BB- The Rooster at the Mutt – 1/4/22 – Meter Maid Q

At my last Q at the Mutt, I learned that they they don’t like to count. I planned a workout that would be more a heavy with a push requiring no counting. I got up early to get all setup because they always have strong attendance numbers at the Rooster. I placed each of theContinue reading “BB- The Rooster at the Mutt – 1/4/22 – Meter Maid Q”

Rooster at the Mutt on 6-23-20

Disclaimer at 5:30 and started to Mosey Around the School as people were still pulling in the lot Warmup: 25 SSH’s 20 Imperial Walkers Downward Dog w/ Calf Stretch and Runners Stretch Merkins Hamstring Stretch Copperhead Squats Thang 1: Chasing Dora 10 Merkins – Single 20 Squats – Single 30 Crunches in Cadence Run LapContinue reading “Rooster at the Mutt on 6-23-20”

BB – The Rooster – 3/17/20

Weather was good with a little drizzle. PAX: Tiger, Digiorno, Fridge, Glen Ross, Vincent (R), Cookie, Fall Guy (R), Wham-o (R), Windshield, Left Eye, Zima, Larry Flynt,Plumb Bob, Backdraft, Deuce (Q) Updated disclaimer given.  Mosey around the school and circle up but in a much wider circle giving lots of room.  Warm up with SSH,Continue reading “BB – The Rooster – 3/17/20”

Backblast: 1/21/20 – The Rooster @ The Mutt

Conditions: Not as cold as yesterday morning but still pretty damn cold.  25°F and cloudy with some light snow flurries. PAX (12): Glen Ross, McAfee, Soft Top, Escort, Fridge, Sump Pump, Wham-O (R), Zima, Deuce, Plumb Bob, Tiger, Handbook (QIC) Here’s how it went down: Quick disclaimer @ 0530 followed by a short mosey aroundContinue reading “Backblast: 1/21/20 – The Rooster @ The Mutt”

Cock-A-Doodle-Dude My Shoulders Hurt – Rooster Back-Blast 1.7.20

Tuesdays are notable in the F3 Louisville region. We typically have our highest numbers on Tuesdays. Not sure if it is because we have a wealth of sites and workout options, because of Tank Top Tuesday, or because it’s the first day the guys from the Mutt can workout during the week. Either way, KiloContinue reading “Cock-A-Doodle-Dude My Shoulders Hurt – Rooster Back-Blast 1.7.20”

BB – The Rooster – 12/24/2019

PAX(19): Fall Guy (R), Juco, Larry Flynt, Fridge, Soft Top, Tiger, Windshield, Wham-O (R), Blueprint, Zima, Sump Pump, Pope, Snowman, OJ, Black lung, Digornio, No Show, Plumb Bob, Deuce (Q) 0530 hit and we were off with a mosey around the school. Circle up and warm up with SSH, Imperial Walkers, copperhead merkins, and someContinue reading “BB – The Rooster – 12/24/2019”

BB – the Rooster – 12/17/2019

This is a bit late, so my bad on that one. PAX: Fall Guy (R), Juco, Larry Flynt, Fridge, Soft Top, Glen Ross, Hamm, Backdraft, Plumb Bob, PED, Deuce (Q) Nice crisp morning, and as 0530 hit the disclaimer was given and we were off with a mosey around the walking path.  Everyone grabbed aContinue reading “BB – the Rooster – 12/17/2019”

BLACK OPS @ 7AM – St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenege – 11/27

878 That’s right come join in the fun tomorrow in the GLOOM to knock out 878 BURPEES with yours truly at St. John Center (700 E Muhammad Ali Blvd).  The more people we have the more burpees we get to dish out.  There is parking available on the street as well as a parking garageContinue reading “BLACK OPS @ 7AM – St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenege – 11/27”

St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge Update & BLACK OPS – 11/27

Great News – 770 You may ask what does that number mean.  Well that is how many pairs of socks we have raised with 6 days remaining. HUGE Thank You to everyone. It is amazing what type of impact our HIMS have on our community.  As mentioned we still have 6 days remaining so ifContinue reading “St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge Update & BLACK OPS – 11/27”

St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge

Calling all PAX and AO’s for a wonderful 3rdF opportunity.  I met with St. John Center recently and with the winter coming they are in need of white crew socks for their members.   St. John Center for Homeless Men is a great local non-profit that helps homeless men address the barriers to housing andContinue reading “St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge”

When the Rooster call, what do you do? Back Blast – 10.15.19

The Rooster is one of the most unique names for a workout, but I love the premise (or what I assume to be the premise). We don’t get up for easy, and the rooster is typically seen as a wake up call for many, but for others we are often up before the rooster is,Continue reading “When the Rooster call, what do you do? Back Blast – 10.15.19”

McAfee is bringing the meaning of The Rooster – Pre-Blast 10.15.19

In the Chinese Zodiac, the Rooster signifies honestly and fortitude, both physically and morally. The rooster animal totem is also thought of to be very bossy, but not in a bad way. Tomorrow at the Rooster, I plan to bring something to test your physical fortitude, and you can decide who to let be theContinue reading “McAfee is bringing the meaning of The Rooster – Pre-Blast 10.15.19”

