PB – St. Nick’s Day w/ Edward Scissorhands Q at the Cliffs at ☘️The Garden☘️, Tuesday, Dec 6

Come out to The Garden☘️ for a St. Nick’s Day workout. The man that inspired our current day Santa Clause will be our inspiration for the morning. Hope to see you all there, you don’t want to get coal for fartsacking!

PB 12-1-2022 The Agony at the County – DeVitto Q

Welcome to December, Gents. Tis’ the season! With all of the joy of Christmas that is upon us, we will sing carols and hold hands for the entire 45 minutes….. not likely. We will, however, work and suffer together. What else would you want at an F3 workout? Bring a coupon. Some running will beContinue reading “PB 12-1-2022 The Agony at the County – DeVitto Q”

BB 11-30-2022 Foundry @ The County Brown Water Q

Weather: Cold and getting colder, windy and damp. Pax: Giselle, Cochran (and his monkey tail), Le Pew, PCI, Meter Maid, Pelican, Snack Shack, Kitty Litter (R), Double Pump, Brown Water (Q) We met under the portico to avoid some of the wind and rain. COP consisted of copperhead squats, downward dog, mountain climbers, toy soldiers,Continue reading “BB 11-30-2022 Foundry @ The County Brown Water Q”

12.1.22 Pre Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside – BigBird Q

A star, a star, a wonderful bright shining star! Whiter and brighter than any by far…A star, a star, a star! Thursday’s the first day of December and we are officially into the Christmas season. And even though the Magi didn’t see the star until like, 13 days or so after the birth of Jesus,Continue reading “12.1.22 Pre Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside – BigBird Q”

Back Blast “12 Laps of Christmas” 29-Nov-2022 Tuesday the Loco at the County 05:30 Crock Pot Q

PAX: 22 (I definitely reminisced about the Loco back in 2018/2019, where we routinely hit 25+)Honey DoDauberSnack ShackNat Geo (R)Brown WaterLadybird (R)TudorsGiselePCIMeter MaidBackflopAudibleWILDflowerBulletin (R)Double PumpKitty Litter (R)Big BirdJitterbug (R)PelicanValdezCrock Pot (Q) Weather:39 deg F, 93% RH. Windy, but not as bad as forecasted to be honest. Disclaimer/FNGYHC is not a professional, nor has he receivedContinue reading “Back Blast “12 Laps of Christmas” 29-Nov-2022 Tuesday the Loco at the County 05:30 Crock Pot Q”

11.26.22 BackBlast: The Majestic Fog

The Back Blast. Often overlooked but ever so important. Why is that you say Bird? Well because it comes as a form of engagement. It’s an opportunity for The Q of the day to put his spin on what went down. Who was there. What crazy stories were there to share…like pocket holding or anContinue reading “11.26.22 BackBlast: The Majestic Fog”

PB Foundry @ The County 11-30-22 Brown Water Birthday Q

Come out to the County to celebrate my 48th trip around the sun. Bring your coupon or grab one on site. This will be a traditional heavy with limited running and probably no SSHs. (maybe one-legged SSHs). Abacus probably won’t like this workout. Meet at the portico so we can stay dry. SYITG – BrownContinue reading “PB Foundry @ The County 11-30-22 Brown Water Birthday Q”

Pre Blast “12 Laps of Christmas” 29-Nov-2022 Tuesday the Loco at the County 05:30 Crock Pot Q

What meal is in the Crock Pot? I don’t care what the Karens say on social media, Christmas season starts the moment I finish my second pass at the dessert table on Thanksgiving. That means CP is finally in full Santa Claus mode. Come ready to spend some time in the big parking lot. ExpectContinue reading “Pre Blast “12 Laps of Christmas” 29-Nov-2022 Tuesday the Loco at the County 05:30 Crock Pot Q”

BB – 11.22.22 – Planetarium @ Boondocks

Da Bomb at the Boondocks 10 came out for the pre-Thanksgiving festivities at the Boondocks.  Thanks Bulletin (r), Honey Do, Abacus, Focker, Yankovich (r), Kitty Litter (r), Back Flop, Meter Maid, Dauber and your Q, Little Jerry.  You guys are Da Bomb and came out for Da Bomb. The WO…  Warm up.  Run a lap. Continue reading “BB – 11.22.22 – Planetarium @ Boondocks”

11-28-22 pre-blast The Silo @ North Posh

After a long holiday weekend filled with a ton of food, too much drink, and lots of good times with friends and family, Monday morning is just sitting there…lurking…ready to punch you right in the gut. Well, flip the script and attack Monday morning by joining me at North Posh for some high tempo hillContinue reading “11-28-22 pre-blast The Silo @ North Posh”

BB – Turkey Tom Q – The Defender at the Patriot – 11/25/22

Hey ALL! Patty here making the BB for Turkey Tom as he had to fly out quickly after the WO as a few hungry PAX were thinking Turkey Tom may be a good option for Thanksgiving seconds. YOU will want to see this story. PAX Attendance:Bunny Hill – FNGSnaggletoothRip Van WinkleBobberKingsmanMannequinSnareYankovic (R)SQLBorland (R)SwingsetMalpracticeColonel KlinkHoly RollerContinue reading “BB – Turkey Tom Q – The Defender at the Patriot – 11/25/22”

BB – 11-22-2022 The Stable at the Stallion – DeVitto Q

The Stable has exploded since the last time that I was here in May.  In fact, the Stable was not the Stable….yet.   And, it is not near as far from the County as I originally thought i.e. 15 minutes.  Nonetheless, I got to the Stable a bit early to prepare for the beatdown.    COP: Continue reading “BB – 11-22-2022 The Stable at the Stallion – DeVitto Q”

11.26.22 PreBlast: The Fog @ Posh – BigBird Q

If you got out today and put in work after the most gluttonous holiday of the year…Good on you! You’re now better equipped to get beat down tomorrow. If you chose to take advantage of a day to sleep in…good on you for that as well. You will feel well rested and be ready toContinue reading “11.26.22 PreBlast: The Fog @ Posh – BigBird Q”

Pre-Blast 11.26.22 – Nest at County (Kitty Litter Q)

There’s only one proper way to erase that extra helping of candied-yams and buttery rolls that we Pax shoved in our flapping head holes: The Nest at the County (0700). (Wow, cool rhyme – “rolls & holes”!). We’re gonna move around a lot, sweat a lot, and chatter sparingly. Bring: mosey shoes, coupons, and aContinue reading “Pre-Blast 11.26.22 – Nest at County (Kitty Litter Q)”

Pre-Blast – 11/24 – Thanksgiving Day Buffet and Football at the County – Jolly Rancher Q!

Yes, you read that right. We’re going to do it up like we’ve done the past few years at The County and celebrate things the right way. That means we’re going to have all of the food choices that you love to smash down your piehole during Thanksgiving. You want mashed potatoes? We got ’em.Continue reading “Pre-Blast – 11/24 – Thanksgiving Day Buffet and Football at the County – Jolly Rancher Q!”

A Turkey 🦃 in the Cloverfield 11.24.22 PreBlast

It’s easy to take something for granted when the only thing stopping you from doing said thing is your decision not to. Tomorrow, I encourage all able PAX give thanks & not to take for granted their ability to workout…do a physical activity that improves their physical & mental health. From 0700-0800 at The GardenContinue reading “A Turkey 🦃 in the Cloverfield 11.24.22 PreBlast”