12.10.19 Bag of Wrenches Backblast-BigBird Q

You ever see that Folgers commercial…well, really any Folgers commercial where someone in the house opens up the coffee and takes a big sniff? And then every other coffee drinker in the house wakes up, eyes closed, eyebrows raised and a smile on their face as they take a deep breath to the smell ofContinue reading “12.10.19 Bag of Wrenches Backblast-BigBird Q”

12.10.19 BoW @ The O-PB: BigBird Q

It’s been almost a month since my knee injury and I have yet to fully diagnose the situation. I know Jolly, should’ve seen the Dr. sooner…but I have shitty insurance. I haven’t Q’d in that long and have only been able to post twice…well three time if you count the super-smart decision to play TurkeyContinue reading “12.10.19 BoW @ The O-PB: BigBird Q”

11.12.19 Peggy Baker Park B.O. – BB – BigBird Q

The Gloom has a good way of bringing things out in people. Effort. Digging deep. Finding that you can push yourself beyond your limitations. That’s the 1stF. The Magnet. Then there’s the part where you get to know guys on a deeper level. The stories we share with one another as we do a warmContinue reading “11.12.19 Peggy Baker Park B.O. – BB – BigBird Q”

11.12.19 Peggy Baker B.O. BigBird-Q

My mother-in-law’s been in the hospital for 90 days and she will be discharged on Thursday-Praise God! Bulletin underwent a successful Kidney transplant and he and the recipient (his sister!) are doing well-Praise God! The recovery is what’s even more testing. My mother-in-law has a long road. Bulletin has 6 weeks (yeah, right! He’s aContinue reading “11.12.19 Peggy Baker B.O. BigBird-Q”

11.6.19 Back Blast for The Foundry- BigBird Q

They say do what you’re uncomfortable doing right? Well, I’ve only Q’d The Foundry once before and in my critical opinion, it was lackluster and left something to be desired. So sign me up Alexa for another shot (long over due, I know…). That doesn’t mean I won’t be nervous. But you know what? SometimesContinue reading “11.6.19 Back Blast for The Foundry- BigBird Q”

11.2.19 PB for The Nest @The County-BigBird Q

If I leave here tomorrow, Would you still remember me? For I must be traveling on, now Cause there’s too many places I‘ve got to see. Crazy to think that a year has gone by since YHC became Site Q @The Nest. I do hope I represented well and did it justice. It’s now timeContinue reading “11.2.19 PB for The Nest @The County-BigBird Q”

10.21.19 Ghost Q-Back Blast for The Incubator @ Posh

You likely don’t know this but your Bird used to do professional theatre in Cincinnati. I love dressing up, getting into character and stepping into another world. Oh, and I probably own more wigs than what is acceptable for a man in his early 40’s. I am also a big fan of the Halloween season.Continue reading “10.21.19 Ghost Q-Back Blast for The Incubator @ Posh”

10.10.19 Cloverfield@ El Jardín- Back Blast

Third week of August. Nice and Slow says the Garden needs Q’s. Is say, “sign me up!” N&S says the first open date is in October. Uh? October? What?! You know September comes after August, right? Thought you said you needed Q’s?! Pretty sure my calendar’s wide open. Still…sign me up! Well, I guess onceContinue reading “10.10.19 Cloverfield@ El Jardín- Back Blast”

10.10.19 Cloverfield @ The Garden-BigBird Q

Yo ser la partida a la jardín y yo ser la partida a explorar!! The garden has a lot to offer. I’ve been out there a few times and have been put through some punishment in various areas of the campus…and each time it sucked!….good! (Courtesy of Nino, Mama’s Boy and Fructose)! It’s time nowContinue reading “10.10.19 Cloverfield @ The Garden-BigBird Q”

10.5.19 Back Blast for The Nest-Rocky Q

PAX: Dauber, Le Pew, Fructose, Brown Water, Cratchet, Cardigan, Gilligan, Jolly Rancher, Holler, Leprechaun 2.0s(Trekkie, Bus, Brick, Chalamare, Von Braun(FNG)) Rocky-Q. Short mozie then circled up for a warm-up. SSH, Grass Grabbers, Michael Phelps, Downward Dog & E2K. The Thang: Mozie down to get a coupon and headed to the back lot for roll theContinue reading “10.5.19 Back Blast for The Nest-Rocky Q”

