BackBlast – #theLoco 3/24/20 Abacus Q

12 PAX turned out to “Stay in your lane bro” version of social distancing. Friday evening YHC received a birthday card from my sister simply stating, “I’m pretty sure you won’t forget this birthday”. I’m pretty sure she is correct. Coronavirus madness has swept the nation. Following the workout today, YCH noticed a re-post onContinue reading “BackBlast – #theLoco 3/24/20 Abacus Q”

BackBlast – Outrunning Corona 10K 3/15/2020

According to Dr. Martin S. Hirsch, senior physician in the Infectious Diseases Services at Massachusetts General Hospital, the lungs are a major target of the Corona virus!  Hirsch continued, “it’s basically a war between the host response and the virus”.  For more details read here. Close social contact appears to increase the opportunity for CoronaContinue reading “BackBlast – Outrunning Corona 10K 3/15/2020”

PreBlast – Outrunning Corona 10K 3/15/2020 Abacus Q 0800

Gents – tons of spring road and trail races were cancelled because of Corona. Tomorrow we will run 10K to support those with Corona or those who may come in contact or really all of us. Where: Meet in the parking lot behind Starbucks on Factory Lane (see pic) Our route is on open roads.Continue reading “PreBlast – Outrunning Corona 10K 3/15/2020 Abacus Q 0800”

Preblast – 3/7/20 F3 Runners – Meet St. Aloysius (the Country!) 0500 to 0700

We will run 2 hours at 9MIN Avg pace (roll into the pace with a mile of pick-up / recovery / then a few more pick-ups) Largely flat course It will be dark – wear reflective gear After the run you can (i) join the F3 workout at 0700, (ii) join me for 30 minutesContinue reading “Preblast – 3/7/20 F3 Runners – Meet St. Aloysius (the Country!) 0500 to 0700”

BackBlast – 2/20/2020 TheAgony Abacus Q

12 PAX turned out mostly because they were not on the St. Al’s super secrete text string and did not know it’s better to fart sack or go somewhere else when I Q…unless you want to work hard and get better, then by all means get ITG! Mamas Boy, Wild Flower, Flip Flop, Dauber, HushContinue reading “BackBlast – 2/20/2020 TheAgony Abacus Q”

BackBlast – louisville lovin’ the hills (Abacus) 2/8/2020

Fair disclaimer that Lovin’ the Hills (LLH) is not technically F3 b/c it’s not free and it’s open to women. Having said that, F3 Louisville was out in force! Nearly 15 men (maybe more I didn’t see) were on the course getting better and spreading F3 virtues to the broader community. In many ways thisContinue reading “BackBlast – louisville lovin’ the hills (Abacus) 2/8/2020”

BackBlast – PeggyBaker BlackOps 1/7/2020 Abacus Q

5 strong PAX turned out for Abacus Q for this fantastic soon to be AO (if it’s not on the short list, someone needs a checkup from the neckup). YHC arrived about 10 minutes early to check out the lay of the land and work out the logistics of the Q. A quick lap aroundContinue reading “BackBlast – PeggyBaker BlackOps 1/7/2020 Abacus Q”

PreBlast – PeggyBaker B.O. Abacus Q 1/7/2020 0530 to 0615

Breathing is fundamental to life. So fundamental, we often don’t think about the act of breathing. ITG breathing is important. Calm breathing allows one to remain calm while everything is going crazy around you. Learn to control your breath and you learn to control your mind. There is only one way to get better! SYITG!

BackBlast – F3 Runners Poshlands 1/4/2020 Abacus Q

Writing 2020 is gonna feel weird for a while! I read, on the internet, don’t shorthand 2020 b/c fraudsters may use your laziness against you. I was too lazy to keep reading so, I’ll right 2020 because it’s awesome! Enough pointless typing… Weather conditions: Upper 30’s and windy, but DRY Attire: Blue Ranger Panty’s, whiteContinue reading “BackBlast – F3 Runners Poshlands 1/4/2020 Abacus Q”

