1.19.2022 Back Blast: Black Ops @The Patriot

Since the beginning of December the HIM that run The Patriot have been growing substantially and have been HL machines! 11 FNGs in total would find their new identities. I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome these new future HIM who’ve been coming out and who are now a part of our F3 Nation.Continue reading “1.19.2022 Back Blast: Black Ops @The Patriot”

1.19.22 Pre Blast: Black Ops @ The Patriot-BigBird Q

The Mutt has some of the most fantastical mumble chatter in all of the land. How we were able to get 400 merkins knocked out in 44 minutes during my visit last week I’ll never know except to say that Fridge knows how to wrangle his men and scratch his head while rubbing his belly.Continue reading “1.19.22 Pre Blast: Black Ops @ The Patriot-BigBird Q”

12.28.21 Back Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks

A year ago I found myself being back in full swing almost fully recovered from my ACL surgery. Captain Crunchberry, then site Q over what once was The Station AO had been harassing me to take a Q…any Q and I would finally give in to take the nod on Christmas Eve. At that timeContinue reading “12.28.21 Back Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks”

12.31.21 Pre Blast: New Year’s Eve at Pleasantville-BigBird Q

George Bailey knows my wienke will be about yay big tomorrow ITG. By 0615 you too will realize that it really is a wonderful life. Start time is the regular 0530. Bring with you what you are ready to leave in the past as we look forward to all the possibilities that a new yearContinue reading “12.31.21 Pre Blast: New Year’s Eve at Pleasantville-BigBird Q”

12.21.21 Back Blast: The Loco @ The County

There is no better workout than at any time at The County. It is my home, there are countless options and no matter who is in attendance you are sure to find some of the best PAX in the region that motivate and push each other, making some solid hard work a little more bearable.Continue reading “12.21.21 Back Blast: The Loco @ The County”

12.28.21 Pre Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks-BigBird Q

Perhaps this photo is a little more tasteful than a year ago…although not nearly as fun (insert story). But your Bird got chastised and has since learned his lesson….at least about the awesome photo anyway… Come out tomorrow and see if you have what it takes not only to be nice but also to beContinue reading “12.28.21 Pre Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks-BigBird Q”

12.18.21 Back Blast: BO @ Posh- Worm & BigBird mashup

I’ve been waiting for this mashup since the mashup was a thing especially since Worm likes to say…”early bird gets…Worm.” When newest site Q extraordinaire Bacon asked me to pick up the Q, I jumped at the chance to ask Worm to join me. I reached out to our slimy underground dweller on Monday theContinue reading “12.18.21 Back Blast: BO @ Posh- Worm & BigBird mashup”

12.17.21 Back Blast: The Defender @ The Patriot

I mean when else other than mashup week will I have the opportunity to Q alongside the beast of beasts…the man who has earned double respect and still regularly posts on recovery from a knee replacement surgery…the dude whose wienke promises to be hard and tough without fail, every time…well originally it was planned toContinue reading “12.17.21 Back Blast: The Defender @ The Patriot”

12.21.21 Pre Blast: The Loco @ The County-BigBird Q

Do you remember being a kid and looking around for where your parents hid your Christmas presents? You were pretty sure that Santa wasn’t real but your parents played along like he was and the only way for you to confirm was to find the presents and on Christmas Day if they said, “From Santa”Continue reading “12.21.21 Pre Blast: The Loco @ The County-BigBird Q”

12.18.21 Pre Blast: Black Ops @ Regular Posh- Worm/BigBird co-Q

So…is it that the early bird gets…worm? Or is it that Worm’ll be getting out early with The Bird? Chicken or the egg…potato, po-ta-toe…semantics… Just get yourselves out of the fart sack at 0700 and earn your weekend! If you do you’ll be there for some hard work, fantastic mumble chatter, emasculation and encouragement! IfContinue reading “12.18.21 Pre Blast: Black Ops @ Regular Posh- Worm/BigBird co-Q”

12.16.21 Back Blast: The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks-Mash up

You can totally tell that 1) Pelican misses being out. 2) Pelican misses Dauber more than being out….So…it was about 0527 and Pelican was already there eager to flex his wings. Dauber gets out of his car and barely gets himself into the lone amber lit streetlight at The Boondocks when Pelican takes note thatContinue reading “12.16.21 Back Blast: The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks-Mash up”

12.17.21 Pre Blast: The Defender @ The Patriot-BigBird/ Holy Roller mash up

I’m still trying still trying to figure out how to mash up a Holy Roller and a Bird. Maybe take in to account that Jesus is the reason for the season and mash that up with swans, geese, birds calling each other, French hens, turtle doves or Danny Bonaduce…whatever… Just come out to The PatriotContinue reading “12.17.21 Pre Blast: The Defender @ The Patriot-BigBird/ Holy Roller mash up”