10.5.19 Pre-Blast for The Nest@ The County: Rocky Q

Is it a left? Is it a right?…More than likely it’s a South Paw left but you’ll have to roll the dice to find out. Come to The Nest ITG at 0700 and and see if your luck has run out or is just beginning. Either way…YOU’LL GET BETTER! We’ll do a modest amount ofContinue reading “10.5.19 Pre-Blast for The Nest@ The County: Rocky Q”

9.26.19 PeWee Valley FD Pre-Blast: BigBird Q

I like to keep the mystery alive for my Q’s leaving just the right amount of details combined with a touch of, “what does Bird have up his sleeve for this one?” For tomorrow, it will likely be my last post before leaving on a week long vacation so…I want to make it tough. ThatContinue reading “9.26.19 PeWee Valley FD Pre-Blast: BigBird Q”

9.17.19 Back Blast-Bag of Wrenches @ The O

This was my Q so I’m allowed to preach, right? Well let me say this: If you’ve been out for a while and you are comfortable at your home AO, go visit some other places. What’s better, if you have some Q experience, share some of yourself, your personality and creativity with other dudes. NoContinue reading “9.17.19 Back Blast-Bag of Wrenches @ The O”

9.17.19 PreBlast-BoW@The O-BigBird Q

Wonky: Crooked; Off center; askew; shaky or unsteady; not functioning correctly; faulty Our Four Corners will be an almost perfect square and will be none of those things above. Our form will be text book. However, nearing the end of our time Tuesday ITG, you may feel the full effects of the definition. I’ll proveContinue reading “9.17.19 PreBlast-BoW@The O-BigBird Q”

9.12.19 The Extender at Le Mutt- Back Blast-BigBird-Q

I do love a theme. What’s more, I do love a good song to go with it. Rewind, if you will, about three months ago: Driving home from work I hear a gem of a song on 91.9 WFPK titled, “I’m So Glad” by Cream (https://youtu.be/L3GIQ86eu6c). I’m thinking to myself, “this will be a perfectContinue reading “9.12.19 The Extender at Le Mutt- Back Blast-BigBird-Q”

9.2.19 Black Ops at The County-Amelia and BigBird Co-Q

At some point on Friday, Airplane and Alexa decided that a workout would be organized for Labor Day morning. Alexa being the HIM he is stepped up to grab it. Now it was just a matter of whether or not it would be the Iron PAX challenge or a regular workout. Consensus would be thatContinue reading “9.2.19 Black Ops at The County-Amelia and BigBird Co-Q”

8.10.19 End of Q School Week Back Blast-The Nest @ The County

I take this F3 Thang very seriously. Now, you might be saying to yourself, “yeah right Bird! If that’s the case, what takes you so long to get your Back Blasts out?” Well, I’ll give you a few reasons: 1) Your Bird suffers from writers block. 2) I think and reflect over several days aboutContinue reading “8.10.19 End of Q School Week Back Blast-The Nest @ The County”

8.10.19 BigBird Q School @ The Nest-Pre Blast

Congratulations PAX members!! You’ve made it through Q School week!….Well…almost. You have 60 more minutes to endure before you can earn your diploma. And earn it you will on this day! Like the magician says when he pulls a rabbit out of his hat, “Ta Ba Da!” We will do a little EMOM, and althoughContinue reading “8.10.19 BigBird Q School @ The Nest-Pre Blast”

7.28.19 Black Ops@ The County-Back Blast

On Saturday, 7.27, As I was on the long drive home from a vacation on Hilton Head island, I had a lot of time to think and reflect. I was the driver, my hard-of- hearing mother-in-law was the copilot, and everyone else in tow was engrossed in their devices. Suffice it to say, there wasContinue reading “7.28.19 Black Ops@ The County-Back Blast”

7.18.19 The Extender @ The Mutt-Back Blast

It was June 26th. Zartan had the Q at the Blender. He had put us through a so terrible it was good, progressive beatdown all around the campus. At COT, he called the group out about stepping up to Q. He had an audience of about 25 PAX with the hopes that he could getContinue reading “7.18.19 The Extender @ The Mutt-Back Blast”