05.29.23 – PreBlast – The Silo @ The North Posh: Husky (Q)

It’s my b-day Q tomorrow. We will experience a little pain and discomfort to help us focus on remembering those that have served and protected our great country.  It will also be a perfect workout to get you juiced up for throwing down some bud lights by the pool.  START TIME: 7:00AM END: 8:00AM BRINGContinue reading “05.29.23 – PreBlast – The Silo @ The North Posh: Husky (Q)”

Pre-Blast – 5/29/23 – The Incubator at South Posh – DeVitto Q

TAKE NOTE OF THE START TIME TOMORROW: 6:30 AM. The plan is to run back the Murph – modify as necessary. If you want to bring body armour – then great! If you want to modify, then great! If you want to do the Sandbaby Murph in order to give your arms a break, thenContinue reading “Pre-Blast – 5/29/23 – The Incubator at South Posh – DeVitto Q”

Back Blast – Bulletin Q @ The Nest @ The County

It had been over a year since my last Q at the County, if fact I haven’t Q’d much in the two years. I definitely need to work on that moving forward. Saturday mornings are usually filled with a Pre-Nest walk/ruck for me and then off to Archery practice. So, I rarely can fit inContinue reading “Back Blast – Bulletin Q @ The Nest @ The County”

5/27/23 Pre-Blast – Worm Q The Patriot

I can’t think of a better place to kick-off Memorial Day Weekend than The Patriot. We will cover some ground, move some weight, and laugh a bit. Bring a coupon and good friend. Or, someone you dislike that needs a 60 mins butt kicking. Either way, we’re going to get better and earn that extraContinue reading “5/27/23 Pre-Blast – Worm Q The Patriot”

Backblast – 5/16/23 – BoW at The O with fertile myrtle

The Scene: 60ish degrees – perfect day to be on the move. 16 hungry PAX: Black box, McAfee, Russdiculous, Finkle, Masse’, Flo Jo, Tron, Yoshi, Bean Soup, Big Bird, Sump Pump (R), Smoke Stack, Doubfire (FNG), AirPod, Duff, Fertile Myrtle (Q) Welcome/disclaimer Warm-O-Rama PAX numbered off and moseyed over to the semi-lit school for someContinue reading “Backblast – 5/16/23 – BoW at The O with fertile myrtle”

Back Blast: McAfee’s Pitch Perfect Inspired Q

In true HIM fashion, I decided to reintroduce everyone at the “O”riginal to one of the most iconic characters of this century, Fay Amy from Pitch Perfect. For those of you who do not know who this is, do yourself a favor and go and watch Pitch Perfect on Netflix this weekend. You will NOTContinue reading “Back Blast: McAfee’s Pitch Perfect Inspired Q”

PB JUNE RUCK 5/27 – 0700 @ The Majestic Fog at Posh – Diablo Q

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!MURPH CHALLENGE!! Every year on Memorial Day, people across the country honor fallen service members by completing the Murph challenge. The Murph workout is performed to honor the memories of those who served in the armed forces and paid the ultimate sacrifice. “Murph” honors the life of Lieutenant Michael Murphy from Patchogue, NY,Continue reading “PB JUNE RUCK 5/27 – 0700 @ The Majestic Fog at Posh – Diablo Q”

BackBlast 5.26.23 The Defender @ The Patriot

School is out, and Lessons learned today: 120 Manmakers will quickly get everyone’s attention on a weinkie, Coffeteria after a beatdown is the right way to say sorry for that, And, Always invite Jesus to the Party (yes, if you missed the post you probably missed the story to that). We did teams of 4,Continue reading “BackBlast 5.26.23 The Defender @ The Patriot”

Back Blast The Hawk’s Nest – Huey Q 5/25/2023

Ladders are for reaching the precipice, for climbing to the zenith. With each rung, every elevating step, we move closer to our goal. As I climbed the ladder into the Hawks Nest this morning, I brought with me three other men, leaving none of them where I had found them and in turn, they movedContinue reading “Back Blast The Hawk’s Nest – Huey Q 5/25/2023”

05/25/23 Back Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside

My three 2.0s and I were accompanied by 8 other PAX for an F3-ified take on baseball. Gates opened at 5:30 and there was a quick mosey around the flag and back. We circled up to do some pre-game warmups including Cracker Jacks (aka squat jacks), toy soldiers, and the customary downward dog sequence. WithContinue reading “05/25/23 Back Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

