5/17/23 Parklands BB – Double Down Birthday Q

Listen up, folks, it’s a workout blast, Led by Double Down, whose birthday’s approaching fast! Join Methane, Bob Ross, Diana Dukes, and Ladybird too, And let’s not forget Begging Strips, the dog with a clue! Double Down’s the captain, he’ll push us to our best, With strength and endurance, we’ll all be impressed. Sweat willContinue reading “5/17/23 Parklands BB – Double Down Birthday Q”

PB 05/10/2023 – Methane Q, the Bridge at the Parklands

6 years ago tomorrow a neighbor of mine invited me to a Saturday morning workout with a group of guys at Seneca park. The selling point was that it was free. What I didn’t realize was that for the low price of free I would get a great workout, meet a great group of guys,Continue reading “PB 05/10/2023 – Methane Q, the Bridge at the Parklands”

Back Blast 05-03-2023 – Edward Scissorhands at The Bridge at Parklands

I recently had the privilege of observing a unique workout led by none other than Edward Scissorhands himself. The participants of this intense session included Methane, Jitterbug, Bob Ross, and Diana Dukes. The workout began with a brief warm-up routine that included dynamic stretches and calisthenics to get the blood pumping and muscles warmed up.Continue reading “Back Blast 05-03-2023 – Edward Scissorhands at The Bridge at Parklands”

10/19/2022 PB for Double Down Q at the Parklands

Do you like F3? Yes? Do you want to post somewhere tomorrow morning? Yes? Do you want to be a badass? Yes? Do you want to have the best freaking workout of your life Q’d by a badass OG, who has a great F3 name and birth name? Hell Yes!! Be at the Parklands tomorrowContinue reading “10/19/2022 PB for Double Down Q at the Parklands”

PB for the Incubator at Posh 06/20/22 – Uncle Rico Q

As we wind down the day celebrating all the great Fathers in our lives, it’s time to get ready for the week and turn our attention to the unsung heroes in every successful persons life……Uncles!!! Monday is Uncle’s Day and the Posh has the honor of hosting Uncle Rico as Q!! Bring a coupon, shoes,Continue reading “PB for the Incubator at Posh 06/20/22 – Uncle Rico Q”

The Incubator (Posh) BB for 6-6-22. Methane asks “What’s Tabata with you?”

3 HIMs showed up for a beautiful Monday morning in the Parklands for a simple but effective tabata-ish WO. PAX: Bob Ross, Edward Scissorhands & Methane-Q Warmups : SSH, Toy Soldiers, Abe Vigotas, Kendra Newman’s, Down Dog & Mountain Climbers Thang 1: 6 exercises per round. 1 minute to complete 20 reps of 1st exercise,Continue reading “The Incubator (Posh) BB for 6-6-22. Methane asks “What’s Tabata with you?””

BB- The Incubator at the Posh – 3/14/22 – Meter Maid Q

Sometimes you have to show up even when everything is not optimal. My voice was shot, but I had a plan to execute a successful workout. I showed up 10 minutes early to setup my board by the PWC pavilion, get my coupon to start ex and get the music / speaker setup. There wereContinue reading “BB- The Incubator at the Posh – 3/14/22 – Meter Maid Q”

Back Blast- 1/31/22- Incubator @ Posh

It was a perfect weather morning at Posh for a little mosey around the egg lawn. PAX: Stick Up, Buzzsaw, Edward Scissorhands, Pickleball, Jitterbug (R), Bob Ross, Fertile Myrtle, Yankovic (R), Sadie (Q) After a quick mosey around the parking lot, we circled up for COP: SSH (30 IC), Grass Grabbers (10 IC), Abe V’sContinue reading “Back Blast- 1/31/22- Incubator @ Posh”

PB for TheBridge 12/15/21 at The Posh. METH NUGGET

You better watch outYou better not cryYou better not fart sackI’m telling you whyMeth Nugget is coming to Posh He’s making a weinkeHe’s checking it twiceHe’s gonna find out why Kilo’s not niceMeth Nugget is coming to Posh He sees you do your MerkinsAnd he knows your burpees fakeHe knows if you’ve done all yourContinue reading “PB for TheBridge 12/15/21 at The Posh. METH NUGGET”

BB- The Incubator – 11/22/21 – Meter Maid Q

I haven’t Qed recently at South Posh so I wanted to bring out the potted plants for their first visit. I woke up early to get setup 15 minutes early for what I entitled “Max Reps and Run”. T-Claps to Bacon for being the site Q to bring back the Fog on Saturday mornings toContinue reading “BB- The Incubator – 11/22/21 – Meter Maid Q”

PB for TheFog 5/8/21: An F3 Anniversary….

