BB Shuttlecock BO at Bayside 7/2

Pax (7): Birdie, Fanny Pack (R), Charolais (R), Thumbtack, Shotzie, Decafe, Shuttlecock (R)(Q)

30 Side Shuttle Hops (IC)
Hamstring Stretch
15 Imperial Walkers
Kenrda Newmans
10 Merkins
Shoulder stretching
Plank stretching

The Thang:
0:45 exercise
0:45 run 100 yards, 2 burpees, then 100 yards back
0:30 rest
Move to next station

Station 1: Curls – Coupon
Station 2: Air Squats
Station 3: Man Makers – Coupon
Station 4: Merkins
Station 5: Bent over rows – Coupon
Station 6: Lunges
Station 7: Overhead press – Coupon
Station 8: Big boy situps
Station 9: Front Arm Raises/Side Arm Raises with mini coupons

We did around 14 stations before time ran out. All of the PAX really pushed themselves to get better this morning.

COT: Announcements, intentions and prayer requests. Closed with prayer.

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