Backblast – The Rooster – 9.17.2019

PAX (25): Kilo, OJ, Glen Ross, Larry Flynt, Tiger, Digiorno, Buschhhh, Sump Pump, Plumb Bob, PK, Worm, Soft Top, Waterboy, Tureen, Messy, No Show, Wham-o (R), Cowbell, Fridge, Blueprint, Bumble Bee (R), Wham!, Meatball, Wiki, Deuce (Q). Weather was just fine. I showed up earlier than usual and there were already several waiting, which was […]

Plumb Bob One Year Postiversary Q at the Mutt Pre Blast 9/10/19

Come one, come all to the party that you’ve been waiting for all year!  Ever since that sweltering hot day at the Big Four Bridge a year ago, it’s all been leading up to this.  It’s going to be a total body workout but we’re going to have fun doing it.  You have a few […]

BB – The Rooster 8.13.2019

PAX (20): Digiorno, Buschhhh, Capt. Insane-o, Face, Zima, tureen, soft top, pepperoni, blueprint, Glen Ross, wham-o, noxeema jackson, fridge, tiger, waterboy, no show, backdraft, Rih Rih, Sump pump, deuce (Q).  Several tanks and two weight vested (CI and Face). Weather was warm and humid, but given the rain that was surrounding the area, it was […]

Backblast: The Rooster 5/14 (yes last month)

Pax: Deuce Escort Miyaga Old Bay Iceman (R) Reeree mouth Othello (DR, Blueprint Retainer Glen Ross Loverboy (DR) Windshield Sweatshop Turreen Fridge Plumb bob Buschhhhh Meatball Stiletto Messie Snow man Larry Flint Whamo Tiger Airplane Fergie Porkchop (Q) I was excited for my anniversary Q on this morning. Very thankful to Fergie and Airplane for […]

5/21/19 The Rooster at the Mutt Back Blast

PAX: Alexa, Yogi, Fergie, Meatball, Geppetto, Mouth, Cowbell, Deuce, Fridge, Pork Chop, Big Bird, Mama’s Boy, Buschhhhh, Wham-o(R), Cornbread(R), Wall-E, Juicy, Glen Ross, Tureen, Tiger, Larry Flint, McAfee, Rih-Rih, Plumb Bob(Q) Weather: Clear, around 60 deg, Ohio Valley humidity starting to creep up When trying to plan my beat down I ran across F3’s Six Minutes […]

Back Blast – 5.7.19- The Rooster

16 PAX showed up at the Mutt this morning:  Digiorno, Cowbell, Fergie, Pork Chop, Larry Flint, Mouth, Miyagi, Noxeema Jackson, Water Boy, Fridge, Blueprint, Messi, Wham-o, Stiletto, Windshield, & Escort as Q.  I am pretty sure that this was the most perfect weather that I have ever exercised in…  so nice that it didn’t seem […]

3/19 Rooster at the Mutt Backblast

Music has always been a huge part of my life.  I’m almost always listening to music and I love listening when working out.   I’ve started bringing tunes to my workouts. (See my valentine’s Q at the Mutt).  This time I wanted to incorporate music directly into at least a portion of my weinke.  What better […]

Backblast 1/8/19 The Rooster

17 PAX: PK, Sherpa, Whamo-O, Deuce, Buschhhhh, Sump Pump, Fridge, Blueprint, Windshield, Sprinkler, Geppetto, Mouth, Messy, PED, Tiger, Miyagi, Plumb Bob(Q) I knew the forecast was favorable going into this morning’s WO, however, when I woke up this morning I was still surprised to see the temperature was 57 degrees.  About 30 seconds after I […]

01.05.2019. Back Blast. 4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches. Week 1 @ Holy Trinity.

When: 5:00pm   Where: Holy Trinity Parish (The Mutt)   Q: The Holy Spirit   # of PAX: 12   PAX: Glen Ross, Big Bird, Le Pew, Gilligan, Meter Maid, Abacus, Aerobie, Mama’s Boy, Storm Trooper, Fridge, Windshield, and Miyagi   WINKE YHC got to his home parish, Holy Trinity right around 4:30, where he […]

01.05.2019. Pre Blast. 4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches.Week 1 @ Holy Trinity Parish.

Who: All Pax, Friends, M’s, and 2.0’s   When: 1700   Where: Holy Trinity Parish (AKA: The Mutt)   Q: The Holy Spirit   Calling all HIMs! Gather with Aerobie, and myself for the 5:00pm mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. This is week one location for the month long event. We will meet at […]

New Year’s Day BoW/Rooster Mashup – PB 1.1.2019

REMINDER that the O will not have a WO tomorrow as Wham! and I have the co-Q duties at the Mutt. WHEN: 0700-0800 WHERE: Mutt (to repeat myself to make it clear) WHAT TO BRING: gloves, NYE hangover (optional) WHY: Because, that’s why.  It should be a fun one, but no less difficult than you would expect. […]

BackBlast 12.18.2018 @ The Rooster

QIC:  Escort 12 PAX at The Mutt this morning:  Wham-O, Deuce, Sump Pump, Pepperoni, Miyagi, Blueprint, Tiger, Plumb Bob, Gepetto, Windshield, Digiorno, and Escort. Started with warm-up:  Grass Grabbers, Abe Vigotas, Hillbillies, SSH’s, and some leg and arm stretches, then we got down to business. Nothing starts the day better than finishing a couple of […]

Rooster BB – 12/11/2018

PAX (13):  Waterboy, Plumb Bob, Buschhhh, Tiger, Zima, Sump Pump, Backdraft, Digiorno, Wham-O, PED, Windshield, Fridge, Deuce (Q) Weather was cold, but calm, so all in all it was a pretty good morning. Disclaimer was given and we started off the mosey around the walking path to the coupon garden, where everybody grabbed a coupon and headed up to […]

Back Blast – The Rooster @ The Mutt 11/13/18

15 PAX showed up in the cold and rain for my VQ at the Mutt. Tiger, Sprinkler, Plum Bob, Miyagi, Wham-O, Sump Pump, Backdraft, Deuce, Glen Ross, Left Eye, Blueprint, Maize, Fridge, and Windshield were there to usher me into Qdom. We started off with a short run around the school and standard warm-up. Grass […]