Backblast the Fog @ Poshlands – 3.30.19

We had 3 Pax for the Fog @ Poshlands, aka Fla Panhandle North.

Pax: PK, Mr. Kotter, Aerobie (Q, YHC).

Being my 1-yr postversary, we did essentially the beat down Little Jerry put on the Pax 52 weeks before. Even 1 year later, he’s still kicking my ass.

15 grass grabbers – IC
15 Abe Vigodas (audible)
15 Imperial Walkers (audible)

The Thang: 300 group squats – each of these had us alternating between doing the exercises and running, with 2 people doing the exercise, while the 3rd ran; 400 merkins; 150 gas pumps; 120 flutter kicks (Ic)

Next Thang: Mary Webbs. 1 big boy for every 4 lbc, work up to 10 and 40

Mosey to coupons: 2 sets of curls, thrusters, squats, tricep curls; 5 boyos between the sets

Mosey back to flags, stopping for exercises 3x (lunge walk, donkey kicks, and big boyos- yep, you read that right, and maybe it’ll become a thing)

Finish with SSH, 2 people doing the exercise while the jump rump was passed round the circle (nice footwork Mr. Kotter).

Finished with announcements and COT, lifting intentions in prayer. Nice work! Until next time –

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