BB Shuttlecock BO at Bayside 7/2

Pax (7): Birdie, Fanny Pack (R), Charolais (R), Thumbtack, Shotzie, Decafe, Shuttlecock (R)(Q) COP:30 Side Shuttle Hops (IC)Hamstring Stretch15 Imperial WalkersKenrda Newmans10 MerkinsShoulder stretchingPlank stretching The Thang:0:45 exercise0:45 run 100 yards, 2 burpees, then 100 yards back0:30 restMove to next station Station 1: Curls – CouponStation 2: Air SquatsStation 3: Man Makers – CouponStation 4: […]

Backblast BlackOps @ Bayside 4/23/19

Pax: Fanny Pack (r), Charolais (r), Birdie, Grandpa Bear, Banana Bread, Sadie, Shuttlecock (qr) Weather: Perfect Give disclaimer and mosey about 300 yards to courtyard COP:30 Side Shuttle Hops (IC)10 Grass Grabbers (IC) Center, then right leg, then left leg20 Merkins20 Imperial WalkersPlank stretchingShoulder stretching Mosey about 200 yards to parking lot The only thang: […]

Backblast BlackOps @ Bayside 12/18/18

Pax: Charolais (R), Birdie, Fanny Pack, Sadie, Thumbtack, Shuttlecock (Q) COP – 25 Side Shuttle Hops (IC) Plank stretching 20 Side Shuttle Hops (IC) Hamstring stretching Shoulder/arm stretching 20 Merkins (SC) After COP, mosy to pick up coupons and head to parking lot Thang 1: 123 Dora (run 100 yards out, 100 yards back while partner […]