Backblast: The Rooster 5/14 (yes last month)

Pax: Deuce Escort Miyaga Old Bay Iceman (R) Reeree mouth Othello (DR, Blueprint Retainer Glen Ross Loverboy (DR) Windshield Sweatshop Turreen Fridge Plumb bob Buschhhhh Meatball Stiletto Messie Snow man Larry Flint Whamo Tiger Airplane Fergie Porkchop (Q) I was excited for my anniversary Q on this morning. Very thankful to Fergie and Airplane for […]

The Bridge Posh Prison Birthday Backblast 3/20

PAX: Jitterbug (Respect) Bob Ross Nice and Slow OJ Fergie Airplane Dyn-O-mite McAfee Methane Iceman (Respect) Maxi Mr Kotter Ladybird (Respect) Porkchop (Q)   Great morning for a birthday Q.  I had fun coming up with a prison themed playlist to set the mood including: Folsom Prison Blues, Hurricane, Rusty Cage, Jailhouse, Institutionalized, Murder Was […]

Backblast for the Dueling Q at The Chopper 7/20/18. Airplane vs Porkchop.

When I heard about the Q vs Q challenged I was intrigued.  I considered challenging the Old Guard.  However I realized it had to be Airplane.  Airplane HL me 2 1/2 months ago and I have had the honor to call him friend for 25 years.  Also, nobody runs there mouth like Airplane so the […]

Backblast at The County with the Porkchop 7/5/18

The Shovel Flag rolled back into the County at exactly 5:30 without a second to spare.  Immediately launched into an experimental beatdown. After declaring I was clearly not a professional and to modify as needed we started with 30 SSH and did three Sun Salutations to get the body warmed up.  We started into a […]