10-28-2020 Uncle Rico – The Bridge at Posh

Got to love ghost Q week. Everyone gathering around wondering who is going to step up. It’s 5:29 and all the PAX are still coming in and I hear “my first post was Monday in over three weeks as my shoulder has been really hurting” and Boom 5:30 I give the disclaimer and announce weContinue reading “10-28-2020 Uncle Rico – The Bridge at Posh”

BackBlast Digiorno Q The Hurt @ The Mutt #F3Counts

The gloom was perfect today. YHC rolled in about 0640 to meet Glen Ross for some  EC pull-ups. Fridge rolled in a little later and joined in the action. I was telling them I was out to eat last night with the M and we ended up seeing some friends. As we were talking, myContinue reading “BackBlast Digiorno Q The Hurt @ The Mutt #F3Counts”

PreBlast – Uncle Rico 3 Year Postiversary @ The Garden – 8/20/20

Come out and enjoy the glory of The Garden as we reminisce about 1982 State Championship and the time I threw the pigskin a quarter mile. Bring Coupons as we will see who can throw what over the Hill of Stolen Souls.

PreBlast for The Blender at The Mutt, an interview with Roosevelt E. Roosevelt

My good friend Roosevelt E. Roosevelt won’t make it to the WO tomorrow, but I called to get his thoughts on the conditions. What do you think about my Weinke Roosevelt? “It’s hot! Damn hot! Real hot! Hottest things is my shorts. I could cook things in it. A little crotch pot cooking.” Thanks. HowContinue reading “PreBlast for The Blender at The Mutt, an interview with Roosevelt E. Roosevelt”

Norton Commons BO 8/24

Pax: Snowman (Q), Mamas Boy, Big Bird, Valdez, Alexa, Swifty, Uncle Rico, Amelia, Airplane, Milton, Meter Maid Conditions: a bit chilly I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone when I Q, so I wanted to work some running and burpees on my Q days. It throws off the Pax when they hearContinue reading “Norton Commons BO 8/24”

METHANE VS. NUGGET B.B. for The Temple of Gloom 07/26/2018

The moment of truth. Put up or shut up. In the 5 days leading up to one of the greatest matchups in F3 history, everyone has been on the edge of their seat. Trash talking is done, memes forgotten, and billboards have been taken down. All that was left was the WO. Q v. Q!Continue reading “METHANE VS. NUGGET B.B. for The Temple of Gloom 07/26/2018”

TheBridge BB: Methane’s Workshop at the Parklands 7/11/18

Methane – Q Uncle Rico Forced Closed (R) Jitterbug (R) Bob Ross Gypsy Drumroll Indo Dynomite! Mr. Hat McAfee Little Jerry (R) Grave Digger Retainer Maxi Crab Legs Bean Counter Star Child YHC had the pleasure of posting at TheCarpenter yesterday and learned the craft of woodworking. I thought I would take this knowledge backContinue reading “TheBridge BB: Methane’s Workshop at the Parklands 7/11/18”

Pre-Blast for Methane’s Workshop Q at TheBridge for 7/11 at the Parklands

Well just got done with the WO at TheCarpenter and man those guys are crafty. I was so inspired by their skill and dedication to the Carpenter, that I decided to have a workshop session instead of a workout session. So tomorrow I will show everyone how to build a Three-Legged Stool. It will beContinue reading “Pre-Blast for Methane’s Workshop Q at TheBridge for 7/11 at the Parklands”

Team 5- Nads 6/22 Capture the Flag BB

Pax: Star Child (Q), Thumbtack (VR), Zima, Snowman There were decisions to be made before we start the ruck: flag placement, whether to head east or west, how to rotate the sand bag, etc. However, one of the best decisions of the night was the application of Glide to the nether regions, Star Child madeContinue reading “Team 5- Nads 6/22 Capture the Flag BB”

Team #1 Capture the Flag BB: Risk and (no) Reward (6/22)

I had the distinguished honor of captaining Team #1 or shall I say the A-Team! Gypsy aka Faceman, always looked good, start to finish. Old Bay aka Hannibal, not the captain, but a true leader within this crew.  He brought a speaker-genius! Newman aka B.A. Baracus, the man can carry 10 times his body weightContinue reading “Team #1 Capture the Flag BB: Risk and (no) Reward (6/22)”

Seabass/Methane tag team at The Ruiner

Lot of surprises today. With one Q needed for YHC to qualify for IronHorse, Seabass was gracious enough to let me co-Q. We also had a surprise guest from Charlotte, The Godfather, KY! Last surprise……..no rain! Co-Qs: Methane & Seabass Pax: Red Roof, KY, Nugget, Bean Counter, Gillespie, Who Dey Methane took the reigns andContinue reading “Seabass/Methane tag team at The Ruiner”

PreBlast #theFog 2/24/18 0700 @Poshlands Dreams come true in the Gloom! @abacus Q

  Spring Break Bodies are made in the Gloom! Get your butt out of the fartsack and join Abacus and the PAX for an old fashioned beatdown! We will work. We will have fun. Suffering is up to you. SYITG

The Inaugural Q at #TheWall- Best Black Ops ever #noexaggeration

PAX: Star Child (Q), PK, Ice Man (respect), Nino, Methane, Swifty, Glaucoma, Kilo, Mr. Hat. As the Q for the best Black Ops in F3 Louisville history, I feel it is vital that I stay impartial, and not exaggerate the occurrences of this morning. To premise, Double Down had an idea a while back ofContinue reading “The Inaugural Q at #TheWall- Best Black Ops ever #noexaggeration”

BlackBlast #theExtender Abacus VQ at #theMutt #BlackJack!

YHC was honored to VQ #theMutt! Pavement at #theMutt is some of the finest of all AO’s. With that in mind, YHC decided we’d keep our feet dry and do lots of running. Weather was clear and warm; it’s been a long winter when 25* feels warm. 10 #HIMs #gotbetter with an Abacus beatdown! QContinue reading “BlackBlast #theExtender Abacus VQ at #theMutt #BlackJack!”

The Bridge BB… running, hammerheads, and benchworms???

Dear Secret Public Diary: Today started off a little rocky as I almost ran over Methane when I was backing out of my driveway.  That got my adrenaline running quickly so I was ready to Q.  We went to pick up Bobross, and as usual, he came walking out of his garage holding a ceramicContinue reading “The Bridge BB… running, hammerheads, and benchworms???”

BackBlast #BlackOps #theHue #Torcher

YHC anxiously checked SLACK for fartsacks and other excuses. The flu was causing PAX to cancel left and right. YHC was worried it may be a PAX of 1. But, the workout must go on, so I set off to the gloom. To my happy surprise Double Down and Little Jerry were there waiting. StarContinue reading “BackBlast #BlackOps #theHue #Torcher”