3.2.21-BB: The MAX @ Bayside-BigBird Q

I love Bayside for a number of reasons. One of which is the drive to get there. Yes, you read that right. I do appreciate the time with myself, reflecting on the day prior and mentally preparing for the day ahead, to include the beat down that would be forthcoming. Now, I have a tendencyContinue reading “3.2.21-BB: The MAX @ Bayside-BigBird Q”

2.18.21 BB-The Moonshiner at the Boondocks-BigBird Q

LePew had inspired me to come up with this Goofball of a workout. I had my inner Grover channeled on a guy’s trip a few weeks ago and when I heard that he was going to be a HC, I figured I’d pay homage to my favorite childhood show Sesame Street. Not everyone would getContinue reading “2.18.21 BB-The Moonshiner at the Boondocks-BigBird Q”

2.11.21 BB-The Agony@ The County-BigBird Q

I’ve been a bit off my game for the last couple of weeks so for the men that worked with me on this day, I apologize for getting this out so late. PAX: Gisele, LePew, Devitto, Dauber, HolyRoller-R, Backflop, Pelican, BigBird-Q I lost my mother-in-law suddenly on Monday the 8th. I was overwhelmed by theContinue reading “2.11.21 BB-The Agony@ The County-BigBird Q”

2.18.21-PB: Moonshiner @ The Boondocks- BigBird Q

If LePew’s ever tried coercing you into joining the Boondocks crew, he likely will sell you on how Near it a actually is to where you are. Plumb Bob might disagree and say that for him, it is very Far. Whether this is Near or this is Far, the Boondocks boys always know how toContinue reading “2.18.21-PB: Moonshiner @ The Boondocks- BigBird Q”

2.11.21 The Agony @ The County-BigBird Q

So you know it’s The Agony, right? And Agony by definition means extreme physical or mental suffering. I can’t promise either but I also cannot promise having any of other either…if that makes any sense. With the weather being what it is, The County has all sorts of options for modification. And I won’t letContinue reading “2.11.21 The Agony @ The County-BigBird Q”

1.29.21 BB The Gladiator @The Abyss-BigBird Q

Denouement: The climax of a chain of events, usually when something is decided or made clear. 1.28 and Uncle Sam would post this word on Slack as a noun describing the end to a week of County Q’s at the Abyss (sorry Dauber but you’ll always be County to me). After looking up the definitionContinue reading “1.29.21 BB The Gladiator @The Abyss-BigBird Q”

BB-1.26.21 The Rooster@ The Mutt-BigBird Q

On the eve of the month of love…I love the anticipation of leading a group of men, uncertain of what’s in store for them. I love that it was dry and 43 degrees in late January the day after a monsoon. I love that everybody was on time ready to roll…except Tiger…you know he wasContinue reading “BB-1.26.21 The Rooster@ The Mutt-BigBird Q”

1.26.21 PreBlast: The Rooster @ LeMutt-BigBird Q

They say that the only one who knows what tomorrow will bring is The Sky Q. Although that is true, if we are blessed with the prospect of another day, I can see into your future at The Rooster. Tomorrow will be a little wonky and we’ll see how short a minute really is. We’llContinue reading “1.26.21 PreBlast: The Rooster @ LeMutt-BigBird Q”

1.23.21 BB-The Fog @The Poshlands-BigBird Q

When getting ready to start a workout and giving the disclaimer, I have always appreciated looking around the circle and seeing a large number of dudes coming out to support the Q. Whether it be actually for the support or maybe even for the curiosity of what trickery and creativity the Q will unleash. ButContinue reading “1.23.21 BB-The Fog @The Poshlands-BigBird Q”

1.23.21 PB for The Fog @ The Posh BigBird Q

It’s been well over a year since I’ve had the Q at The Parklands. It was where it all started for me as that’s the first place I had ever led a workout, almost three years ago. So much has changed but some has remained the same. One thing’s for certain: I’ve always loved havingContinue reading “1.23.21 PB for The Fog @ The Posh BigBird Q”

2021 Pull Up Challenge: BigBird Q

What it is: shooting for 2021 pull ups between now and March 31st. Why? Because Digiorno and Cousin Eddie asked if I’d be bringing it back. Where? At your home, at a park, on scaffolding (Grizzly), or wherever you can construct your homemade portable pull up bar… How does it work? Do pull-ups daily, OYOContinue reading “2021 Pull Up Challenge: BigBird Q”

1.2.21 BB-The Nest at The County-BigBird Q

I love the prospect of a new year. All the potential and possibilities. The ability to leave one year behind and start over fresh to work on the best possible version of oneself. 2020 was an interesting year. Just like you, I could have a lot to complain about. But also just like you, IContinue reading “1.2.21 BB-The Nest at The County-BigBird Q”

