Backblast BlackOps @ Bayside 4/23/19

Pax: Fanny Pack (r), Charolais (r), Birdie, Grandpa Bear, Banana Bread, Sadie, Shuttlecock (qr)

Weather: Perfect

Give disclaimer and mosey about 300 yards to courtyard

30 Side Shuttle Hops (IC)
10 Grass Grabbers (IC) Center, then right leg, then left leg
20 Merkins
20 Imperial Walkers
Plank stretching
Shoulder stretching

Mosey about 200 yards to parking lot

The only thang:

I used an interval timer that kept us on pace:
1:00 exercise
0:45 run (no mosey) 100 yards, 2 burpies, then run 100 yards back
0:30 rest
Move to next station

Station 1: Curls – coupon
Station 2: Merkins
Station 3: Over head presses – coupon
Station 4: Air Squats
Station 5: Bent over rows – coupon
Station 6: Lunges
Station 7: Tri-cep extensions – coupon
Station 8: Big boy situps
Station 9: Shoulder flys – brick coupons

We were able to do 13 stations.

COT: Announcements, intentions and prayer requests. Closed with prayer.

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