12.1.22 Pre Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside – BigBird Q

A star, a star, a wonderful bright shining star! Whiter and brighter than any by far…A star, a star, a star! Thursday’s the first day of December and we are officially into the Christmas season. And even though the Magi didn’t see the star until like, 13 days or so after the birth of Jesus,Continue reading “12.1.22 Pre Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside – BigBird Q”

11.26.22 PreBlast: The Fog @ Posh – BigBird Q

If you got out today and put in work after the most gluttonous holiday of the year…Good on you! You’re now better equipped to get beat down tomorrow. If you chose to take advantage of a day to sleep in…good on you for that as well. You will feel well rested and be ready toContinue reading “11.26.22 PreBlast: The Fog @ Posh – BigBird Q”

11.18.22 PreBlast – The Chopper at Vets: BigBird Q

The Chopper ain’t just a vehicle for the road. It ain’t just an aerial transport method. Hell, it ain’t just an AO either. It’s an attitude! It’s for those mumble mouth bada$$es that choose to peel themselves out of the fart sack to commit to doing something tough together on a Friday to earn theContinue reading “11.18.22 PreBlast – The Chopper at Vets: BigBird Q”

Ragnar Bourbon Chase Relay – Van 1: Back Blast

Preface 1: 6 weeks is a long time to wait for a back blast. Apologies to those that have been anticipating it. I will tell you though I’ve been working on this one for a minute with the intention to do justice to our journey. Looking at the positive: All of us in Van 1Continue reading “Ragnar Bourbon Chase Relay – Van 1: Back Blast”

10.4.22 Back Blast: the Loco @ The County

You know how when you were a kid you used to love having sleepovers at your friend’s house? As fun as it usually was, in the words of Judy Garland’s Dorothy, “there’s no place like home.” I feel like this in our little F3 Louisville Nation. I love getting out and about, reconnecting with andContinue reading “10.4.22 Back Blast: the Loco @ The County”

10.4.22 Pre Blast: The Loco @ The County – BigBird Q

If WordPress allowed me to post a hype picture it would probably include something from Smokey and the Bandit with the caption “10-4 good buddy!” Since it doesn’t you will have to use your imagination and pretend that its here. Tomorrow ITG we will celebrate 10/4 by putting in some hard work, murdering some bunniesContinue reading “10.4.22 Pre Blast: The Loco @ The County – BigBird Q”

9.22.22 Back Blast: Temple of Gloom @ The O

Handbook sweet talked me into this one. For your Bird, it don’t take much but I believe the two words “amazing” and “leader” were put together. I don’t know about that but how can one say no when found being held in such high regard? Besides, I was going somewhere on Thursday morning; why notContinue reading “9.22.22 Back Blast: Temple of Gloom @ The O”

9.9.22 Way Back Blast: The Chopper @ Vets

A little behind on this one but I promised Lockbox I would get it out. The days are long, the years are short and in the F3 world two weeks is an eternity. That said, it’s strange how I struggle to remember what I had for lunch yesterday but I have no trouble remembering theContinue reading “9.9.22 Way Back Blast: The Chopper @ Vets”

9.22.22 Pre Blast – The Temple of Gloom at the O: BigBird Q

Its funny how our F3 names are a piece of who we are. And sometimes, the more that time goes on the more you somehow relate and take ownership over your name. Viking knows what I’m talking about. Bunghole, Eye Booger, Mom Suit and Tramp Stamp…I can’t speak for you. And Toots…well, he still doesn’tContinue reading “9.22.22 Pre Blast – The Temple of Gloom at the O: BigBird Q”

9.17.22 Pre Blast: The Nest @ The County – Cochran & BigBird Co-Q postiversary

Remember how when you were a single guy all that you had to worry about was yourself? It’s good for a while but then you end up searching for deeper meaning in your life. You then find the one that puts up with your shenanigans and marry up before she gets away. And then afterContinue reading “9.17.22 Pre Blast: The Nest @ The County – Cochran & BigBird Co-Q postiversary”

9.9.22 Pre Blast – The Choppa @ Vets: BigBird Q

You run me right round baby right round, like the choppa blades right round round round! Now that we have that song stuck in your head come out to Vets tomorrow ITG as we’ll get a good look at the monument…again, and again and again. We’ll run, do some exercises and make sure that theContinue reading “9.9.22 Pre Blast – The Choppa @ Vets: BigBird Q”

8.17.22 Pre Blast: The Range @ The Patriot – BigBird Q

No creative theme. No pic to entice you make it out (mostly because WordPress sux for me lately). No semi witty segue creating mystery and clues as of what to expect. Just know that YHC promises two things to you ITG. 1) We will work hard. And 2) you will leave feeling better than whenContinue reading “8.17.22 Pre Blast: The Range @ The Patriot – BigBird Q”

8.5.22 Back Blast: Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Insta Doodle and I have gotten pretty close over the last couple of months. The first time I met him was at a P’Ville beatdown. Immediately after the workout I go into my gym at work for some EC weightlifting before the workday and this dude comes up to me and says, “weren’t you justContinue reading “8.5.22 Back Blast: Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

8.5.22 Pre Blast: Wisteria @ Pleasantville – Instadoodle /BigBird Co-Q

Holy hell!! What’s that flying in at 0530 in the morning? Is that a DoodleBird?! Not sure what that is? We’ll…come to the place where false advertisement will be at an all time high. Where the most pleasant of all AO’s will not be pleasant at all. Where you will find that hybridization couldn’t haveContinue reading “8.5.22 Pre Blast: Wisteria @ Pleasantville – Instadoodle /BigBird Co-Q”