It’s been (almost) 4 years since my first post back on May 13, 2017. So come out to the Posh Saturday for a Methane’s Greatest Hits WO. Might even have some special appearances from BluePullover, Captain Methane-O, and Star Child, who wanted to name me Porky. Ah, I’m just kidding, Star Child won’t be there.BringContinue reading “PB for TheFog 5/8/21: An F3 Anniversary….”

PB- The Fog -3/6/21 – Meter Maid Q

Make it a double. I will be leading a pre-ruck at the normal South Posh from 5:45 -6:45AM. Then, I will be Qing the Fog. We will be moving and touring many areas of the Parklands. No coupons required but gloves are recommended. SYITG! -Meter Maid

Pre-blast: 2/8/21- The Incubator @ Posh

Excited to make a return trip to Posh as Q of The Incubator tomorrow. We’re gonna move around the AO a bit while mixing in full helpings of upper body, lower body, core, and cardio work. No coupons necessary. Don’t let the Super Bowl tonight keep you in the fartsack tomorrow. Get out and accelerate!Continue reading “Pre-blast: 2/8/21- The Incubator @ Posh”

BB – 12-30-20 – Uncle Rico – Bridge at Poshlands

Bodies by Rico never lets anyone down and in this case what sounded like a great idea ended up being exactly that. How can you go wrong with murder bunnies, WMD (modified), thrusters and copperhead squats? Pax – Jitterbug (R), DryRub, Jimmy Neutron, Edward Scissorhands, Double Down (R), Schlitz, Little Jerry (R), Jewel, Stick Up,Continue reading “BB – 12-30-20 – Uncle Rico – Bridge at Poshlands”

10/31/20 BB: TheFog @ The Posh – Methane’s String of Pumpkins

PAX: Jitterbug – RIceman – RPew Pew – RAntBob RossEndoLady Bird – RDrysdaleStick UpPit StopMethane 👻Q Mosey to the parking lot, COP:SSH, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climber, Abe Vigotas, Down Dog, Runners Stretch, Arm Circles Mosey to the Bridge, Thang 1: SEVENSOn one side of the bridge start with 1 exercise. Travel across the bridge toContinue reading “10/31/20 BB: TheFog @ The Posh – Methane’s String of Pumpkins”

10-28-2020 Uncle Rico – The Bridge at Posh

Got to love ghost Q week. Everyone gathering around wondering who is going to step up. It’s 5:29 and all the PAX are still coming in and I hear “my first post was Monday in over three weeks as my shoulder has been really hurting” and Boom 5:30 I give the disclaimer and announce weContinue reading “10-28-2020 Uncle Rico – The Bridge at Posh”

BB- The Fog 10/17/20 – Meter Maid Q

Going into GrowRuck, I really wasn’t sure how my body would feel so I held off any near term Qs. When I saw the opportunity to Q the Fog, I jumped on it. It was hard to believe that less than a week ago, I worked with 99 other HIMs to complete a 15+ hourContinue reading “BB- The Fog 10/17/20 – Meter Maid Q”

BB- North Posh – 7/27/20 – Meter Maid Q

Last night, my AC went out, I wasn’t sure how I was going to sleep. Luckily the house didn’t go above 77 degrees. I know I wouldn’t be dreaming of my Q in advance like Backflop. I think he may need to lead a Q school class on this. I knew some of those whoContinue reading “BB- North Posh – 7/27/20 – Meter Maid Q”

PB for TheBridge: The Parklands ✌️ Year Anniversary WO for 7/10/19 Co-Qs Glauc & Methane

Tomorrow we will celebrate 2 years of AO greatness at The Posh! 2 years ago, StarChild set off to find an east end AO that would continue to grow and expand the principles of F3 Louisville. He new the F3 need was great and that there were many sad clowns that were in desperate demandContinue reading “PB for TheBridge: The Parklands ✌️ Year Anniversary WO for 7/10/19 Co-Qs Glauc & Methane”

BB for The Incubator 5/13: Methane’s 2 year F3versary

This morning was a cool crisp spring morning, very similar to the first time I posted 2 years ago. I threw on my good old reliable blue pullover, just like 2 years ago, and I modified the WO that Pitino and Tesla used to introduce me to F3…..2 years ago. As I pulled up toContinue reading “BB for The Incubator 5/13: Methane’s 2 year F3versary”

P.B. BluePullover and Methane 2 Year Anniversary CoQ at the Incubator 5/13.

Hey F3 Louisville, Blue Pullover here, and I am excited to let everyone know that Methane and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary with F3. We have decided to celebrate by Co-Q-ing The Incubator this Monday the 13! Man, 2 years. Unbelievable!! I still remember Methane laying me out the night before our firstContinue reading “P.B. BluePullover and Methane 2 Year Anniversary CoQ at the Incubator 5/13.”