BB The County November 14th with Porkchop

Pax: Cochrane Le Pew My Pleasure Red Card Scratch and Dent Abacus Jerry Mcguire Red Wagon Milton Bob Ross Mamma boy Metermaid Airplane Alexa Methane Fergie Porkchop (Q)     It was a cold morning so it was good to see so many folks out for my Q this morning. Once 530 hit we wentContinue reading “BB The County November 14th with Porkchop”

Backblast BO Douglass Hills 8/27

Pax: Porkchop (Q) Fergie Maxi Woooo Ripple Wa[ner Buzzsaw Snooze Deepdish Beats (FNG) Starchild Diablo Bologna Airplane Circle Up for some COP.  30 SSH, 15 Abe Vigodas, 15 Grassgrabbers, Kendra Newmans 10 BOYO the a short Mosey to the football field.   Thang 1: 4 Corners.  Partner up.  Deconstucted Burpees at each corner.  Complete 10Continue reading “Backblast BO Douglass Hills 8/27”

Backblast: The Rooster 5/14 (yes last month)

Pax: Deuce Escort Miyaga Old Bay Iceman (R) Reeree mouth Othello (DR, Blueprint Retainer Glen Ross Loverboy (DR) Windshield Sweatshop Turreen Fridge Plumb bob Buschhhhh Meatball Stiletto Messie Snow man Larry Flint Whamo Tiger Airplane Fergie Porkchop (Q) I was excited for my anniversary Q on this morning. Very thankful to Fergie and Airplane forContinue reading “Backblast: The Rooster 5/14 (yes last month)”

Belated Backblast The County 4/9

QIC: Porkchop Pax:Fergie, Airplane, Bullitin (R), Uncle Rico, Cowboy, Crockpot, Valdez, Giselle, Abacus, Mudbug, Wildflower, Iceman (R), Double Down (R), Stormtrooper, Fungi, Porckchop, Red Wagon, Ladybird (R)   I prepared a lovely weinke until I learned the O and the Mutt had special beatdown planned.  Not to be left out I quickly changed the weinke.Continue reading “Belated Backblast The County 4/9”

The Bridge Posh Prison Birthday Backblast 3/20

PAX: Jitterbug (Respect) Bob Ross Nice and Slow OJ Fergie Airplane Dyn-O-mite McAfee Methane Iceman (Respect) Maxi Mr Kotter Ladybird (Respect) Porkchop (Q)   Great morning for a birthday Q.  I had fun coming up with a prison themed playlist to set the mood including: Folsom Prison Blues, Hurricane, Rusty Cage, Jailhouse, Institutionalized, Murder WasContinue reading “The Bridge Posh Prison Birthday Backblast 3/20”

Backblast Tues 2/19 the Rooster

13 PAX: Deuce Noxeema Jackson Maize Meatball Tiger Gepetto Fergie Miyagi Whamo Sump Pump Messi Huggies Porkchop (Q) This was a workout I used a few months back at the County.  It was a challenging You versus You workout that led to a good beatdown outside 265 and I was itching’ to bring it insideContinue reading “Backblast Tues 2/19 the Rooster”

Backblast Bag of Wrenches 1/8/19

Q: Pork Chop Pax: Sweatshop, Fergie, Tammy Faye Baker, Violet, OJ, Wham!, Flo Jo, Cletus (FNG) Pope, Scuba Steve, Cardinal, Scuba Steve, Glen Ross   Better late than never backblast.  Sorry folks!   5:30 Am rolled around with a good collection of HIMs.  Started off on a 1/2 mile mosey to the far end ofContinue reading “Backblast Bag of Wrenches 1/8/19”

Backblast: BlackOps at Tom Sawyer 12/11 with Porkchop

  A little late on the back blast but better late than never.   4 PAX joined me for a cold morning in the Gloom:  Retainer, Alexa, Fergie, Abacus.   I promised to bring the heat this morning so we started with a quick Mosey followed by 25 SSH, 15 Abe Vigodas, 15 Grass Grabbers,Continue reading “Backblast: BlackOps at Tom Sawyer 12/11 with Porkchop”

Backblast BO at the O with Porkchop-11/19/18.

Things got real today at the O.  We got in touch with our sensitive side and I am pretty sure I saw a few tears. 9 PAX strong:  Mad Cow, PED, Fridge, Plumb Bob, Pepperoni, Glen Ross, Trump, Fergie, Porkchop (Q) About 40 degrees this morning and the rain held off.  Started with disclaimers andContinue reading “Backblast BO at the O with Porkchop-11/19/18.”

Backblast the Fog 11/14/18

Pax: Airplane, Bob Ross, Big Bird, Fungi, Maxi, Dynomite! Dryrub, Deep Dish, Pew Pew, Mamma’s Boy, Bulletin (R), Mr Cotter, Wildflower, Alexa, Starchild, Freon, Huggies, Porkchop(Q) It was a cold morning for this one.  17 Pax joined me for a beatdown at the Posh.  I have spent the week fighting off a cold and arrivedContinue reading “Backblast the Fog 11/14/18”

Backblast 11/6/18 The County

28 pax showed up for a lovely election morning beatdown. I am honored to have so many HIM’s in attendance.   Airplane continued to try and sling Hoorags while Catfish tried to convince everyone that he counts as a Poshland AO Pax despite being the site Q for North Posh.  Airplane remains unconvinced.   WeContinue reading “Backblast 11/6/18 The County”

Back Blast Oct 22nd BO at the O.

Q: Pork Chop PAX:  Fergie, PED, Vincent (R), Ham, Plumb Bob, McAfee,  Daddy’s Girl, Glen Ross, Gepetto Clear sky’s and COLD.  35 degrees at 5:30. Started with a short mosey with high knees and butt kicks.  Circled back together at the flag and reviewed the disclaimer. 25 SSH to keep the body temp up andContinue reading “Back Blast Oct 22nd BO at the O.”

Black Ops at the O- Porkchop Q. Oct 22nd

Many things motivate me to get better but one is to be strong and healthy enough to handle an emergency.  We have had some unfortunate events in the F3 Brotherhood of late and I wanted to focus on ways we can be useful during those times, whether staying calm and focused, to proper CPR technique,Continue reading “Black Ops at the O- Porkchop Q. Oct 22nd”

Backblast July 30th at the Posh

Pax braving the Gloom: Sadie Fannypack (R) Glaucoma Pew Pew Maxi Dynomite! Crablegs   A little light rain didn’t scare off the HIM who joined me this morning.  Low numbers for the Posh but I didnt realize I was competing for PAX from the great Mcafee!  NO worries though we had a great workout.  Continue reading “Backblast July 30th at the Posh”

Backblast for the Dueling Q at The Chopper 7/20/18. Airplane vs Porkchop.

When I heard about the Q vs Q challenged I was intrigued.  I considered challenging the Old Guard.  However I realized it had to be Airplane.  Airplane HL me 2 1/2 months ago and I have had the honor to call him friend for 25 years.  Also, nobody runs there mouth like Airplane so theContinue reading “Backblast for the Dueling Q at The Chopper 7/20/18. Airplane vs Porkchop.”

Backblast at The County with the Porkchop 7/5/18

The Shovel Flag rolled back into the County at exactly 5:30 without a second to spare.  Immediately launched into an experimental beatdown. After declaring I was clearly not a professional and to modify as needed we started with 30 SSH and did three Sun Salutations to get the body warmed up.  We started into aContinue reading “Backblast at The County with the Porkchop 7/5/18”