8.1.22 Back Blast: The Incubator @ Posh

It was an Abacus Q on 7.18.22. When PAX gathered together, a touch before 0530, it didn’t take PK long to realize that everyone in attendance began their F3 journeys in 2017. To describe these PAX some might even throw out the acronym “OGs.” PK certainly did and felt moved to, at that moment, announceContinue reading “8.1.22 Back Blast: The Incubator @ Posh”

8.1.22 Pre Blast: The Incubator @ Posh – BigBird Q

Just shy of two weeks ago PK felt inspired. During an Abacus Q he realized that in attendance were 6 dudes out that have been posting since 2017. He would term this day of the week at Posh as OG day (more to follow on the ensuing Back Blast). YHC is feeling honored to keepContinue reading “8.1.22 Pre Blast: The Incubator @ Posh – BigBird Q”

7.5.22 Back Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks

Virginia Slims…or “Slims” as I’ve come to affectionally know him, reached out about 4 weeks ago to see if I would grab up the day after Independence Day workout at The Boondocks. Ultimately the answer would be yes but I am one who likes to indulge in the good time festivities that the 4th bringsContinue reading “7.5.22 Back Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks”

7.5.22 Pre Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks – BigBird Q

Man!!! Couldn’t have asked for a better 4th of July! You likely enjoyed some good food, fun and family fellowship. All alliteration aside we are here now on the rebound of an epic extra day weekend. There is only one thing better to do. Start your short week off on the right two feet forContinue reading “7.5.22 Pre Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks – BigBird Q”

4.23.22 Back Blast – 5 year Convergence at The O-riginal

The Back Blast. Ever so important. It lets us know what we did. It reminds us of who was there. It’s a Q’s representation of the CSAUP (completely stupid and utterly pointless) stuff that one would translate from the wienke to real life. (Pause a second to take this next one in…) And sometimes itContinue reading “4.23.22 Back Blast – 5 year Convergence at The O-riginal”

6.17.22 Back Blast: The Avenger @ The Patriot

I was ahead of schedule. I had all my stuff ready the night before. I woke up early and was out the door, sure that I had plenty of time for a nice easy drive out to LaGrange. As I walked outside, it was still hot but not like the prior days this week whereContinue reading “6.17.22 Back Blast: The Avenger @ The Patriot”

6.18.22 Pre Blast: The Ruiner @ The O-riginal – BigBird Q

So…not really…but it might be perceived. Mostly, just wanted to catch your attention. My wife’s been asking me what I want to do for Father’s Day and really, I’m pretty easily pleased. As long as I’m with my family I’m happy. But it did get me thinking. What’s something that I really like? I wasContinue reading “6.18.22 Pre Blast: The Ruiner @ The O-riginal – BigBird Q”

6.17.22 Pre Blast: The Defender @ The Patriot – BigBird Q

Been a little on the warm side lately. Tomorrow will offer much of the same as every other morning this week ITG. But never fear! There is some sweet relief on the horizon (if only for a couple days). But….you have to earn it! Come out tomorrow. Put some work in with me. And feelContinue reading “6.17.22 Pre Blast: The Defender @ The Patriot – BigBird Q”

6.9.22 Back Blast: Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Inspiration for this WO would come easy. This week I have been doing homework listening to REO Speedwagon, Styx & Loverboy on my ad free, 6 month free trial Apple Music membership in preparation for Saturday’s concert at Riverbend. At some point during reminiscing I remembered that I had the Q at Bayside. Bayside, beingContinue reading “6.9.22 Back Blast: Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

6.7.22 Back Blast – BO at Goshen

I had been to Goshen only once and it was on their opening Thursday. I’ve been meaning to get back but it seemed like I was always being pulled somewhere else on Thursdays. Now, as the quickest growing AO in the region following The Patriot, Tuesday is an option as well. When Tuesdays went fromContinue reading “6.7.22 Back Blast – BO at Goshen”

6.9.2022 Pre Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside: BigBird Q

Zack: Heyyyy BigBird! Bird: Yo Zack! What it do?! Zack: Did you know that Loverboy, Styx and REO Speedwagon are coming to Riverbend this Saturday? Also I heard you have the Q at Bayside on Thursday! You should give them a blast from the past! Bird: That’s a totally rad idea Zack! Duuudes! If yourContinue reading “6.9.2022 Pre Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside: BigBird Q”

5.26.22 Way Back Blast: The Agony @ The County

Golly! Almost two weeks and just now getting the back blast out is unacceptable…I will say that two months into a new job has made it difficult for me to make the time like I used to be able to do whilst being pretty much unemployed. And even though Jewel says it doesn’t need toContinue reading “5.26.22 Way Back Blast: The Agony @ The County”

6.7.22 Pre Blast: BO @ Goshen – BigBird Q

This is one of the mottos that I live by said by one of my favorite characters of all time. Seeing as where this is only my second trip to Goshen and my first Q, I thought it appropriate to have a little fun with it. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll still work hard butContinue reading “6.7.22 Pre Blast: BO @ Goshen – BigBird Q”

5.23.22 Back Blast: The Incubator @ Posh

Look at our boy Stick Up graduating from Site Q to 1st F Q! It’s always good to see men accelerating, injecting the region with fresh ideas and objectives. One of the last things he would do as outgoing site Q of the Incubator would be to fill up the calendar to make for aContinue reading “5.23.22 Back Blast: The Incubator @ Posh”

5.26.22 Pre Blast: The Agony @ The County – BigBird Q

Calling an audible here. Subprime has found himself feeling a little under the weather and asked me to step in. So for those expecting a Subprime type of workout, never fear. He has shared his wienke with me and it promises some moseying, partner work with coupons and some sprints. We’re going to turn aContinue reading “5.26.22 Pre Blast: The Agony @ The County – BigBird Q”