quickly changedContinue reading “BB Wisteria at Pleasantville 4/19/19”

The Extender BB 04/11/19

Eighteen HIMs arrived at the Mutt for Cornbread’s VQ and my Co-Q.  Admittedly, this BB comprises 95% of the work done by YHC.  Cornbread put together a solid WO with some yoga flow and strength work.  The complete package detailed down to the minute below. Conditions were ideal at 55F and clear. Pax: Tureen, Tiger, Buschhh, OldContinue reading “The Extender BB 04/11/19”

The Extender PB 04/11/19 Cornbread and Zima Co-Q

Cornbread is running the show with a little help from YHC.   As a co-Q, I got a peek at the Weinke and let me tell you while Cornbread (aka FR Bill) may lead you to pray for thanks, forgiveness and praise in the pews, his weinke will have you praying for mercy in theContinue reading “The Extender PB 04/11/19 Cornbread and Zima Co-Q”

The Blender BB 4-3-19 Zima Q

The benefit of Q’ing several times is you can pull together a quick idea from your previous workouts, especially from a different AO.  With a light crowd and a different AO, I thought a weinke from last summer would work well at the Mutt.  To my surprise, seven HIMS were there and two of themContinue reading “The Blender BB 4-3-19 Zima Q”

The Extender at The Mutt Pre-Blast. Better than PB&J

Like PB&J, Wine and Cheese, Beer and Pretzels, Zima and Jolly Ranchers are a quintessential combination. A MUST for any epic evening in 1990-something. Fast forward to 2019. Add a little Mutt and a dash of County and you’ve just reignited this show stopper to unstable conditions. Come find out for yourself what an F3Continue reading “The Extender at The Mutt Pre-Blast. Better than PB&J”

PreBlast for The Blender at The Mutt, an interview with Roosevelt E. Roosevelt

My good friend Roosevelt E. Roosevelt won’t make it to the WO tomorrow, but I called to get his thoughts on the conditions. What do you think about my Weinke Roosevelt? “It’s hot! Damn hot! Real hot! Hottest things is my shorts. I could cook things in it. A little crotch pot cooking.” Thanks. HowContinue reading “PreBlast for The Blender at The Mutt, an interview with Roosevelt E. Roosevelt”

Back Blast The Blender 12/19/18 Zima Q

In my first year of F3, I haven’t lost any weight (that’s on me), my mile time is probably the same and I still struggle with 20+ merkins at a time, but F3 has had a profound effect in my life way beyond the Gloom.  I’ve been in and out of gyms and various bootContinue reading “Back Blast The Blender 12/19/18 Zima Q”

The Blender PreBlast – F3versiary

@nathangilmore13 (Nino) and I are F3 twins (fraternal), both celebrating our one year F3versiaries tomorrow with a Q. Both are good options so get out of bed!  My story: Three hundred and sixty some days ago @buschhhhh, @f3digiorno and @backdraft2 overserved me at FABD on a Friday afternoon and convinced me to show up atContinue reading “The Blender PreBlast – F3versiary”

Back Blast 10/25/18; The Extender – Zima Q

Feels good to finally be healthy again and so I was ready for a Q to utilize all of our resources at the Mutt.  Also, we had important things to discuss, hence the Boardroom pre-blast.  Conditions were great; Dry and 45F.  Twenty Pax were on hand to greet the gloom: Tiger, Digornio, Windshield, Sump Pump,Continue reading “Back Blast 10/25/18; The Extender – Zima Q”