1.2.21: Pre-Blast- The Nest @The County – BigBird Q

Out with the old and in with the new. The changes you make within yourself are up to you. Come out to The Nest ITG and we’ll take a tour around The County. Lap 1 will be some old stuff familiar to me. As we get into the New Year, we’ll take a second lapContinue reading “1.2.21: Pre-Blast- The Nest @The County – BigBird Q”

12.24.20 BB The Inferno @ The Station-BigBird Q

12.23.2019 – I went under the knife to repair a complete tear of my ACL. As I was reflecting over the last year, a flurry of thoughts and emotions came over me. Everything from: thinking I’d be ready to return in 3 months (if Tiger or Devitto are reading this, they’re laughing their a$$es off),Continue reading “12.24.20 BB The Inferno @ The Station-BigBird Q”

12.18.20 BB-The ‘06 @ Mary T-BigBird Q

Death, taxes and mumble chatter at the Mutt. Sump Pump, BUSCHHHHH, and Deuce agreed that they were indeed all certainties as some strong fellowship was happening even in the midst of a pretty solid wienke. Rewind about a month ago when Digiorno reached out to me and asked if I knew anyone outside of theContinue reading “12.18.20 BB-The ‘06 @ Mary T-BigBird Q”

12.18.20 PB The ‘06 (Mary T) Shut Up the Mutt-BigBird Q

Today is gone, today was fun. Tomorrow will be another one. Every day from here to there…Hard work is happening everywhere! Some workouts are old, some are new. Some will make you sad, some might make you slightly glad. Some will be very, very bad! Why are they Sad and Glad and Bad? I don’tContinue reading “12.18.20 PB The ‘06 (Mary T) Shut Up the Mutt-BigBird Q”

Back Blast 12.2.20-The Foundry @ The County

I have always been a little intimidated when it comes to Q’ing a Heavy style workout. I think it’s because to me, there’s a lot more thought that goes into it. What weights to bring? How many of each? How many stations do I set up? What if I plan for 5 dudes and 15Continue reading “Back Blast 12.2.20-The Foundry @ The County”

12.2.20 Pre Blast-The Foundry @The County-BigBird Q

They say don’t Q it if you can’t do it, right? So I tried this one out to be sure. It sucked! Tomorrow will be tough! And you will pull from deep within yourself every adjective of the word GRIT to make it to 0615…but per the norm we’ll get after it together! We’ll motivateContinue reading “12.2.20 Pre Blast-The Foundry @The County-BigBird Q”

11.9.20 Black Ops at The County-BigBird Q

This year’s been a doozie, huh? I bet no one else can say that right?….Uh, yeah right Bird…Well, I’ll certainly never forget it. I’ve been unable to get out with you men since a year ago this week, I tore my ACL doing some CSAUP F3 soccer….well, if we would’ve won it wouldn’t have beenContinue reading “11.9.20 Black Ops at The County-BigBird Q”

12.10.19 Bag of Wrenches Backblast-BigBird Q

You ever see that Folgers commercial…well, really any Folgers commercial where someone in the house opens up the coffee and takes a big sniff? And then every other coffee drinker in the house wakes up, eyes closed, eyebrows raised and a smile on their face as they take a deep breath to the smell ofContinue reading “12.10.19 Bag of Wrenches Backblast-BigBird Q”

12.10.19 BoW @ The O-PB: BigBird Q

It’s been almost a month since my knee injury and I have yet to fully diagnose the situation. I know Jolly, should’ve seen the Dr. sooner…but I have shitty insurance. I haven’t Q’d in that long and have only been able to post twice…well three time if you count the super-smart decision to play TurkeyContinue reading “12.10.19 BoW @ The O-PB: BigBird Q”

11.12.19 Peggy Baker Park B.O. – BB – BigBird Q

The Gloom has a good way of bringing things out in people. Effort. Digging deep. Finding that you can push yourself beyond your limitations. That’s the 1stF. The Magnet. Then there’s the part where you get to know guys on a deeper level. The stories we share with one another as we do a warmContinue reading “11.12.19 Peggy Baker Park B.O. – BB – BigBird Q”

11.12.19 Peggy Baker B.O. BigBird-Q

My mother-in-law’s been in the hospital for 90 days and she will be discharged on Thursday-Praise God! Bulletin underwent a successful Kidney transplant and he and the recipient (his sister!) are doing well-Praise God! The recovery is what’s even more testing. My mother-in-law has a long road. Bulletin has 6 weeks (yeah, right! He’s aContinue reading “11.12.19 Peggy Baker B.O. BigBird-Q”

11.6.19 Back Blast for The Foundry- BigBird Q

They say do what you’re uncomfortable doing right? Well, I’ve only Q’d The Foundry once before and in my critical opinion, it was lackluster and left something to be desired. So sign me up Alexa for another shot (long over due, I know…). That doesn’t mean I won’t be nervous. But you know what? SometimesContinue reading “11.6.19 Back Blast for The Foundry- BigBird Q”