The Cliffs Backblast 8/4/2020 – Resilience On Display

QiC: CI Pax (16): Little Jerry (R), Nice and Slow, Nino, Huggies, Subprime, Star Child, Natty Light, Jitterbug (R), Bull Rider, Jimmy Neutron, Double Down (R), Huskie (R), Crop Duster, Uncle Rico, Wide Right, CI Conditions: 62*, 100% humidity. Dew Point must have been at temp b/c it was foggy. Learned something already if youContinue reading “The Cliffs Backblast 8/4/2020 – Resilience On Display”

Back Blast – BlackOps at Chapel Lake Park – 08/04/2020

I had to adjust my alarms a little bit this morning to make sure I would rise from the fartsack in time to meet up with Captain Crunchberry to clown car across the river.  Google Maps told me 28 minutes to Chapel Lake Park from my house – so, decided to schedule the clown carContinue reading “Back Blast – BlackOps at Chapel Lake Park – 08/04/2020”

Back-blast 8/1/20 The Ruiner @ The O

I’ve been actively coming out to F3 workouts for 1 year + and had never been to the original spot where it all started in Louisville. I was greeted by some new F3 brothers I’d never met before. They were super welcoming. I was excited to bring them some County flavor. PAX – Aerobie (R),Continue reading “Back-blast 8/1/20 The Ruiner @ The O”

Cliffs Preblast – No Yoga on 8/4/2020

It’s been well over year and the *soreness (read *disappointment) from my last Q at the Cliffs has worn off, so much so that I’ve been invited to lead a workout at the Cliffs. If, like me, you’re not sure where that is, here’s a handy link: We will run (or you can walk,Continue reading “Cliffs Preblast – No Yoga on 8/4/2020”

Pre-Blast – BlackOps at Chapel Lake Park with Jolly Rancher – 08/04/2020

I get it:  the name of our region is F3 Louisville…not F3 Southern Indiana. But, as much as we like to poke fun at our neighbors to the north [or, maybe that’s just me?], they are part of Louisville just as much as I am because I don’t even live in Jefferson County.  So, callContinue reading “Pre-Blast – BlackOps at Chapel Lake Park with Jolly Rancher – 08/04/2020”

8.3.20 BB The Incubator @ Poshlands

Ah, its 5:28 am on a cool and breezy Monday morning (Finally!) The temp was perfect and the PAX was ready for whatever was coming. 16 brave souls showed up looking forward to a beatdown that was sure to have us all feeling it for days to come. PAX:GypsyHuggiesNice and SlowNinoDouble Down (R)Uncle RicoMr. HatRippleSchotzieJitterbugContinue reading “8.3.20 BB The Incubator @ Poshlands”

PB- North Posh (gardens) 8/3/20 – Holy Roller Q

So excited to Q this one. VQ for North Posh. I’m imagining the beautiful hills and building coupon buildings, or at least getting the coupons in the right place on the hill (the architect in me). Gonna be “fun” and “memorable”. Oh, bring coupon and gloves. Burpees? nope, we have coupons, those are called ManMakers…Continue reading “PB- North Posh (gardens) 8/3/20 – Holy Roller Q”

08/01/2020 Mary Good Time – The Max @ Bayside

It all started last night…I had a dream that I was getting ready for a scuba dive and it was cancelled so I lead an F3 workout (the next best thing). While Q-ing everything was going wrong, my counts were off, I couldn’t remember what exercises we were doing then I came to my sensesContinue reading “08/01/2020 Mary Good Time – The Max @ Bayside”

7/31/20 BB The Gladiator at the Abyss

PAX:  Back flop, Mr Hat, Flip flop, Uncle Sam (Q).   Conditions:  Perfect for a work out- upper 70s, sight drizzle, but dark.  Our one light at the Abyss is out and with the clouds blocking the moon it was really dark.  I originally planned to set up a baseball diamond on the road toContinue reading “7/31/20 BB The Gladiator at the Abyss”

Pre-blast – The Ruiner @ The O 8/1/20 07:00

Seneca brings back old memories of my cross country days. I remember witnessing Bobby Curtis (03’ St. X grad) running a 5k in 14:44. It was quite a thing to witness, except I was roughly 2 minutes behind him on most race days. That said, we will incorporate a few CC exercises, run and addContinue reading “Pre-blast – The Ruiner @ The O 8/1/20 07:00”

08-01-2020 Pre-blast The day Mary came to The Max@ Bayside

Mary usually makes a brief appearance in the gloom usually after the main thang has been accomplished. Tomorrow she will be with us for quite some time. It’s not too late (or maybe it is) to tone them abs for the last month of summer. Let’s get after it in the AM. No coupon needed.Continue reading “08-01-2020 Pre-blast The day Mary came to The Max@ Bayside”

