Pre Blast 14-Aug-2019 Thursday #Agony at #theCounty 0530 Crock Pot Q

What meal is in the Crock Pot?
Airplane and I both want the Q at the Agony tomorrow. We’ll play rock, paper, scissors in a best of 3 series. Winner gets the Q, loser does burpees.
Here’s how it will go:
1. I’ll win the roshambo, likely in the first 2 throws.
2. I’ll grab my phone and play the song “All I do is win, win, win, no matter what” on repeat while Airplane does burpees and the rest of us do CoP.
3. Our Thang will be “Greta”. It’s like Dora, but it adds coupons. We’re going to do it twice. If you want to push yourself, be sure and bring gloves. Come and get some partner work with another HIM.
Also, we’ll be looking for someone to be a self-appointed leader among the PAX. Come find out what I’m talking about tomorrow.
P.S. – I love you Airplane (but I don’t back down).

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