The Rooster at the Mutt on 10-1-19

It was a balmy 72 degrees this October morning. PAX: Blueprint Q, No Show, Deuce, Sump Pump, Noxzema Jackson, Pope, Backdraft, Glen Ross, Plumb Bob, PED, Pepperoni, Waterboy, Fridge, Soft-top, Larry Flint, Loco, Tiger and Tureen Started at 5:30 with the Disclaimer and Mosey Around the School for warm-ups Warm-up: 25 SSH’s 20 Imperial Walkers 20Continue reading “The Rooster at the Mutt on 10-1-19”

Backblast – The Rooster – 9.17.2019

PAX (25): Kilo, OJ, Glen Ross, Larry Flynt, Tiger, Digiorno, Buschhhh, Sump Pump, Plumb Bob, PK, Worm, Soft Top, Waterboy, Tureen, Messy, No Show, Wham-o (R), Cowbell, Fridge, Blueprint, Bumble Bee (R), Wham!, Meatball, Wiki, Deuce (Q). Weather was just fine. I showed up earlier than usual and there were already several waiting, which wasContinue reading “Backblast – The Rooster – 9.17.2019”

PB – The Rooster 9.17.2019

Tomorrow will have dual significance.  First, it is pretty much 2 years since my first F3 workout, and second, its my birthday.  F3 has been a blessing on many levels, and I love pretty much every aspect of it.  On the other hand, and for reasons that are not important, I really do not likeContinue reading “PB – The Rooster 9.17.2019”

9-10-19 Backblast The Rooster at the Mut

A year ago I was an out of shape 40 year old.  With work, school, dance, gymnastics, soccer, and baseball the last thing I had time to do was to take care of my health, both physically and spiritually.  I had recently participated in the Rugged Maniac at Paoli Peaks.  I finished but my upperContinue reading “9-10-19 Backblast The Rooster at the Mut”

Plumb Bob One Year Postiversary Q at the Mutt Pre Blast 9/10/19

Come one, come all to the party that you’ve been waiting for all year!  Ever since that sweltering hot day at the Big Four Bridge a year ago, it’s all been leading up to this.  It’s going to be a total body workout but we’re going to have fun doing it.  You have a fewContinue reading “Plumb Bob One Year Postiversary Q at the Mutt Pre Blast 9/10/19”

BB – The Rooster 8.13.2019

PAX (20): Digiorno, Buschhhh, Capt. Insane-o, Face, Zima, tureen, soft top, pepperoni, blueprint, Glen Ross, wham-o, noxeema jackson, fridge, tiger, waterboy, no show, backdraft, Rih Rih, Sump pump, deuce (Q).  Several tanks and two weight vested (CI and Face). Weather was warm and humid, but given the rain that was surrounding the area, it wasContinue reading “BB – The Rooster 8.13.2019”

PB – The Rooster at the Mutt – 8/13/19

I haven’t Q’d in a while, so I am glad we had Q school last week to help refresh things for me.  We will do plenty of running, which will be mostly you v. you.  There will also likely be a little coupon work, so gloves are a good idea.  Its going to be hotContinue reading “PB – The Rooster at the Mutt – 8/13/19”

BB 07.09.2019 @ The Rooster

19 PAX posted at The Rooster this humid morning to embark on a 45 minute journey of fitness and camaraderie.   We had Sump Pump, Cowbell, Blueprint, Deuce, Old Bay, Larry Flint, Wham-O, Splinter, Butcher, Pixar, Lobster, Dorothy, Eggo, Green Wave, Santana, Geppetto, Tureen, Backdraft, and Escort as Q.  Eight guys from the O graced us withContinue reading “BB 07.09.2019 @ The Rooster”

Rooster BB – 6.18.2019

As I alluded to in the preblast, I had intended to secure a Q for the Rooster over the weekend.  However, life came at me fast and I neglected to do so.  Ahh well, such is life. PAX (11) – Fridge, Glen Ross, McAfee, Blueprint, Miyagi, Pepperoni, Digiorno, Windshield, Plumb Bob, Wham-O, Deuce (Q). Weather:Continue reading “Rooster BB – 6.18.2019”

Backblast: The Rooster 5/14 (yes last month)

Pax: Deuce Escort Miyaga Old Bay Iceman (R) Reeree mouth Othello (DR, Blueprint Retainer Glen Ross Loverboy (DR) Windshield Sweatshop Turreen Fridge Plumb bob Buschhhhh Meatball Stiletto Messie Snow man Larry Flint Whamo Tiger Airplane Fergie Porkchop (Q) I was excited for my anniversary Q on this morning. Very thankful to Fergie and Airplane forContinue reading “Backblast: The Rooster 5/14 (yes last month)”

5/21/19 The Rooster at the Mutt Back Blast

PAX: Alexa, Yogi, Fergie, Meatball, Geppetto, Mouth, Cowbell, Deuce, Fridge, Pork Chop, Big Bird, Mama’s Boy, Buschhhhh, Wham-o(R), Cornbread(R), Wall-E, Juicy, Glen Ross, Tureen, Tiger, Larry Flint, McAfee, Rih-Rih, Plumb Bob(Q) Weather: Clear, around 60 deg, Ohio Valley humidity starting to creep up When trying to plan my beat down I ran across F3’s Six MinutesContinue reading “5/21/19 The Rooster at the Mutt Back Blast”