01-20-20 – Preblast – The Extender @ The Mutt – Backdraft Q

It looks like it could be above freezing tomorrow, but we will warm up quickly no matter what the temperature. We are going to run but stay together as a Pax. We will be carrying coupons, but you’ll have some help. Remember misery loves company!! Wear gloves and bring a head lamp if you haveContinue reading “01-20-20 – Preblast – The Extender @ The Mutt – Backdraft Q”

BB Long Run Park Black Ops 01/22/20 –

I love new locations to work out at. So many options and possibilities. Meeting new PAX and reconnecting with longtime PAX. That is a part of F3 that I love. I highly encourage everyone to check out Long Run Park. Great location and a great group of HIMs!! This morning was cold (17°) so IContinue reading “BB Long Run Park Black Ops 01/22/20 –”

1/22 PreBlast Dynomite! Q @ The Bridge Poshland

It has been too long since I Q’d a workout and I am looking forward to getting out with you HIMS in the AM.  Don’t worry about the 20 degree forecast, I will make sure to keep your heart rate up for a full 45 mins.  Bring gloves and a willing spirit to get better.Continue reading “1/22 PreBlast Dynomite! Q @ The Bridge Poshland”

Pre-Blast for Long Run Park BO, Methane Q 1/22/20

Heeeeeeeeeee’s baaaaaaack!!! After taking a couple of days off toward the end of 2019, Methane is back in the Glooom!! Yes, you are reading that correctly, and yes, I spelled Glooom correctly. At Long Run Park, they earn an extra ‘o’ because they start at 5am!! This group of HIMs are awesome and hopefully MethaneContinue reading “Pre-Blast for Long Run Park BO, Methane Q 1/22/20”

Diablo BackBlast for Bag of Wrenches at The O 1/21/20

Q: Diablo Pax: (14) Tron, PK, Tammy Faye Baker, Violet, Methane, Starchild, Wham!, Flo Jo, Shyster, Russdiculous, Frankenbaby, Whitney, Old Bay, Diablo Intro: Conditions were cold, but YHC knew the PAX would be moving and lifting quite a bit during this one, so no worry on my end. We also had a great mix ofContinue reading “Diablo BackBlast for Bag of Wrenches at The O 1/21/20”

BB: 1/21/20 – Loco @ the County

Pax (14): Scratch-N-Dent, Jolly Rancher, Wildflower, Captain Crunchberry, Asian Zing (R ), Red Card, Pork Chop, Abacus, Crock Pot, Ashley, Grizzly, My Pleasure, Aerobie, Fergie (Q) Weather: Cold, but a touch warmer than Monday. Mid 20s. Dry with a few falling flakes.   Thanks to the County for having me back out. Great location, greatContinue reading “BB: 1/21/20 – Loco @ the County”

Post Blast, The Cliffs @ the Garden 1/21

We came, we saw, we conquered! After a brief Viking warm up, we loaded the up our Viking ship with tools of destruction (coupons)!  We sailed to multiple sites in the land of the Garden where we unloaded our ship and let the pillage and plundering began (partner-based coupon exercises).  Once all 4 sites wereContinue reading “Post Blast, The Cliffs @ the Garden 1/21”

Backblast: 1/21/20 – The Rooster @ The Mutt

Conditions: Not as cold as yesterday morning but still pretty damn cold.  25°F and cloudy with some light snow flurries. PAX (12): Glen Ross, McAfee, Soft Top, Escort, Fridge, Sump Pump, Wham-O (R), Zima, Deuce, Plumb Bob, Tiger, Handbook (QIC) Here’s how it went down: Quick disclaimer @ 0530 followed by a short mosey aroundContinue reading “Backblast: 1/21/20 – The Rooster @ The Mutt”

Backblast: 1/18/20 Porkchop Q at the O

Pax: Porkchop (Q) Frankenbaby Wham Nugget Seabass Handbook Violet Pope Bully (DR- Birmingham) Tron Gillespie   After my last Q full of Burpee’s and pull-ups I wanted to do something I was a little more fun. I like doing Qs to music so I tried to come up with something fun and creative. I wasn’tContinue reading “Backblast: 1/18/20 Porkchop Q at the O”

