BackBlast – 1/12/21 BoonDocks Abacus

Yo! Fun was had by all! Jolly and Pelican burpees are fun.

Temps were a balmy 80 degrees which kept the pax plenty warm. For good measure we moseyed to the concession stand made a loop around the fun dip station and headed back to the parking lot. YHC rolled an ankle a few weeks back and decided to avoid the sidewalks of BoonDocks.

Upon returning Nuclears were called out. YHC got sloppy in counting at 2! Rather than starting over we finished the set. A few exercises later the pax were getting anxious to use the coupons. Not to disappoint we moseyed down the parking lot with coupons in tow for the main thangs.


5 – Modified WMP (on coupon left side merkin, center merkin, right side merkin, overhead press)

10 – Manmakers

15 burpees

Run lap

Repeat 3X


20 Big Boi Sit-ups

25 Merkins

30 Coupon Squats

Run lap

Repeat 3X

Moseyed back to starting point for Mary…flutter kicks for 1 minute.

COT and intentions. Prayers for Buzz (Fungi’s dad’s birthday), Bulletin’s aunt, and $hort’s neighbor missing in the kayak on the river.

PAX – Wildflower, Spree, Motorboat, Cochran, Launchpad (R), Lucky Charm, $ Short, Bulletin (R), Fungi, Holy Roller (R), Weird Al Yankvic (FNG / R), BackFlop, LePew, Abacus (Q)

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