BB- The Foundry at the County- 3/17/21 – Meter Maid Q

I got up early this morning to ensure that I could place all of my toys for heavy work before the PAX began arriving. I left my house and as I came up Ash Ave, I noticed a train that wasn’t moving. Below was my perspective at 5:07AM. As I peaked to the right, theContinue reading “BB- The Foundry at the County- 3/17/21 – Meter Maid Q”

Pre-Blast for 02/15 PokerRuck

You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to Ruck away with a big coupon! Yes boys, Saturday the 15th will be the inaugural F3 Louisville PokerRuck. Brought to you by StarChild and Methane. Startex & Endex will be at Joe’s older than Dirt located at: 8131 New laContinue reading “Pre-Blast for 02/15 PokerRuck”

BO Ruck at the County 2-11-19

4 HIMs braved the cold rain in the gloom today. 57 degrees. PAX 4  – Huggies(Q), Airplane, Momma’s Boy, McAfee Gear – 30 lbs Rucker 2.0.  Rain Jacket.  MACV-1’s.  Airplane brought along an umbrella. (Not sure how much it helped but anyway) We did the pee wee valley loop.  Airplane showed us the way.  3.6Continue reading “BO Ruck at the County 2-11-19”

Back Blast – 1/27/2019 – Big 4 Bridge

YHC was looking to get some ruck miles in prep for the April Columbus StarCourse and to qualify for the newest patch from GoRuck – Times Challenge. The requirements were to ruck 12 miles – no more, no less. I had seen where Plumb Bob had scheduled a Black Ops ruck at the Big FourContinue reading “Back Blast – 1/27/2019 – Big 4 Bridge”

Christmas Caroling Ruck – Back Blast 12/8/2018

Weather – 28 degrees. Mild Wind.  58% humidity. 5 PAX and a 2.0  – Huggies(Q), Chestnut, Fungi, Plumb Bob, Miyagi Chestnut brought his daughter along.  She carried a 10 lb ruck sack and was ahead of us almost the whole time.  Very impressive. This month’s #RuckClubCallout was a caroling ruck.  We had to ruck atContinue reading “Christmas Caroling Ruck – Back Blast 12/8/2018”

Back Blast – Operation Legacy Veteran’s Day Ruck in honor of Marine Sgt. David N. Wimberg 11/11/2018

Weather – Cold Sunny 25 degrees.  75% humidity 14 PAX – Sump Pump, Alexa, Meter Maid, Airplane, Skid, McCoy (R, FNG), Huggies (Q), Jitterbug (R), Maize, Catfish, Diablo, Momma’s Boy, Fungi, Chestnut I’ll start with how this all came together.  I was in a time pinch trying to get this project off the ground.  We’veContinue reading “Back Blast – Operation Legacy Veteran’s Day Ruck in honor of Marine Sgt. David N. Wimberg 11/11/2018”

BackBlast GoRuck Operation Red Wings Tough 7/20/18

The following backblast were written from our unique perspectives of the challenge. SKID – just proud of you all clearly leading the way despite being newbies If anything, I’d add how I hate being platoon leader/ squad leader….. but how GOOD it is for me to do that. I don’t like having people depend onContinue reading “BackBlast GoRuck Operation Red Wings Tough 7/20/18”