BB – The Rooster – 12/24/2019

PAX(19): Fall Guy (R), Juco, Larry Flynt, Fridge, Soft Top, Tiger, Windshield, Wham-O (R), Blueprint, Zima, Sump Pump, Pope, Snowman, OJ, Black lung, Digornio, No Show, Plumb Bob, Deuce (Q)

0530 hit and we were off with a mosey around the school.

Circle up and warm up with SSH, Imperial Walkers, copperhead merkins, and some stretches.

Mentioned to everyone again that we were going to do a few of my favorites from the past year.

Thing 1 – Killer Bs.  Line up at one end of the parking lot.  Broad jump 3 parking spaces then do 10 burpees, 10 Bonnie Blairs and 10 Big Boys.  Broad jump another 3 parking spaces and repeat the exercises, and then broad jump another 3 parking spaces and repeat the exercises.  After that bear crawl back to the beginning.

After all Pax finished, repeat the Killer Bs.

Thing 2 – booyah merkin inchworm.  divide into 2 groups and plank up side by side.  person on the end crawls to face person next to him for 2 booyah merkins, and then move down the line with 2 booyah merkins with each person.  After that the next person goes until all have gone down the line.

Thing 3.  head to the corner of Leland and Cherryhill for some deconstructed burpees.  Start at the top and do 20 jump squats, run to the bottom of the hill at the entrance of Maryhill Estates for 20 merkins, then run to the bottom of the other hill on Ormond for 20 groiners.  Run back up Ormand to Maryhill entrance for 20 more merkins and run back to the beginning.  Repeat.

We had a little time left so we headed to the flag where we did an abbreviated merkin time bomb and then finished with a little Mary.

COR, NOR and COT wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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