BB ### R-E-S-P-E-C-T WEEK ### – Sump Pump (R) Q @ The Stallion at The Stable 12/13/22

Weather: Clear and 30ish PAX: Viking, Flexseal, HBK, P-Diddy, D-list, Porkchop, Sewanee, Steve-O, Maytag, Lumbergh, Depends, Twister, Montezuma, Sump Pump (QIC) 14 PAX got out this morning to do this: After a quick disclaimer and warm-up, we took a quick lap (1 mile) around the mean streets of Hillcrest. Movement was an Indian run whereContinue reading “BB ### R-E-S-P-E-C-T WEEK ### – Sump Pump (R) Q @ The Stallion at The Stable 12/13/22”

PB – Sump Pump (R) Q @ The Stallion at The Stable 12/13/22

I’ve got the Q at The Stable tomorrow. The weather is prime for the middle of December. Get up, get out, and get betterer. Running shoes, coupons, and a ton of commitment will be required for this beatdown. Reach out to your accountability buddy now and be ready to work @ 0530. SYITG Sump Pump

10/19/2022 PB for Double Down Q at the Parklands

Do you like F3? Yes? Do you want to post somewhere tomorrow morning? Yes? Do you want to be a badass? Yes? Do you want to have the best freaking workout of your life Q’d by a badass OG, who has a great F3 name and birth name? Hell Yes!! Be at the Parklands tomorrowContinue reading “10/19/2022 PB for Double Down Q at the Parklands”

PB- The Nest at the County —10/8/22 – Meter Maid Q

Bring your running shoes, reflective gear and head lamps for a Bourbon Chase themed Q. We will do the Pewee Valley loop and stop along the way to do some exercises along the route. There might be a few exercises you may not have done before. No coupons needed for admission. #MTCGA #Bourbon Chase -MeterContinue reading “PB- The Nest at the County —10/8/22 – Meter Maid Q”

BB – 9/7/22 – The Foundry at the County – Meter Maid Q

It was a great morning to get out and move some weight. I arrived in just enough time to get everything setup. I had strategic placed it under a light. The quote of the day was Double Pump asking me if I owned a gym. There were 5 (Double Pump, Brown Water, Pelican, Jerry MaguireContinue reading “BB – 9/7/22 – The Foundry at the County – Meter Maid Q”

Pre-blast: 6/28/22 – Bag of Wrenches @ The O

Join me @ The O tomorrow morning for a you vs. you, quality over quantity style full body workout. We’ll be doing AMRAP while focusing on form all set to a banger of a soundtrack. Minimal running but I can promise your cardio won’t suffer as long as you come ready to bust your tail.Continue reading “Pre-blast: 6/28/22 – Bag of Wrenches @ The O”

PB for the Incubator at Posh 06/20/22 – Uncle Rico Q

As we wind down the day celebrating all the great Fathers in our lives, it’s time to get ready for the week and turn our attention to the unsung heroes in every successful persons life……Uncles!!! Monday is Uncle’s Day and the Posh has the honor of hosting Uncle Rico as Q!! Bring a coupon, shoes,Continue reading “PB for the Incubator at Posh 06/20/22 – Uncle Rico Q”

6.7.22 Back Blast – BO at Goshen

I had been to Goshen only once and it was on their opening Thursday. I’ve been meaning to get back but it seemed like I was always being pulled somewhere else on Thursdays. Now, as the quickest growing AO in the region following The Patriot, Tuesday is an option as well. When Tuesdays went fromContinue reading “6.7.22 Back Blast – BO at Goshen”

5.26.22 Way Back Blast: The Agony @ The County

Golly! Almost two weeks and just now getting the back blast out is unacceptable…I will say that two months into a new job has made it difficult for me to make the time like I used to be able to do whilst being pretty much unemployed. And even though Jewel says it doesn’t need toContinue reading “5.26.22 Way Back Blast: The Agony @ The County”

The Incubator (Posh) BB for 6-6-22. Methane asks “What’s Tabata with you?”

3 HIMs showed up for a beautiful Monday morning in the Parklands for a simple but effective tabata-ish WO. PAX: Bob Ross, Edward Scissorhands & Methane-Q Warmups : SSH, Toy Soldiers, Abe Vigotas, Kendra Newman’s, Down Dog & Mountain Climbers Thang 1: 6 exercises per round. 1 minute to complete 20 reps of 1st exercise,Continue reading “The Incubator (Posh) BB for 6-6-22. Methane asks “What’s Tabata with you?””

Skys Out THIGHS OUT- 4/29/22-Bacon Q – Baptizer @ The Garden

Ruler enforced <=5 inch inseam shorts required. The thighs will need room to breathe. It is leg day at the Baptizer, this means we will squat, lunge & jump. If you have bird legs it’s time we made them eagle legs. Enjoy the show- SYITG

Pre-blast: 4/5/22 – Bag of Wrenches @ The O

It’s probably going to be raining when your alarm clock goes off tomorrow. Don’t let that be the reason you decide to stay in the fartsack. The O arguably offers the least amount of shelter of all the AO’s in the region but we do have some options. That said…. if it’s raining, I canContinue reading “Pre-blast: 4/5/22 – Bag of Wrenches @ The O”

Pre-blast: 3/25/22 – The Chopper @ Vets

It’s been weeks since my last Q and months since the last time I Q’d @ Vets. Looking forward to finally being back leading a workout under the flags @ Veterans Memorial! Tomorrow’s workout will include some Vets staples along with some exercises that break the Vets’ unwritten rules. We’ll get a little cardio inContinue reading “Pre-blast: 3/25/22 – The Chopper @ Vets”

