2/16/22 – BB RunOps – NorthPosh Hills; Abacus Q

It was a dark morning. Well the moon lit up the morning sky very brightly. Some of the older PAX are experiencing reduced night vision and needed light. The skyQ delivered a beautiful moon that silhouetted the trees and sign post lovely. Captain Crunchberry came prepared with a light and dutifully carried it to theContinue reading “2/16/22 – BB RunOps – NorthPosh Hills; Abacus Q”

BackBlast – The Patriot 1/24/22 Abacus Q

The older I get the more extreme the cold feels. Monday was in the 20’s with some wind. Despite the chill 18 pax turned out for an Abacus old fashioned Q. After the disclaimer we moseyed 2x’s around the courthouse followed by COP to warm-up. THANG I: DORA 150, 250, 350 – Partner 1 ranContinue reading “BackBlast – The Patriot 1/24/22 Abacus Q”

BackBlast – 11/2/21 Boondocks Abacus Q

Nine PAX turned out for a body weight old school beatdown. PAX – Yankavic (R), Cochran, Honey Do, Dauber, LePew, Single Source, Backflop, Flexseal, Abacus Q We warmed up with nuclears and various other easy body weight exercises. After a bit of warming up we headed off to the back parking lot for some 11’s.Continue reading “BackBlast – 11/2/21 Boondocks Abacus Q”

BackBlast – 9/1/21 The Foundry – Abacus Q @theCounty

A few weeks back YHC stumbled into the Vets heavy. The beatdown was challenging and tough despite a slightly lower intensity than running all out. When the opportunity to lead the Foundry presented itself, I jumped at it. This was my first Q at the Foundry and maybe first Foundry workout. 12 PAX turned outContinue reading “BackBlast – 9/1/21 The Foundry – Abacus Q @theCounty”

BackBlast – Boondocks 8/17/2021 Abacus Q

Tuesday morning was perfect. The temps were in the upper 60’s and humidity was low. That’s how I remember. 13 PAX including 1 FNG turned out for a classic Abacus Q (e.g., lots of merkins). COP of the normal crazy things to warm our bodies up. No nuclears today, next time. Then off on aContinue reading “BackBlast – Boondocks 8/17/2021 Abacus Q”

Back Blast – The Agony @theCounty 4/22/21 Abacus Q

Two PAX turned out for F3’s version of the Barbara WOD. Quick disclaimer was given and we moseyed to quickly warm-up on this cool morning. SSH, Abe Vigota, Michael Phelps, and Kendra Newman’s also helped. Our mosey continued to the playground where we began a modified version of the Barbara WOD. 5 Rounds of: 10Continue reading “Back Blast – The Agony @theCounty 4/22/21 Abacus Q”

PreBlast – 4/1/21 Moonshiner Abacus Q 0530 Peggy Baker Park

Here’s the workout…or something close to it. Disclaimer Nuclears (Ever wonder how many is too many), Abevigotta, grass grabbers, Squats, Merkins, Downward dog, Nuclears Manmakers (Bring Coupon) Sprints – 8 X EMOM 100 Meters down / jog back (the jog is the rest) 11’s – Merkins / Big Boy’s Depending on our time left weContinue reading “PreBlast – 4/1/21 Moonshiner Abacus Q 0530 Peggy Baker Park”

PreBlast – Runners BO 2/27/2021 Abacus Q – Parklands Soccer Fields 0600

Saturday is long run day for the Runners BO. This Saturday we will complete an out and back from the Pope Lick Soccer Fields. Contact Abacus (via slack) for parking questions. Workout – Warm-up 1 mile Effort – 1 mile at 8:40 Pace, 8 Miles at 7:40 Pace Cooldown – 1 mile Stretch at endContinue reading “PreBlast – Runners BO 2/27/2021 Abacus Q – Parklands Soccer Fields 0600”