Pre-Blast: 1/21/20 – The Rooster @ The Mutt

YHC is taking the show on the road tomorrow.  My first Q away from my humble abode at The O with be at the one and only Mutt!  Couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to lead the fine gents that call this AO their home! As they say around here, “We don’t get up forContinue reading “Pre-Blast: 1/21/20 – The Rooster @ The Mutt”

Back Blast: 1/20/20 – Black Ops @ The O

Conditions: Damn cold.  18°F and cloudy. PAX (5): Fergie, Shyster, Pope, Russdiculous, Handbook (QIC) Here’s how it went down: Warm-up: With a small, veteran group of PAX present at The O this morning, we skipped the disclaimer set out right at 0530 on a mosey around the track toward Cannons Ln.  Stopped off every 2-3Continue reading “Back Blast: 1/20/20 – Black Ops @ The O”

1917 Ruck 1-15-2020 Back blast and movie review.

It was a perfect fall like night in January.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather!  This was the first of hopefully many more movie nights. 17 Pax – Huggies (Q), Soggy Bottoms (FNG), Tool Time, Whitney (R), Flounder, Qbert (FNG 2.0), Wing Nut (2.0), Wiki, Fanny Pack (R), Gangplank, Domino, PK, Pork Chop, Usta,Continue reading “1917 Ruck 1-15-2020 Back blast and movie review.”

Huggies Q The Silo @ North Posh 1-13-2020

Better late than never… 13 PAX – Huggies (Q), Little Jerry (R), Dunphy, Milton, Meter Main, Viking, Jolly Rancher, Catfish, Nino, Carlton, Grandpa Bear, Double Down (R), Earhart (DR). It was a crisp morning.  Good for some ol fashioned burpees and running. One pax predicted a merlot spill and was indeed correct.  He managed toContinue reading “Huggies Q The Silo @ North Posh 1-13-2020”

Back-Blast Monday 01/20/2020 – North Posh Hub & Spoke with Coach Dauber

I ain’t gonna lie…it was really cold this morning.  Temperature was 17 degrees when we convened at North Posh, with windchill at 7 degrees.  A light snow was beginning to fall.  Given the weather, I promised the PAX we would warm up quickly and keep moving throughout the workout.  I think there were grunts ofContinue reading “Back-Blast Monday 01/20/2020 – North Posh Hub & Spoke with Coach Dauber”

Backblast, Incubator @ South Posh, Pelican Q-1/20/20

It was cold this morning but 15 HIMs fought the fart sack and got out and got better. I signed up to Q at the Incubator before I realized I play basketball about every Sunday night and my legs are usually sore the next morning. I had originally planned on doing some running and sprintingContinue reading “Backblast, Incubator @ South Posh, Pelican Q-1/20/20”

Pre Blast – 1/21 – The Cliffs @ The Garden

Notice:  Take one Viking Ship, add the hills at the Garden = no chance you will be cold After conquering the North (Posh), the Mutt, the O, Pleasantville, the County, and PeWee Valley Fire department, the “Viking ship” is on to conquor new land.  Many years ago Viking ships required work to row the shipContinue reading “Pre Blast – 1/21 – The Cliffs @ The Garden”

Back Blast – Long Run BlackOps – 01/20/2020

The Long Run BlackOps fills a unique hole in F3Louisville, but it is like a well kept secret for some reason in spite of Mr. Hat and the crew continually beating the drum to get this thing firing on all cylinders.  The unique hole is that it begins at 0500 vs. the usual 0530. Yes,Continue reading “Back Blast – Long Run BlackOps – 01/20/2020”

Backblast 1/16/20 Porkchop Q at the Mutt

  Pax: Sump pump Plumbbob Larry Flint Fergie Bulletin Fridge Pope Buschhh Digiorno Frankenbaby Zima No Show Glen Ross Whamo Backdraft Deuce Airplane Porkchop (Q)     I let the Mutters know on Wednesday that my Q would involve no running.  Larry Flynt looked downright giddy like a kid on Christmas Morning. On Thursday IContinue reading “Backblast 1/16/20 Porkchop Q at the Mutt”

PreBlast: 1/20/20 – Black Ops @ The O

Normally, conflicting schedules with the M keep me from posting to the Monday Black Ops @ The O. She and the 2.0 skipped town for the night leaving me the chance to get back out on a Monday. When I saw that a Q was still needed for tomorrow @ The O, I volunteered myContinue reading “PreBlast: 1/20/20 – Black Ops @ The O”