BB Finkle Bridle at the Stable

Incredible morning to put in some work. Thanks for having me out Steve-O. No burpees were the request after Lambeau ruthlessly wrecked this crew Tuesday morning. 15 we’re given a quick disclaimer and we were off and running. Warm up featured your standard SSH, Grass grabbers, down dog, and some shoulder exercises. We then tookContinue reading “BB Finkle Bridle at the Stable”

05/25/23 Pre-Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside – Spam VQ

Take me out to the Gloom Park! Tomorrow, we’re squaring the Circle of Pain into a diamond and taking part in the F3National Pastime. We’re out of beer and peanuts but the concession has Cracker Jacks with plenty of surprises in store. Bring a coupon, pet rock, or other gravitationally-challenged inanimate companion and the firstContinue reading “05/25/23 Pre-Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside – Spam VQ”

BB – Night Rangers – Furdays Q

25 took on the night rangers reboot at the county including 8 new FNG 2.0s. Was so much fun seeing the smiles, water breaks, modifying “can do” attitude from all involved. This is a great way to engage your 2.0s and introduce them to F3; giving them a glimpse into what we all go throughContinue reading “BB – Night Rangers – Furdays Q”

Pre-Blast 5/25/23 Bridle at the Stable

This will be my 2nd Q at the Stable. I am pretty darn excited for this Thursday morning. A big number of these HIMS have been traveling to get the most of the F3 experience dating back to IHC. It’s why I am all jacked up to lead. These are my people! Start: 0530 sharpContinue reading “Pre-Blast 5/25/23 Bridle at the Stable”

BB – Worm Q – The Foundry 5/24/23

Location: St Aloysius Church Weather: Perfect Energy: High Music: Outstanding PAX-Meter MaidPelicanDauberInstadoodleNatty Light (Pot Roast)Tebow – RJerry Maguire – RToe JamHueyDouble PumpBlack BoxWILDflowerAudibleBrownwaterWorm – Q First Thang: 6 Sets – (5) Merkins – (5) Big Boys – Sprints Second Thang: Heavy Circuit consisting of mixture of curls, kettlebell swings, squats, and battle ropes. Third Thang:Continue reading “BB – Worm Q – The Foundry 5/24/23”

Pre-Blast Huey Q @ The Hawk’s Nest 5.25.23

A hawk nest is a place of new birth, exhumed from calcium crusted cocoons, begging for nourishment, shrieking for sustenance. While safe in the thatch woven habitat and well fed, the younglings are thrust into a new world, cast out of the comfort of a fortified perch, thrown off into the air, fastidiously falling toContinue reading “Pre-Blast Huey Q @ The Hawk’s Nest 5.25.23”

5.23.23 Back Blast: Bag of Wrenches @ The O, riginal

Didn’t sleep much last night. In part because I was really excited to show my wienke to The O fellers. But mostly because I didn’t know who would make it out. I mean you had the Fountain of Youth at The Boondocks, Huggies celebrating his birthday, Ed getting in his 32nd Q of the month,Continue reading “5.23.23 Back Blast: Bag of Wrenches @ The O, riginal”

BB – The Max at Bayside 5/23/23 w/ Edward Scissorhands

55 degrees, clear and beautiful morning. Quick stretch session and then off to do a 1/2 mile Indian Run 15 men strong. Picked up #16 back at start. Made the lap and then did some footwork drills, forward, side and backwards up and back the parking lot. Next was four corners. Karaoke 90 yards acrossContinue reading “BB – The Max at Bayside 5/23/23 w/ Edward Scissorhands”

The Range at The Patriot—Mom Suit Q

KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. I like simple. It’s effective and easy to remember. After our warm up, tomorrow’s workout will be simple…3 moves. We’ll run and perform rep counts in pyramid style with just 3 moves. Bring your coupons, lace up your running shoes—gloves if you want’em. Be ready to work hard and getContinue reading “The Range at The Patriot—Mom Suit Q”

5.23.23 – PreBlast: Bag ‘o Wrenches @ The O – BigBird Q

Do you like to be motivated and inspired to push your hardest? I sure do and I’ll make sure you have the tools needed to come away feeling jacked up at this Tuesday’s hardest working AO! We’ll run, we’ll Bear Crawl, we’ll Bernie and we’ll reach for greatness! We will do all of these thingsContinue reading “5.23.23 – PreBlast: Bag ‘o Wrenches @ The O – BigBird Q”

PB Loco @ The County 05.23.23 Wide Right Q

Weather could not be better tomorrow at The County, so, I hope you beat the fart sack, set your alarm, get up and meet me at 5:30 at The Loco to get our Tuesday started right. Leave your coupons at home, bring some comfortable shoes to get some steps around The County campus; gloves recommended.Continue reading “PB Loco @ The County 05.23.23 Wide Right Q”