2/24/21 – Runners B.O. BackBlast @theCounty – Abacus Q

Weekly the F3 Runners will run speed workouts open to any man looking to get faster. Locations may vary. Join the F3 Runners channel on Slack. YHC will attempt to put up preblast as well. These workouts, like all F3 workouts, are U v U. ITG the runners completed a 1 to 2 mile warm-up.Continue reading “2/24/21 – Runners B.O. BackBlast @theCounty – Abacus Q”

BackBlast – 1/12/21 BoonDocks Abacus

Yo! Fun was had by all! Jolly and Pelican burpees are fun. Temps were a balmy 80 degrees which kept the pax plenty warm. For good measure we moseyed to the concession stand made a loop around the fun dip station and headed back to the parking lot. YHC rolled an ankle a few weeksContinue reading “BackBlast – 1/12/21 BoonDocks Abacus”

BackBlast – TheLoco 1/5/21 Abacus Q

7 PAX turned out despite the 93% chance of rain. All rain drops pushed through prior to 0530 and the PAX remained dry. PAX – Double Down (R), Valdez, Hush Puppy, Meter Maid, Honey Do, Flip Flop, Abacus Q We began with an easy mosey around the property and some COP with Nuclears (starting withContinue reading “BackBlast – TheLoco 1/5/21 Abacus Q”

BackBlast – The Silo 12/7/2020 Run and Pillage (Abacus and Viking Q)

Vikings plunder and pillage. Long before smart phones kept track of all vital stats one calculation device stood above all the rest, the Abacus! Abacus marked the miles and Viking administered a pillage worthy beatdown of max reps, static holds, and explosive power. Each mile the PAX focused on pillaging their upper, mid, and lowerContinue reading “BackBlast – The Silo 12/7/2020 Run and Pillage (Abacus and Viking Q)”

BackBlast – #theLoco 3/24/20 Abacus Q

12 PAX turned out to “Stay in your lane bro” version of social distancing. Friday evening YHC received a birthday card from my sister simply stating, “I’m pretty sure you won’t forget this birthday”. I’m pretty sure she is correct. Coronavirus madness has swept the nation. Following the workout today, YCH noticed a re-post onContinue reading “BackBlast – #theLoco 3/24/20 Abacus Q”

BackBlast – Outrunning Corona 10K 3/15/2020

According to Dr. Martin S. Hirsch, senior physician in the Infectious Diseases Services at Massachusetts General Hospital, the lungs are a major target of the Corona virus!  Hirsch continued, “it’s basically a war between the host response and the virus”.  For more details read here. Close social contact appears to increase the opportunity for CoronaContinue reading “BackBlast – Outrunning Corona 10K 3/15/2020”

PreBlast – Outrunning Corona 10K 3/15/2020 Abacus Q 0800

Gents – tons of spring road and trail races were cancelled because of Corona. Tomorrow we will run 10K to support those with Corona or those who may come in contact or really all of us. Where: Meet in the parking lot behind Starbucks on Factory Lane (see pic) Our route is on open roads.Continue reading “PreBlast – Outrunning Corona 10K 3/15/2020 Abacus Q 0800”

Preblast – 3/7/20 F3 Runners – Meet St. Aloysius (the Country!) 0500 to 0700

We will run 2 hours at 9MIN Avg pace (roll into the pace with a mile of pick-up / recovery / then a few more pick-ups) Largely flat course It will be dark – wear reflective gear After the run you can (i) join the F3 workout at 0700, (ii) join me for 30 minutesContinue reading “Preblast – 3/7/20 F3 Runners – Meet St. Aloysius (the Country!) 0500 to 0700”

BackBlast – 2/20/2020 TheAgony Abacus Q

12 PAX turned out mostly because they were not on the St. Al’s super secrete text string and did not know it’s better to fart sack or go somewhere else when I Q…unless you want to work hard and get better, then by all means get ITG! Mamas Boy, Wild Flower, Flip Flop, Dauber, HushContinue reading “BackBlast – 2/20/2020 TheAgony Abacus Q”