12.9.21 Back Blast: Temple of Gloom @ The O

Speaking of good dudes, Handbook is another one of em. Since he first joined the cool kids club back in September of 2019, he Site Q’s, he rucks, he travels and…he’s inclusive. Case and point, the night before I was set to Q the BOW, he reaches out and says, “May have an FNG tomorrow.Continue reading “12.9.21 Back Blast: Temple of Gloom @ The O”

12.2.21 Back Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Slide Rule is just a good dude…especially for a young whipper snapper. He (among other Bayside HIM) is always trying to keep his fellas engaged, has done a fine job as the site Q on Thursdays and volunteers his time when able (referencing the Squid move where I got to know him even mo better).Continue reading “12.2.21 Back Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

11.24.21 Back Blast: YNot VQ – The Blender @ The Mutt

I love YNot’s story and am so proud of this dude for how far he’s come! I’m not sure if someone gave him the EHL to Q or if he raised his hand on his own but on this day, at The Mutt he would celebrate his very 1st Q. I thought it important toContinue reading “11.24.21 Back Blast: YNot VQ – The Blender @ The Mutt”

12.2.21 WHAT?!! Pre Blast-Big Kapowski @ Bayside: BigBird Q

Didn’t you use to love those days in school when you could look forward to a field trip?And you knew it was going to be an all day affair because you had to pack your lunch in a brown paper bag. Well tomorrow is going to be nothing like that. School will be in sessionContinue reading “12.2.21 WHAT?!! Pre Blast-Big Kapowski @ Bayside: BigBird Q”

11.20.21 Pre Blast for The Nest @ The County – BigBird Q

Let’s take a trip around the St. Aloysius campus at The Nest ITG! I’d tell ya what we’ll be doing but heck, my back blasts are long enough on their own. Just know that it will be a boot camp style workout with some running and no coupins. Also, from a Bird’s eye view it’llContinue reading “11.20.21 Pre Blast for The Nest @ The County – BigBird Q”

11.15.21 Back Blast: The Motivator @ The Abyss

About a month ago as were training for the marathon/half, we were having some good mumble chatter as only long runs with friends can produce. One of the topics was stepping up to Q. I mentioned to Dauber (among other things) that I had one scheduled at The Abyss that I just couldn’t recall signingContinue reading “11.15.21 Back Blast: The Motivator @ The Abyss”

11.15.21 Pre Blast-The Motivator @ The Abyss: BigBird Q

I wanted to post a cool picture of Colonel Longrun similar to Meter Maid’s PreBlast picture at The Patriot. Unfortunately, the only thing you may be able to see at The Abyss at 0500 aside from your hand just in front of your face, may be the stars in the sky…if we’re lucky. Be oneContinue reading “11.15.21 Pre Blast-The Motivator @ The Abyss: BigBird Q”

10.8.21 Back Blast: The Chopper @ Vets

It was Friday December 20th, 2019. I was on the schedule to Q The Chopper just 3 days before I would go under the knife to repair a torn ACL. Even though I had a modified wienke that would require very little leg exercises I slept through my alarm making this the one and onlyContinue reading “10.8.21 Back Blast: The Chopper @ Vets”

10.8.21 PreBlast:The Chopper @ Vets-BigBird Q

When you pull into The J’Town Veterans Memorial Park you immediately see the 60 foot long Freedom Wall paying homage to all 5 branches of the US Military. Once you walk towards the Seal you notice 8 park benches that display the words “Honor, Duty, Loyalty and Courage.” As you walk forward still you’ll noticeContinue reading “10.8.21 PreBlast:The Chopper @ Vets-BigBird Q”

9.29.21 Back Blast: The Foundry @ The County

I’m not normally one to make a big deal out of my birthday and don’t usually look to schedule a birthday Q. However, when The Foundry’s newest site Q (Meter Maid) had some dates to fill I figured I’d help a brother out and sign up and since it was the day before my birthdayContinue reading “9.29.21 Back Blast: The Foundry @ The County”

9.29.21 Pre Blast: The Foundry @ The County-BigBird Q

The number 44 is related to achievements, accomplishing goals, putting in hard work and laying the foundation for greatness. Come out with me ITG and have a taste of all of it! It’s a heavy so bring your coupons. We gotta get from A to B so bring your shoes. Bring your gloves if youContinue reading “9.29.21 Pre Blast: The Foundry @ The County-BigBird Q”

9.18.21 Back Blast: The Nest @ The County-Cochran & BigBird Co-Q 4 yr Postiversary

Not too long ago Timeshare, The Nest’s newest site Q, was trying to fill up the calendar. One of the dates he was looking for was this day. Pretty sure this was right at about postiversary time for me and my boy @Cochran. Would double check https://f3louisville.herokuapp.com/pax just to be sure. Check and confirm andContinue reading “9.18.21 Back Blast: The Nest @ The County-Cochran & BigBird Co-Q 4 yr Postiversary”