BB – Uncle Rico at the Cliffs – 3/15/22

Bodies by Rico was in full swing and as always seemed like a good idea beforehand. Thanks to all the Pax who showed up. Knew the workout was going to be great when a car came flying in blasting music and the Pax looked over to see our long lost friends Fiona and Mountain Momma.Continue reading “BB – Uncle Rico at the Cliffs – 3/15/22”

BB – 3/11/22 – Wisteria at Pleasantville – Meter Maid Q

YHC continued his tour of the AOs with this mornings visit to Pleasantville. If you haven’t been out recently, I would encourage you to come out. There were no potted plants today but 5 PAX came out. It seemed like the County meets Pleasantville with Viking (full beard-is there any other way?), Backflop (fast evenContinue reading “BB – 3/11/22 – Wisteria at Pleasantville – Meter Maid Q”

PB – Sump Pump Q – The Ruiner @ The O 2/26/22

I’ve picked up the Q at the Ruiner in the morning. Be there and ready to go @0700. We’ll be venturing off campus, so if you are prone to being tardy, tomorrow is not the day to hit the snooze. Get up, get out, and get gooder. We’ll keep moving to forget about the cold.Continue reading “PB – Sump Pump Q – The Ruiner @ The O 2/26/22”

PB – Sump Pump – Q at the O #bagofwrenches 2/15/22

Heartsacks are off the table in the morning. Like @captaincrunchberry says, The weinke is still in the approval process. Hopefully it will get the rubber stamp by morning. Bring a coupon just in case, as I’m not entirely sure what I will have planned. SYITG SUMP PUMP

PB for TheBridge 12/15/21 at The Posh. METH NUGGET

You better watch outYou better not cryYou better not fart sackI’m telling you whyMeth Nugget is coming to Posh He’s making a weinkeHe’s checking it twiceHe’s gonna find out why Kilo’s not niceMeth Nugget is coming to Posh He sees you do your MerkinsAnd he knows your burpees fakeHe knows if you’ve done all yourContinue reading “PB for TheBridge 12/15/21 at The Posh. METH NUGGET”

Pre-blast: 12/08/21 – Black Ops @ The Patriot

The men of The Patriot have been doing some amazing things and it’s time I make a visit for a Q to see what it’s all about. I’ll be bringing a workout that will challenge the major muscle groups while sprinkling in a little cardio to keep us warm. Please bring a coupon (ruck, sandbag,Continue reading “Pre-blast: 12/08/21 – Black Ops @ The Patriot”

Pre-blast: 10/21/21- Temple of Gloom @ The O

Tomorrow @ The O we’ll make a trip over to the adjacent neighborhood to admire some Halloween decorations. While we are over there we’ll also work on our multiplication and other difficult tasks. No coupons but gloves, running shoes, and a desire to get better are a must. SYITG -Handbook

Pre-blast: 09/02/21 – Temple of Gloom @ The O

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a coupon focused beatdown @ The O. Let’s have one tomorrow, shall we? Bring some weight like a cinder block/sandbag/ruck/etc. as well as gloves. If you have any extra weight, bring that with you in case we have anyone that shows up empty handed. Although any running will beContinue reading “Pre-blast: 09/02/21 – Temple of Gloom @ The O”

PB – Q School Week with Sump Pump – Minuteman @ The Patriot 8/23/21

Tomorrow marks the first day of Q School and also marks my last week before hitting the BIG 50! Whether its your 1st or 100th Q, its always a challenge choosing your beatdown. We’ll spend some time going over “Qing 101” while making sure we stick to our core principles. Not sure what those are?Continue reading “PB – Q School Week with Sump Pump – Minuteman @ The Patriot 8/23/21”

BB- The Monthly Ruck (August) – 8/20/21 – Tidwell and Meter Maid Co-Q

Earlier in the year, I had heard that Tidwell wanted to CoQ one of the monthly rucks. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Viking was looking for an August Q. I had never led one, so I reached out to Tidwell and we began planning it. Being a CPA by trade, below areContinue reading “BB- The Monthly Ruck (August) – 8/20/21 – Tidwell and Meter Maid Co-Q”

Pre-blast: 7/6/21 – The Max @ Bayside

Tomorrow will be my first (and long overdue) trip out to Bayside. Figured what better way to debut at an AO than to lead the workout. I’ll be bringing one that will challenge the major muscle groups while mixing in some cardio. Coupons will be necessary and gloves will be helpful! Looking forward to it!Continue reading “Pre-blast: 7/6/21 – The Max @ Bayside”

BB Sump Pump Q ToG at The O – 7/1/21

PAX: Russdiculous, Flo Jo, Handbook, McAfee, Ynot, Harry Carey, Motor Boat, Sump Pump (Q) Weather – 90% chance of rain. I’m not sure it rained at all. Standard fare warmups. Arm Circle, Michael Phelps, SSH, Steve Earle, 60 Second Arm Circles. Thang 1 — Partner up for a Modified Brick by Brick Shuttlerun (BBBS). PartnerContinue reading “BB Sump Pump Q ToG at The O – 7/1/21”

BB – 6-10-2021 – Uncle Rico – Cloverfield @ The Garden

Note to self; don’t let someone who just got hurt and can’t do the workout choose the workout. You will want to remember this. Being the friend that I am I graciously subbed Q for our fallen NattyLite and thought sucks that Natty is hurt so I’ll cheer him up and let him pick theContinue reading “BB – 6-10-2021 – Uncle Rico – Cloverfield @ The Garden”