PB – 5/8/21 – Sump Pump Q – The Hurt At The Mutt

It wont be long and “you’ll all” be complaining about how hot it is. There is no excuse not to be ITG tomorrow morning. Join Frosty @ 0600 for a 5K ruck and then be ready to get after it starting @ 0700. All the normal stuff is recommended. Running shoes, gloves, and a couponContinue reading “PB – 5/8/21 – Sump Pump Q – The Hurt At The Mutt”

PB for TheFog 5/8/21: An F3 Anniversary….

It’s been (almost) 4 years since my first post back on May 13, 2017. So come out to the Posh Saturday for a Methane’s Greatest Hits WO. Might even have some special appearances from BluePullover, Captain Methane-O, and Star Child, who wanted to name me Porky. Ah, I’m just kidding, Star Child won’t be there.BringContinue reading “PB for TheFog 5/8/21: An F3 Anniversary….”

Backblast-The Chopper 5/7/21-Bunghole

Gringo, Greenwich (R), Hush Puppy, Jitterbug (R), Lady Bird (R), Cousin Eddie, Harry Caray, Light Bright, Tony Malito, Violet, Meatball, Bombay, Bunghole Started off with two laps around the circle. SSH, Hill Billy’s, Grass Grabbers, DD, mosey over to parking lot. Instead of 11’s we did 22’s. Started with 10 burpees then 10 merkins, thenContinue reading “Backblast-The Chopper 5/7/21-Bunghole”

Backblast 5/7/21 Gladiator at The Abyss -F-Stop

Sharkbait, Flip Flop, Mr. Hat, and F-Stop celebrated the 1980s Three exercises per flight. Started with 20 reps then mosey a lap then 20 more then a lap until getting to 80. Did that with 3 exercises. Then went 40 lap 40 on 3 more exercises. Finished with 3 exercises of 80 continuous with lapContinue reading “Backblast 5/7/21 Gladiator at The Abyss -F-Stop”

Pre-Blast 5/7/21: Patriot BO- LaGrange Courthouse Square

Been seeing and hearing the hype about this new AO in the LaGrange courthouse square! I’m super pumped to come lead out there and have a good one lined up for us. We are going to move so make sure you have your running shoes on. We are going to be on the ground soContinue reading “Pre-Blast 5/7/21: Patriot BO- LaGrange Courthouse Square”

Le Pew’s BB from The Agony at The County – 5.6.2021

PAX: Verbal F-Stop Valdez Fungi Cochran Abacus Storm Trooper Gisele Little Jerry (R) Double Down (R) Wildflower Pew Pew (R) Yankovic (R) Holy Roller (R) Le Pew (Q) There’s no better way to start off the 90’s than a song from the 80’s. . . Paradise City. The speaker was blaring, and the PAX wasContinue reading “Le Pew’s BB from The Agony at The County – 5.6.2021”

Backblast – Moonshiner @ The Boondock – Captain Crunchberry Q – 05.06.2021

The weather this morning was a little cooler than yesterday. But the wind wasn’t there today, so if felt like 10 degrees warmer. But in reality, it was 42 degrees on this May morning where Flex Seal, Boss Hog (R), Swag, Lambeau, Bulletin (R), Honey Do, and myself joined up to count to 5. COPContinue reading “Backblast – Moonshiner @ The Boondock – Captain Crunchberry Q – 05.06.2021”

Pre-blast – *VQ ALERT* – 5/25/2021 – BoW @ The O & 5/27/2021 – ToG @ The O & 5/29/2021 – The Ruiner @ The O

You read it correct, I’ve decided to come out swinging and Q all 3 WO’s @ The O in the same week. This “way to early” pre-blast, is so all PAX have ample time to make arrangements, i.e. NO EXCUSES! This will be an epic three stage beatdown, each WO increasing in intensity. Each WOContinue reading “Pre-blast – *VQ ALERT* – 5/25/2021 – BoW @ The O & 5/27/2021 – ToG @ The O & 5/29/2021 – The Ruiner @ The O”

BB Brown Water Foundry Q at The County 5-5-2021

Happy Cinco de Mayo! At 5:30 disclaimer was given on this cool but muggy spring morning. PAX:DevitoCochranAsian ZingHoly RollerVerbalBoss HogLambeauYankovicPelicanBrown Water (Q) We moseyed around the back lot to warm up and did some COP:SSHGrass GrabbersToy SoldiersDownward Dog / Runners StretchesMichael Phelps Then we took our coupons into the back lot for the Main Thang.Continue reading “BB Brown Water Foundry Q at The County 5-5-2021”

5/6/2021 PB-Casey Crucible-The BIG Kapowski @Bayside

@5:30 AM – BRING A BASKETBALL!! We will be going through training using “the rock”, “the sphere”, “the brick”, “brownball”, or whatever other moniker you like…by the end we might be calling it the coupon. Bringing some County to Collins, we will honor SC native Mike Casey by pushing the limits for 45 minutes. NotContinue reading “5/6/2021 PB-Casey Crucible-The BIG Kapowski @Bayside”

BackBlast – 5.5.2021 – The Escalator – Captain Crunchberry Q

Happy Cinco de Mayo! A real special holiday. You know, a relatively insignificant holiday in Mexico (according to The History Channel), but celebrated by just about anyone over the age of 21, with a bar or Mexican restaurant within a stones throw. Generally speaking, I don’t need a reason to have a drink or two.Continue reading “BackBlast – 5.5.2021 – The Escalator – Captain Crunchberry Q”

Preblast – The Abyss – 5/5/2021 – Captain Crunchberry Q

Ven a comenzar tu celebración del Cinco de Mayo conmigo en The Abyss. A través de algunas búsquedas en Google, estoy bastante seguro de que este es un día festivo creado para beber cerveza en los Estados Unidos. Así que lo usaremos para mejorar nuestro estado físico y, si ha llegado hasta aquí, tal vezContinue reading “Preblast – The Abyss – 5/5/2021 – Captain Crunchberry Q”

BB – Incubator @ Posh 5.3.21 w/ Jewel

Nothing forces you to get out of the fartsack on the Monday after Derby like a Q, so that’s what I did, picked up the open slot at Posh on Friday. Also figured I’d torture/ reward anyone else that pried themselves up to try and kill that 2nd day hangover. 0530 and disclaimer was given.Continue reading “BB – Incubator @ Posh 5.3.21 w/ Jewel”

PB Lagrange BlackOps site The Patriot

HIMs I dropped the ball and forgot to put out requests for Qs this month! April flew by!!! However. Not to worry! Yours truly, FOCKER, will be your fearless Q! 0530 in front of the Col William Oldham statue LaGrange courthouse square. Bring whatever you want but most of all bring an FNG. No couponsContinue reading “PB Lagrange BlackOps site The Patriot”