BackBlast – The Patriot 1/24/22 Abacus Q

The older I get the more extreme the cold feels. Monday was in the 20’s with some wind. Despite the chill 18 pax turned out for an Abacus old fashioned Q.

After the disclaimer we moseyed 2x’s around the courthouse followed by COP to warm-up.


DORA 150, 250, 350 – Partner 1 ran lap around courthouse. Partner 2 began Merkins, Overhead Arm Claps (not really I can’t recall WTF we did), and Squats.


7’s – PAX split into two groups and got in some work with Big Boi’s and Copperhead Squats

Lite stretch at the end for good measure then circled up for COT.

PAX – Borland, Manniquin, Holy Roller (R), Yancovic (R), Boss Hog (R), Ruby, Xerox, Katniss (FNG), Col. Klink, Swingset, Rip Van Winkle, Patty, Layover, Giesele, Focker, Shade Tree, Lucky Charms, Abacus (Q)

Awesome site in LaGrange! Go visit!

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