Back Blast for #thebridge at @F3Parklands 02/07/2018

Q: Methane PAX: Star Child, Tool Time, PK, Boozer, Uncle Rico, Little Jerry (R), Dunphy, Rhythm, Double Down (R), Methane CONDITIONS: Sleet/Rain with a temp of 33° ATTIRE: Nyke compression pants, Smedium F3 shirt, Unger Amore shell and Addios shoes. This morning, 10 PAX put in a full body workout to #obtaingooder (yup, it's a … Continue reading Back Blast for #thebridge at @F3Parklands 02/07/2018

Picnic in the Park

Temperatures in the morning will be 11°! With this heat wave coming through, Methane would like to invite everyone to the Parklands for a Picnic! We'll have games, and adventures and lots of prizes! See you at 5:30am! (*prizes may or may not be available)

Meth Hill 

Q: Methane PAX: Mr. Hat, Ice-Man, Gypsy, Double Down, Kilo, Abacus, Vincent, Little Jerry, Bob Ross, Propane (fng) It was a perfect 25° morning for a Methane Q. It was so good he brought his 2.0-Propane! Warmup: Imp. Walkers(IC), Arm Circles, SSH(IC), Abe Vigotas(IC), Mountain Climbers (IC) Now that we brought our body temp up … Continue reading Meth Hill 

F3 Parklands Fog Back Blast-Inagural Saturday

11 Pax (1FNG) showed up Saturday morning for the inaugural Saturday Fog. Q: Methane Little Jerry, Double Down, BobRoss, Star Child, Methane, Force Close,  Flea,  Little Smoky,  Gypsy,  FNG (Jason Bott) Bootleg, Tool Time Methane started off with COP: 17 SSH, 18 Imperial Walkers, 15 Merkins, 17 Plank Jumps, 17 Mountain Climbers The excitement of … Continue reading F3 Parklands Fog Back Blast-Inagural Saturday

F3 Louisville: Parklands Saturday #Fog Pre-Blast

The #parklands will have it's inaugural Saturday workout (#fog) tomorrow from 7-8am. You will not want to miss it!  Those who received a coupon Wednesday, please bring it.  BobRoss & Methane will co-Q and it will be awesome! Also, we will meet at Panera in Middleton afterwards for warm beverages.  #getbetter #morethanaworkout #fog

Backblast: Merkins, I mean Burpees.#incubator #getbetter #F3Counts

Q: Methane (YHC) Pax 21: Methane, Hops, Rhythm, BobRoss, Kilo, Lil Smokey, The Hammer, Tool Time, Sea Bass, Tron, Preacher, Glaucoma, Double Down, Nugget, Dexter, Red Roof, Gypsy, Pope, Captain Insaneo, Face  Great morning in the #incubator. YHC was at the Q, and almost forgot the Shovel Flag – nice. We also had a guest … Continue reading Backblast: Merkins, I mean Burpees.#incubator #getbetter #F3Counts

Monday Back Blast: Saddle Up Boys for the #Parklands #Incubator!

Methane took the reigns Monday morning for the first #Incubator at the #Parklands and the 13 PAX with 1 FNG were ready to ride! QIC - Methane  PAX - nomo, gypsy, double Down, glaucoma, sea bass, nugget, taco, Bobross, rhythm, star child, speedo (fng), captain insane-o Mosey to the egg-lawn  COP:  20 SSH 15 Imperial … Continue reading Monday Back Blast: Saddle Up Boys for the #Parklands #Incubator!