BackBlast – The Silo 12/7/2020 Run and Pillage (Abacus and Viking Q)

Vikings plunder and pillage. Long before smart phones kept track of all vital stats one calculation device stood above all the rest, the Abacus!

Abacus marked the miles and Viking administered a pillage worthy beatdown of max reps, static holds, and explosive power. Each mile the PAX focused on pillaging their upper, mid, and lower bodies.


Col. Klink, Flocker, Eto, BackFlop, Dauber, Catfish, Holy Roller (R), Viking Q, Abacus Q

5 PAX met early for 3 miles of warm-up and to get in miles for the 12 days of Christmas running challenge. Mostly the latter!

YHC gave a disclaimer of sorts, we warmed up quickly with SSH, Cherry Pickers, Arm Circles and the like. Then we set off on some miles to the first pillage destination. Viking Q’d the pax in 3 max effort exercises each lasting 1 minute. PAX continued out 1/2 mile further for more pillaging and static holds.

Backtracking 1/2 mile towards the startex the PAX pillaged some more this time with max power. Finally back up the hill to the flag. Fast PAX stretched out while waiting for the pack of PAX to return.

Circled around the flag. Called out intentions and ended with a word for those who gave all on Pearl Harbor Day.

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