BB Major League fun at The Extender at the Mutt 5/16/19

The thing about F3 is it’s always hard.  Just when you think you’ve turned a corner, some weird back issue flares up or you lose motivation because you’re stressed or just tired.  For me, working out never get’s easier and I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to, but coming back is always the best decision I make that day.  I digress.  Recently, a friend at the gym showed me this workout he did and did not complete.  A friendly challenge I think.  My response was this, “I’m not sure if I can complete, but I know a bunch of guys who can.”  And so i had a free weinke on my hands and just needed to find a spot on the calendar.  A week later and one too many bourbons, I was prepping my WO and decided that it may be better if the Pax didn’t see the whole thing at once.  Again, the bourbon was flowing and suddenly Major League popped in my head.  Maybe MLB highlights on TV.  No idea where this came from, but 30 minutes of crafting later and I had recreated my own version of the Indian’s Rachel Phelps motivational locker room poster.  On a side note, there are a ton of great F3 names in that movie.  Do we have a Jobu?

Conditions: PERFECT 59F and clear.

Pax: GlenRoss, Tiger, Wham-O, Cowbell, Fridge, Deuce, Backdraft, Yogi, Windshield, Tureen, Snowman, Larry Flint, Zima (Q).

Mutt crew has an amazing ability to pull in the parking lot within 60 seconds of the workout starting.  I swear there’s a tailgate meeting down the street somewhere.  True to form, several HIM’s rolling in hot.  What they probably didn’t expect was that we didn’t have time for a casual mosey and COP.  This workout was 3200 reps if you count running so we were going to get tight to it.  I was pumped to get started and basically forgot the disclaimer until we were 30 seconds.  Anyway, the Wo was simple. Complete the task on the board within the specified amount of time or move on when time expired and the first guy to get done would get the honors to rip off the next strip of paper, revealing the image underneath and the next exercise.  I did the honors for the first one and pretty sure i never touched the board again as some of the Pax were off to the races.  Here’s how it went down.  The times specified are the limits for each exercise.  Obviously the running portion is more of a goal.

  1. BOYO’s 25 or 50 for 3 or 5 minutes.  This is the only time the Pax had a choice depending how they assessed their ability to complete it.
  2. Run 400 M (around the school) 2 minutes
  3. 100 Merkins – 4 Minutes
  4. Run 400 M (around the school) 2 minutes
  5. 150 Lunges – 4 Minutes
  6. Run 400 M (around the school) 2 minutes
  7. 200 Squats – 4 Minutes
  8. Run 400 M (around the school) 2 minutes
  9. 150 Lunges – 4 minutes
  10. Run 400 M (around the school) 2 minutes
  11. 100 Merkins – 5 minutes
  12. Run 400 M (around the school) 2 minutes
  13. 50 BOYO’s – 5 minutes

I don’t know if everyone completed all of the reps and it really doesn’t matter, but we worked hard and had a great time doing it.  Announcements for A-Olympics and Glen Ross Field Day in two weeks.   Intentions for friends and family and anyone remembering the Carrolton Bus Crash as we pass that 30th anniversary.  Back to my initial remark.  Whenever we don’t feel great about ourselves or our performance, remember that we are probably less than 5% of the population (total guess) that get’s up to come together at 5:30am for a workout, no matter the conditions.  The F’s are important.




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