BB for The Incubator 5/13: Methane’s 2 year F3versary

This morning was a cool crisp spring morning, very similar to the first time I posted 2 years ago. I threw on my good old reliable blue pullover, just like 2 years ago, and I modified the WO that Pitino and Tesla used to introduce me to F3…..2 years ago. As I pulled up to the Parklands AO, I noticed a lot of the Pax were wearing blue pullovers. Nice touch guys. This is what makes F3 and incredible group. The little things like blue pullover day or very important things like raising a lot of money and support for those in need-this group does it all. I have seen a lot of growth over the last 2 years and to be a part of it is unbelievably amazing! Ahem, well looks like my allergies are acting up. On to the stuff.


Bob Ross

Ice Man-R




Tool Time


Lady Bird-R



Uncle Rico


Pew Pew






Methane – Q

Disclaimer given and we moseyed over to the parking lot and circled up


Kendra Newman’s

SSH x 25, 5 burpees

Mtn Climber x 25, 5 burpees

Plank Jack x 20, 5 burpees

Since the PAX had a hard time counting, we partnered up for the first THANG.


Partner assisted suicides. Partner one gets across the parking lot in a manor called by Q, partner 2 does called exercise waiting for Partner 1, then flapjack.

Rd 1- P1: Mario across parking lot, P2: Carolina Dry Dock, Flapjack

Rd 2- P1: Mario across parking lot, P2: LBC, Flapjack

Rd 3- P1: Karaoke across lot, P2: Squat, Flapjack

Rd 4- P1: Karaoke across lot, P2: Merkins, Flapjack

Good warmup, but a small piece of advice, never, never, never race IceMan. It is a no-win situation. If he challenges you or starts to goat you, just smile and wave. Fructose and Zartan will support me on this….

We then moseyed to the picnic tables.


Move to picnic tables for 3 sets of step ups (or jump ups), dips, and derkins

Rd1: 5 step ups each leg, 5 dips, 5 derkins

Rd2: 10 step ups each leg, 10 dips, 10 derkins

Rd3: 5 step ups each leg, 5 dips, 5 derkins

The WO I did 2 years ago used the half pipe for this thang. For the sake of time we flattened out the pipe.


The flat Half Pipe. Run the length of the parking lot and Do 10 merkins at the ends and 10 sumo jump squats at the middle. 3 total trips.

We then headed to the flag for some name your own MARY until time was up.


Prayers to retainer and his family with the passing of his Mother.

Also, please keep my nephew, Denis,in your thoughts and prayers as he undergoes brain surgery tomorrow to remove some small tumors.

Thank you for allowing me to lead you today and thank you for leading me tomorrow.

Meth out!

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