Jitterbug (Respect)

Bob Ross

Nice and Slow







Iceman (Respect)


Mr Kotter

Ladybird (Respect)

Porkchop (Q)


Great morning for a birthday Q.  I had fun coming up with a prison themed playlist to set the mood including:

Folsom Prison Blues, Hurricane, Rusty Cage, Jailhouse, Institutionalized, Murder Was the Case, One Love, Welcome to Paradise, Freedom (Rage Against the Machine), Freedom! (George Michael-which came on at the best time possible).

Started with a quick mosey around the parking lot with high knees and butt kicks

COP: 51 SSH varied tempo, Abe Vigodas (15), Grassgrabbers (15), Kendra Newmans, Downward Dog.


Thang 1:

Handed out sets of ten cards per person for Mike Tyson Squats.  Ten cards laid out on the ground ahead of the PAX with 1 card card every 5 inches.  Deep squat to pick up the first card. Step forward. Squat to out the first card back down.  Squat to pick up the first card. Squat to pick up the second card.  Step to the next card in the row.  Continue until finally step to the 10th card. Place the previous nine cards one by one then picking back up one by one.  Total of 100 deep squats.


Next Thang:

2 separate groups with a deck of cards each.  Deck of Pain with Merkins.  Flip a card one at a time and do the number of Merkins shown with face cards counting as 10 and the Ace as 11.  The goal was to complete in 15 minutes.  Halfway through the deck both groups were smoked so we moved to blast the next muscle group.

PAX lined up for an Elephant Walk to get used to shower time in prison.  Everyone in a straight line in a squat.  One hand is between your legs hold the hand of the Pax behind you while the other hand is holding the straddled hand of the Pax in front of you.  It keeps you in a deep squat and looks ridiculous.  We walked the double timed to the next locale. The Park Ranger rolled up at this point and stopped to gawk.  Jealous I’m sure.

Thang 3:

Jailhouse 13 Handstand Merkins/ Decline Carolina Dry Docks/or Carolina Dry Docks.

Perform 13. walking 8 feet (to the end of your cell) and back, then 12 reps, walk 8 ft, then 11 reps until down to 1.

Mosey back to the flag with just enough time for some Howling Monkeys.  Everybody grabs their ankles while in a circle.  Pax 1 does 10 Monkey Humpers, then Pax 2, and so on around the circle.  Everyone holds there ankles the whole time.

Fortuitously, George Michael’s Freedom! came on as soon as we started the Howling Monkeys and Bob Ross noted it was the second gayest thing he had done that day.

It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Unfortunately, did not get to a round of Guantanamo since we only had so much yard time.

COT:   Intentions were given and thanks for coming out to start off the day.





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