The Inaugural Q at #TheWall- Best Black Ops ever #noexaggeration


Star Child (Q), PK, Ice Man (respect), Nino, Methane, Swifty, Glaucoma, Kilo, Mr. Hat.

As the Q for the best Black Ops in F3 Louisville history, I feel it is vital that I stay impartial, and not exaggerate the occurrences of this morning. To premise, Double Down had an idea a while back of not only adding another day to the Poshland weekly workouts (due to the 100s of new HIMs showing up weekly), but to find another location within the best facilities Louisville has to offer. Humbly, I took it upon myself to venture north, toward the beginning of the Posh, where no other HIM has ever been (unless they drive, ruck, or hang out with their 2.0s). The trek was dangerous, as elevation, climate, and terrain is like no other AO we have seen before. As pictured below…

Like Lewis and Clark, I stumbled across a perfect spot to hold future Qs. The Wall. This aptly named area is called The Wall for two reasons:

1- My uncanny resemblance to John Snow, and

Star Child

2- the monumental Wall that guards the facilities at the northern pavilion.

If there is any park that resembles the entire land of Game of Thrones, it’s the Posh. There is something magical about this place. Maybe it’s the vacuumed lawn, or the heated sidewalks. But whatever it is, it never seems to end. After I found out where to begin, I still had to find out WHERE to take the 100’s (9) HIMs that joined me in the gloom. But it was -20° (20), so we needed to get the blood flowing with 100 BOYOS (10), then time for a mosey….

We moseyed eastward, down a treacherous (paved) path, miles (.2) from our origination. Hidden within the tall brush of the forest, I discovered a path leading to a grassy circle that was apparently a natural phenomenon. A perfect place for the COP, included landscaped grass and benches. Nature has a way of knowing it’s true purpose, and that purpose was found today. A beat down.

COP- SSH, Merkins, Squats, Mountain Climbers, and Imperial Walkers.

But what was BEHIND this beautiful circle? A hill? No. A cliff? Neigh. None other than Mt. KilHIMinjaro! We each gathered our thoughts as we peered down the abyss, with no end in sight. Kilo was the first CRAVEN to explain the risks associated with toying around with such dangers, but I responded “Hey, I don’t make the rules. We gotta run down this hill, and run back up… Five times”. As fate had it, we carefully lowered ourselves down Mt. KilHIMinjaro, with 10 squats at the base, and 10 dips on the natural benches at it’s peak.

But I wasn’t done. I KNEW there was more to discover. I obtained a map and noticed that South of The Wall, there was land between two oceans (ponds). I had to discover what lies at the end of this land. So we trekked back where we began, and headed south, along a long straight road. We mixed up a little butt kickers, high knees, and karaoke, until we ended at THE PEAK. A pavilion which must be some type of lookout for The Wall, around the parameter of this pavilion was large concrete steps. There, we did as we were told, Box Jumps, Incline Merkins.. and…

JUMPING BOX SQUATS. Simple enough exercises. Just squat until your butt touches the higher step, then jump. But if you lean forward too much, it’s not your butt that touches. I wont go into too much detail, but this picture should explain how incorrect landing can feel…

After obliterating the HIMs, we moseyed on back to The Wall, sat atop the enormous 9ft (2 ft) wall, and performed some Mary, isolating the quad. 15 Gas pumpers, flutters, and Freddy Mercurys. Rinse and repeat, then we were spent.

All in all, we had a great time this morning. Thanks to all who risked everything to #obtaingooder. We circled up for Namearama, and Balled up for a shout out to the Sky Q. On a serious note, prayers go out to Kilo. His mom passed 5 years ago tomorrow. Zartan, your Ruck tomorrow is the light he needs on such a gloomy day. Tear him apart, and have a great time. I will be filled with FOMO.

Thanks for coming out HIMs.


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