Pre-Blast for 02/15 PokerRuck

You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to Ruck away with a big coupon!

Yes boys, Saturday the 15th will be the inaugural F3 Louisville PokerRuck. Brought to you by StarChild and Methane.

Startex & Endex will be at Joe’s older than Dirt located at: 8131 New la Grange Rd
Louisville, KY 40222
Please park in the back lot of the Chase Bank parking lot.

We will handout and go over the rules about 6:50, with the Ruck starting promptly at 7-ish. All teams are required to be back at Joe’s by 10 pm for the POKER REVEAL!!!!!.

Each Rucker needs to Ante up $10 as the winning team takes all. If you have not paid through PayPal, bring cash!

Please make sure you have the following:

1)Ruck with 20 or 30 lb weight

2) Headlamp

3) Reflectors

4) Water

5) Extra money if you decide to fold em and catch a ride home

6) clothes for the…….hell you all are grown a$$ men, you can dress yourselves

This event will be a lot of fun and suitable for any experience level.

Any questions?? Let Methane or StarChild know.

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