BackBlast – F3 Runners Abacus Q JMF 12/28/19

Date – 12/28/19 Location – Jefferson Memorial Forest Distance – 11.3 Miles Time – 2:27 PAX – Little Jerry, LePew, Catfish, Abacus Met 0600 at JMF main parking lot for a trip down the Silt Stone Trail. Anytime YHC is running there is bound to be a trip, as in fall. Today YHC found treeContinue reading “BackBlast – F3 Runners Abacus Q JMF 12/28/19”

BackBlast – 12/26/19 #theGarden Abacus Q

December is ending with unseasonably warm temps. The PAX were fortunate it was still cool enough that they did not melt from the face melter YHC planned. 0529 YHC issued the disclaimer 0530 first exercise 10 BOYOS, followed by 9, then 8, and down to 1 Next up a mosey around the Garden grounds (flatContinue reading “BackBlast – 12/26/19 #theGarden Abacus Q”

BackBlast – Abacus Q #theAgony 11/21/19

8 Brave PAX turned out to support YHC on this cool morning. Missing was Fructose. We will run the workout again as a “BlackOps” on Thanksgiving Day at 0600 so Fructose can join. PAX Leprechaun, Dauber, Wild Flower, Jerry McGuire (R), Iceman (R), Pew Pew (who is a year closer to getting R), Pelican, Catfish,Continue reading “BackBlast – Abacus Q #theAgony 11/21/19”

BackBlast – @theSilo Abacus Q 10/14/19

YHC was happy to answer the call. Preparedness is all about being ready to step forward when called. Catfish called Sunday seeking a Q and I was eager to help. As an added benefit Catfish requested it be simple…running and yoga. As a brilliant Site Q, Catfish lured PAX in with the promise of yogaContinue reading “BackBlast – @theSilo Abacus Q 10/14/19”

BackBlast – 9/3/19 #theLoco @theCounty Abacus Q

On the St. Al’s Slack Channel Dauber posted his story of accomplishing the IronPax Challenge despite his mind telling him before and during that he couldn’t do it. His story is one of perseverance, discipline, and breaking big tasks into smaller manageable tasks. Over the last 2 years, I’ve learned that lesson time after timeContinue reading “BackBlast – 9/3/19 #theLoco @theCounty Abacus Q”

BackBlast – 8/29/19 FireHouse BlackOps Abacus Q

Lean and mean PAX #gotbetter with Abacus ITG. Pulling up to the startex YHC noticed an empty parking lot. Odd, considering the huge volume of county PAX pushing the OC to starfish out. No worries. Quickly a text came in from Iceman… IM – Where are you? Abacus – In the parking lot. You? IMContinue reading “BackBlast – 8/29/19 FireHouse BlackOps Abacus Q”

BackBlast – 7/6/19 #theNest Abacus Q

PAX – Dauber, Valdez, Big Bird, Pelican, Abacus “You sign on for the ride you probably think you got at least some notion of where the ride’s goin. But you might not. Or you might of been lied to. Probably nobody would blame you then. If you quit. But if it’s just that it turnedContinue reading “BackBlast – 7/6/19 #theNest Abacus Q”

BackBlast – BlackOps #RunOps @theCounty Abacus Q 7/2/19

29 total PAX turned out to get better on Tuesday 7/2/19. The PAX were greeted by Bulletin’s Postanniversary and YHC leading a new edition #RunOps! The County draws HUGE numbers every single workout. As the best AO in the region it’s easy to understand the draw. The air is fresh, the workout equipment is topContinue reading “BackBlast – BlackOps #RunOps @theCounty Abacus Q 7/2/19”

BackBlast – #theLoco Abacus Q 6/25/19

PAX – Scratch-n-Dent, Grizzle, Uncle Rico, Jolly Rancher, Ashley, Pew Pew, Big Bird, Cochran, Viking, Gooaaallll, Fructose, LePew, Crockpot, Short Circuit, Kimball, Abacus Q Weather conditions – perfect. YHC arrived early enough to sneak in a few merkins to boost the daily count toward 500 while the PAX mingled nervously wondering what was in store.Continue reading “BackBlast – #theLoco Abacus Q 6/25/19”