Back Blast The Blender 12/19/18 Zima Q

In my first year of F3, I haven’t lost any weight (that’s on me), my mile time is probably the same and I still struggle with 20+ merkins at a time, but F3 has had a profound effect in my life way beyond the Gloom.  I’ve been in and out of gyms and various boot camps for years and still wander into the gym a few times a week, but there is NOTHING, I mean NOTHING like F3.  I am indebted to @f3digiorno, @buschhhhh and @backdraft2 for twisting my arm to get out there, but also to @brockramser (Red Roof), @zhanley (Zartan), @jwherr1 (CI), @glynross (Glen Ross), @jmknight991 (OJ) and many others who brought F3 to Louisville and nurtured it to become a foundation for more than 380 Pax (Slack members) to experience F3.  Thank you and with that, here’s my weinke.

Disclaimer given and Big Bird has an FNG.

Partner up.  P1 grab a coupon and meet P2 in the large parking lot. Circle up for COP.

COP:  SLOW Grass Grabbers IC x 20, Air Presses IC x 25, Mountain Climbers IC x 25, SSH’s IC x 25, Copperhead Squats IC x 15, 25 Booyahs, Pass the Trash (coupons) for 1 minute, reverser direction for 1 minute.

Thang 1:  Line up on west side of HT building.  Partner 1 run around HT building. P2 begin to lunge walk around HT building.  Switch off when P1 makes it back to P2.   Next round bear crawl instead of lunge walk and alternate until P1 and P2 have circled the building.  Wall sit or plank while waiting for the six.

Wall Plank (Hands on wall) x 1 minute

Thang 2:

P1 Man makers while P2 runs across parking lot does 10 jump squats and Bernie Sanders back.  Switch.

Rinse and repeat with P1 Coupon swings and P2 Merkins.

Wall Plank (Feet on wall) x 1 minute

Rinse and repeat with P1 crossover Merkins on coupon and P2 Bobbly Hurleys.

Wall Plank (Hands on wall) x 1 minute.

Rinse and repeat entire circuit minus wall planks.

25 Partner Big Boys with coupon handoff

Circle Up for NOR.  Welcome “Yes Ma’am”.  Intentions for the Lexington, SC FIA and F3 groups and Digit’s family.  Prayers for those with mental illness and those going through a Blue Christmas.  Stay safe and stay sane this holiday.  Prayers for our Pax who are on the mend.  We miss you brothers.  Fifty-three weeks ago I could never imagine getting up at 4:30am to go run around outside.  Today, I can’t imagine a time when I won’t do this.   #morethanaworkout

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