BackBlast – 9/1/21 The Foundry – Abacus Q @theCounty

A few weeks back YHC stumbled into the Vets heavy. The beatdown was challenging and tough despite a slightly lower intensity than running all out. When the opportunity to lead the Foundry presented itself, I jumped at it. This was my first Q at the Foundry and maybe first Foundry workout.

12 PAX turned out on this cool, but humid morning.

After a quick warm-up, we headed to the parking lot for a rinse and repeat workout that went as follows:

  1. Stupid Man Makers (e.g., man maker then push coupon forward). These probably have a name, but I don’t know it
  2. Clean and Press with a coupon drag / push out 20 yards or so and back
  3. Cross over merkins on the coupon with a rifle coupon carry out and back
  4. Weighted squats and coupon walk lunges down and back

Rinse and repeat

We concluded with Mary after the PAX were spent from 40 minutes of repeat action.

PAX – Little Jerry (R), Bob Ross, Brown Water, Dauber, Double Down(R), Yankivic (R), Asian Zing (R), Boss Hogg (R), Bootlegger, Wildflower, Focker, Abacus Q

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