Pre Blast – Sump Pump – The Hurt @ The Mutt 8/1/20

Old Bay always says that you can only get wet once. Tomorrow will offer a good chance (70% at last check) to get wet early. I cant promise that we will hang out under the portico (50% at last check), but you can be sure that a full body beatdown is in the making. MakeContinue reading “Pre Blast – Sump Pump – The Hurt @ The Mutt 8/1/20”

Pre-Blast – 2nd Postiversary Q with Jolly @ The Nest – 08/01/2020

Technically, my 2nd Postiversary is on Sunday, August 2.  But, I’m like a giddy little school boy who wants to celebrate early vs. late and was too lazy to schedule a BlackOps on a Sunday.  Plus, The Nest [surprisingly] was open so I jumped on it early. This weekend is the Outrunning, Outbiking, Outgolfing, orContinue reading “Pre-Blast – 2nd Postiversary Q with Jolly @ The Nest – 08/01/2020”

Back Blast “Memory Games” 29-Jul-2020 the Blender at the Mutt Wednesday 05:30 Crock Pot Q

PAX: 12BackdraftBuschhhhhFridgeFleaPlumb BobDojoLeft EyeFall Guy (R)DigiornoZimaTin CupCrock Pot (Q) Weather: 70 deg, low humidity. The weather was refreshing compared to that of the past 14 days. DisclaimerYHC is not a professional, nor has he received any certification or training. Everything Q says is merely a suggestion. You as a PAX are here voluntarily on yourContinue reading “Back Blast “Memory Games” 29-Jul-2020 the Blender at the Mutt Wednesday 05:30 Crock Pot Q”

Diablo BackBlast for The Vet 7/31/20

Q: Diablo PAX: Stick Up, Leno, Lady Bird, Whitney, Nutty Professor, Cousin Eddie, Worm, Diablo (Q) YHC arrived early on a rainy summer Friday morning to enjoy some mumblechatter and to get in some extra stretching, as it’s been a long week. At 0530 sharp, we got moving. Here’s what we did: Easy mosey overContinue reading “Diablo BackBlast for The Vet 7/31/20”

The Station’s BackBlast from 7/30 – LePew Q

Today we did a modified Murph at the Firehouse with 15 PAX. I was fortunate to meet flip flop again for the fifth time, he’s an amazing guy and been an FNG every workout for the last two months in my mind. Attendance: Brown Water Backflop Honey Do Jolly Rancher Hush Puppy Little Jerry DoubleContinue reading “The Station’s BackBlast from 7/30 – LePew Q”

PB 7/31 The Gladiator at the Abyss

This baseball season sucks with no Bats games.  Tomorrow at the Abyss we’ll play old school street baseball (while maintaining safe distances!).  We’ll keep moving the whole nine innings, run the bases and exercises will of course include Nolan Ryans at some point.  No rain outs in street baseball so the inclement wx plan isContinue reading “PB 7/31 The Gladiator at the Abyss”

7/30 Backblast at the O. #templeofgloom

It’s been a minute since I’ve led a workout. Needed to get back after it. Elbow is all but healed up and I always try and look for an opportunity to lead on my birthday. Another year, and another chance to push myself and get better. OJ – Q PAX: Handbook, Russdiculous, Tron, Nanmoore, AerobieContinue reading “7/30 Backblast at the O. #templeofgloom”

BBlast for 7-29-20 FOUNDRY w/ WILDflower

First and foremost, man was it great to get to lead the PAX again this AM! Been too damn long. Nice morning with a “little” break from the humidity….or so it seemed. Reminded the PAX that we need to keep our distance this AM. PAX (9): Hushpuppy, Browntail (R), Launchpad (R), Pelican, Holy Roller (R),Continue reading “BBlast for 7-29-20 FOUNDRY w/ WILDflower”

BackBlast The Fog 7/25/20

Once again getting caught up on Backblasts and realized one was missing….This will be short and sweet; I promise to do better. Thanks to the PAX who joined me.  Saturdays are a great day to Post at Posh…….Hint Hint Jitterbug (QIC),  Minnow, Drysdale, Stick Up, Buzzsaw.    Theme was a series of 3 Exercises in successionContinue reading “BackBlast The Fog 7/25/20”

Pre-blast – 7/30 Chapel Lake Park BO- Grinder Q

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try. Just the two of us, Plumb Bob and I. You may think you’ll be infringing on my and Plumb Bob’s time alone together by showing up to post at the Chapel Lake Park BO in Southern Indiana, but that couldn’t be farther fromContinue reading “Pre-blast – 7/30 Chapel Lake Park BO- Grinder Q”