BB – The Rooster 8.13.2019

PAX (20): Digiorno, Buschhhh, Capt. Insane-o, Face, Zima, tureen, soft top, pepperoni, blueprint, Glen Ross, wham-o, noxeema jackson, fridge, tiger, waterboy, no show, backdraft, Rih Rih, Sump pump, deuce (Q).  Several tanks and two weight vested (CI and Face).

Weather was warm and humid, but given the rain that was surrounding the area, it was pretty nice out.

Gearlander: Adidas shorts, nike dri fit tank, and I am sure other boring things.

Showed up a bit early to make sure that the new playgrounds at the Mutt had sufficient pull up area, and thankfully there was.

It was a good crew that joined me (see above), and so we started with a mosey around the walking path and each grabbed a coupon from the coupon garden and headed up to the back parking lot for COP.  SSH, merkins, grass grabbers and some downward dog.

Mosey to the front of the school at the corner of Leland and Cherrywood for thing 1.  Start at the stop sign and do 10 jump squats, then run to the bottom of the hill to the entrance of Maryhill estates for 10 hand release merkins, then run down to the bridge at the bottom of Ormond for 10 groiners.  Run back up the hill to the entrance of Maryhill estates for 10 hand release merkins, and back up to where we started (that was 1 complete cycle).  Repeat with the goal to complete 5 of those, some did complete 5 others got through 4.

Mosey back to where we left the coupons and partner up for thing 2.  Start where we plant the flag, and partner 1 would do AMRAP while partner 2 ran to the bigger playground area for 10 pull ups, then run back and switch.  We did curls twice and one round of big bois.

Return the coupons and circle up for Mary – 20 of each IC – gas pumps, freddie mercuries and LBCs.

Time as called and we headed to the flag.

COR, NOR and COT.  Prayers and intentions for the family of Chris Schulz, who was a good friend of Soft Top and was a good husband and father and a friend to many in the St. Albert community, but sadly lost his life Sunday due to a drunk driver (the Seneca golf course incident).  Additional prayers and intentions for kids starting school.


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