Backblast BlackOps @ Bayside 3/26/19

Pax: Fanny Pack (r), Charolais (r), Birdie, Grandpa Bear, Krystal, Shuttlecock (r)

Weather: Same as like forever.  At least no rain.

Side Shuttle Hops 25 IC
Grass Grabbers 10 middle, 10 right leg, 10 left leg IC
Merkins 15
Shoulder stretches
Side Shuttle Hops 15 IC
Plank stretches

Thang 1: (55 burpees, 220 bear crawls)
1 to 4 ratio
Burpee then Bear Crawl

Thang 2: (do exercise at station 2-4 until relieved by station 1)
Station 1: 10 burpies
Station 2: Box jumps
Station 3: Elbow planks
Station 4: LBCs
Rest and repeat

Thang 3:
20 Tri-cep presses with coupons
20 Military presses with coupons
30 Curls with coupons (35 second set)
Rest and repeat

COT: Announcements (discussed Convergence on 4/20), intentions and prayer requests. Closed with prayer.

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