Backblast: The Rooster 5/14 (yes last month)

Old Bay
Iceman (R)
Othello (DR,
Glen Ross
Loverboy (DR)
Plumb bob
Snow man
Larry Flint
Porkchop (Q)

I was excited for my anniversary Q on this morning. Very thankful to Fergie and Airplane for bringing me out one year ago on this day. I was less excited to write this back blast so therefore it is one month later…

Great cool morning. I wanted to bring together my favorite workouts over the past year and some of the great songs we used. Basically, this meant all the workouts that were most uncomfortable and embarrassing for the Pax to complete and therefore made me laugh. I was excited to see such a great turnout this morning and also to see to downrange Pax from North Carolina.

Warm up 10 minutes.  With SSH, Goofballs, Abe Vigodas.
Headed to the field with grumbling from a few lads who fear wetness.
Red Barchetta (to the song Red Barchetta):
100 yrd sprint together followed by 100 SSH then jog back.
75 yard sprint all together followed by 75 mountain climbers and jog back
50 yard sprint together followed by 50 LBC and jog back.
Again, grumbling from I believe Mouth about laying down on the grass for LBC.  I kindly offered a modification to Labial Stretches but he did not take me up on the suggestion.
25 yard sprint followed by 25 Merkins then jog back.
Finally 10 yard sprint followed by 10 burpees.
Broke into 3 groups with the large crowd:
Group 1:
Bataan Death March around the church- A combination of Catch Me If You Can and a traditional Indian Run. The last person drops and does 5 Burpees, while the rest of the Pax mosey in a line. After completing the Burpees, the last guy runs to catch the group, tapping the (new) last Pax on the shoulder, who then stops to begin his 5 Burpees, while the (former) last guy continues on to the front of the line.
Group 2:
Tyson Squats.  10 cards lined up in a row 5 inches apart.  Deep squat to pick up the first card. Move to the second card.  Deep squat to place the first card down.  Deep squat to pick the first card back up. Deep squat to pick up the second card.  Move on to the third card.  Continue until the last card.
Group 3:
ATM-All done in order, with no rest, without leaving plank position. Can be scaled using higher reps. 15 Alternating Shoulder Touches In Cadence (4-count), 10 Tempo Merkins (down on the 1-2-3, up on 4), 10 fast Merkins. That’s 1 complete round.
When the Bataan group finished their mosey they pushed the other groups to the next exercise.
Howling Monkeys (to the sounds of George Michaels’ Freedom): In a circle, everyone grabs their ankles in Monkey Humper fashion The first person does ten monkey humpers followed by the next person and so on as in other “ring of fire” exercises. Don’t let go of the ankles! Depending on the number of PAX, two rounds seems to result in Howling Monkeys.
Guantonomo-Pax in a circle on their backs heels up. First pax jumps up and pushes the feet down around the circle fighting to keep legs off the ground. Followed by next pax in line then hit the ground legs up when back to your start position until last man finishes the circle.
28 guys in a circle then turned to face the guy on their right.  Bent over with one arm between their legs and the other grabbing the straddled arm of the man in front of you creating an epic Elephant Walk Circle.  I loved this!
Baby Shark Challenge (to the sounds of Baby Shark):  All Pax on their 6 completing variations of flutter kicks to the theme of the song.
REM Planks.  5 and a half Minute plank to the song “Everybody Hurts”.  It did.
This Q was a ton of fun.   Hope everyone enjoyed its much as I did.
I am hugely thankful to be a part of this group.  I am honored to be associated with such a great group of men doing great things and lifting each other up in the process
Ended with COT:
“It’s not at all that we have too short a time to live, but that we squander a great deal of it. Life is long enough, and it’s given in sufficient measure to do many great things if we spend it well. But when it’s poured down the drain of luxury and neglect, when it’s employed to no good end, we’re finally driven to see that it has passed by before we even recognized it passing. And so it is — we don’t receive a short life, we make it so.”
— Seneca, On the Brevity of Life, 1.3–4a

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