BB Wisteria at Pleasantville 4/19/19

My return to the Q at Pleasantville was a tough one to plan.  I don’t mind the rain, but I don’t necessarily like standing in it and one of the best features of this site, the amphitheater steps,  was sure to be sloppy.

Conditions weren’t so bad when I woke up, but that quickly changed about five minutes after arrival.  Much to my delight, six other HIM’s rolled in to join me.

Pax: Snowman, Jolly Rancher, Milton, Fergie, Porkchop, Grinder, Zima (Q).

At 5:30 we decided to get out to the weather, or so we thought, for a minute and get warmed up so we moseyed to the amphitheater stage.  Conditions under the stage:  Gailforce winds off the Great Lake of the Commons, sideways rain and low temps.  Oh well, we’re here.  Let’s get started.

Warm-Up: Various stretches, Grass Grabbers IC x 20, 4 count Merkins IC x 20, Copperhead Squats IC x 20.

Thang 1:  HIIT Run

Mosey back to the road and start at one of 11 poles around the .5 mile circle.  Run 80% from pole one to two, then recover pace to pole three.  Repeat through all eleven poles to complete one lap and then repeat for a second lap.  Regroup at pole one and do it again in reverse, meaning Bernie Sanders from pole one to pole two and then recover forward to pole three.  Repeat for all eleven poles for one lap.  Pick up the six and regroup at pole one.  Next we mosey back to the stage.

Thang 2:  Sweat Deck

Adding some technology to the classic Deck o Cards workout, I found an app eliminate the actual cards and add a timer.  I thought it may have taken away from the enjoyment of letting the Pax pull the cards, but with the prevailing winds the card substitute turned out to be quite handy.  Anyway, the designated exercises were Hearts – Merkins, Clubs – Squats, Spades – Groiners, Diamonds – Jump Lunges, and Jokers – One minute of burpees. As we went through the deck, the f aforementioned conditions didn’t seem to matter any longer.  Also, about halfway through the deck, I began to think that the use of the app prevented repeated suites. No more 10 Merkins followed by 5 more Merkins followed by 8 more Merkins.  I was dumb enough to even say something out loud to the effect.  And about two cards later we repeated several sets of groiners in a row.  We almost made it to the end and a Joker popped up.   At the end of the minute, we ran out of time and moseyed back to the flag.

Intentions were given and many thanks to the Pax for coming out.





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