PB Shuttlecock Q BO at Bayside 10/20

As a longtime Kentucky Wildcat fan, I am still riding the high of putting a major beatdown on the Tennessee Volunteers in Knoxville over the weekend. To celebrate, I have come up with my own beatdown workout for the PAX, including a new exercise, the PICK SIX. We are going heavy in the morning, soContinue reading “PB Shuttlecock Q BO at Bayside 10/20”

BB Shuttlecock Q BO at Bayside 8/27

6 Pax: Fanny Pack (r), Banana Bread, Charolais (r), Schotzie, Birdie, Shuttlecock (r)(q) YHC, Fanny Pack and Banana Bread showed up a half hour early for a pre-workout run. Ran around the MLC campus for about 2.5 miles and finished back at the parking lot just in time to meet the others to begin theContinue reading “BB Shuttlecock Q BO at Bayside 8/27”

BB The Max @ Bayside 8/17

Pax: Schotzie, Shuttlecock (r)(q) Perfect morning for a workout. Mosey to courtyard. COP: 15 Side Shuttle Hops (IC) Hamstring stretch 15 Imperial Walkers Plank stretching Ladder workout: Run 100 yards, 25 burpies Run 200 yards, 50 merkins Run 300 yards, 100 squats Run 400 yards, 200 lbcs Run 300 yards, 100 squats Run 200 yards,Continue reading “BB The Max @ Bayside 8/17”

BB Shuttlecock BO at Bayside 7/2

Pax (7): Birdie, Fanny Pack (R), Charolais (R), Thumbtack, Shotzie, Decafe, Shuttlecock (R)(Q) COP:30 Side Shuttle Hops (IC)Hamstring Stretch15 Imperial WalkersKenrda Newmans10 MerkinsShoulder stretchingPlank stretching The Thang:0:45 exercise0:45 run 100 yards, 2 burpees, then 100 yards back0:30 restMove to next station Station 1: Curls – CouponStation 2: Air SquatsStation 3: Man Makers – CouponStation 4:Continue reading “BB Shuttlecock BO at Bayside 7/2”

BB Shuttlecock @ #The Max @ Bayside 5/25

Pax: Shuttlecock (r)(q) I had a bad feeling when Sadie HC that he would be there. 6am came and went and ol’ Shuttlecock was all alone. But that’s OK, I was up and out, so might as well make the best of it. Mosey around school, then head to courtyard. COP: 30 Side Shuttle HopsContinue reading “BB Shuttlecock @ #The Max @ Bayside 5/25”

Backblast BlackOps @ Bayside 4/23/19

Pax: Fanny Pack (r), Charolais (r), Birdie, Grandpa Bear, Banana Bread, Sadie, Shuttlecock (qr) Weather: Perfect Give disclaimer and mosey about 300 yards to courtyard COP:30 Side Shuttle Hops (IC)10 Grass Grabbers (IC) Center, then right leg, then left leg20 Merkins20 Imperial WalkersPlank stretchingShoulder stretching Mosey about 200 yards to parking lot The only thang:Continue reading “Backblast BlackOps @ Bayside 4/23/19”

Backblast #theBigKapowski @ Bayside 4/4

Pax: Banana Bread, Charolais (r), Fanny Pack (r), Glauc, Volkswagon, Shuttlecock (r)(q) Weather: a very nice 50 degrees with little wind. Training like a champion for this day included the ladder workout. I told the Pax to focus on going as hard as possible on the running, but to slow down and use good formContinue reading “Backblast #theBigKapowski @ Bayside 4/4”

Backblast BlackOps @ Bayside 3/26/19

Pax: Fanny Pack (r), Charolais (r), Birdie, Grandpa Bear, Krystal, Shuttlecock (r) Weather: Same as like forever.  At least no rain. Side Shuttle Hops 25 IC Grass Grabbers 10 middle, 10 right leg, 10 left leg IC Merkins 15 Shoulder stretches Side Shuttle Hops 15 IC Plank stretches Thang 1: (55 burpees, 220 bear crawls)Continue reading “Backblast BlackOps @ Bayside 3/26/19”

Backblast #theBigKapowski @ Bayside 3/14

PAX: Birdie, Charolais (r), Fanny Pack (r), Shuttlecock (r) (q) (all in shorts for the first time in a long time) Weather: Compared to the last few months, felt like summer. 60 degrees with a strong wind and only had a very slight rain the last 30 minutes. We had been focusing on upper bodyContinue reading “Backblast #theBigKapowski @ Bayside 3/14”

Backblast #TheMax @ Bayside 3/9

Pax: @Charolais (R), @SixPack (R), @BananaBread, @FannyPack (R), @Shuttlecock (R) (Q) Weather: Perfect 36 degrees for a F3 workout.We did some coupon work today. This was my first time using the new coupons that @Sadie brought out, which are quite a bit heavier than our old ones. But we were due to move up inContinue reading “Backblast #TheMax @ Bayside 3/9”

Backblast #TheMax @ Bayside 2/16

Pax: Birdie, Gilly, Charolais (R), Shuttlecock (R) (Q) Weather: 30 degrees, slight wind. Once we got going it felt great. I was going to go with a workout heavy on running, but Birdie was hoping that we would do coupon work after Glauc shredded our legs last Thursday, so we switched it up at theContinue reading “Backblast #TheMax @ Bayside 2/16”

Backblast The Max @ Bayside 12/29

Pax: Qlauc, Shuttlecock (Q) It was just Glauc and myself this morning.  Didn’t turn out to be as cold as I thought, which made for a real good beatdown. I went with the Ladder workout that Abacus used when he Q’d at Bayside previously.  Still one of my favorites.  Since it was just the 2Continue reading “Backblast The Max @ Bayside 12/29”

Backblast BlackOps @ Bayside 12/18/18

Pax: Charolais (R), Birdie, Fanny Pack, Sadie, Thumbtack, Shuttlecock (Q) COP – 25 Side Shuttle Hops (IC) Plank stretching 20 Side Shuttle Hops (IC) Hamstring stretching Shoulder/arm stretching 20 Merkins (SC) After COP, mosy to pick up coupons and head to parking lot Thang 1: 123 Dora (run 100 yards out, 100 yards back while partnerContinue reading “Backblast BlackOps @ Bayside 12/18/18”

Backblast 11/10/18 The Max @Bayside

Pax (4): Glauc, Fanny Pack (R), Charolais (R), Shuttlecock (Q) 20 degrees with a pretty good wind: by far the coldest day of the year.  Proud of the Pax that showed up.  Since none of my fellow Baysiders were able to make the convergence last month, I thought I would bring the convergence workout toContinue reading “Backblast 11/10/18 The Max @Bayside”