Squid Q – BO @ Bayside 04.17.21

Charolais, Shuttlecock and Slide Rule joined YHC for a handful of nuclear tests spaced out all over the campus. We started off with a mosey to the unlit parking lot by the baseball field. We got warmed up with Toddler Squats, SSH, Downward Dog ‘n’ Stuff, Toy Soldiers and Imperial Walkers. Next, I explained theContinue reading “Squid Q – BO @ Bayside 04.17.21”

Squid Q – The Fog @ Posh 04.10.21

Number 2, Drysdale and Jitterbug joined YHC for a boulder shoulder beatdown. We stretched, moseyed to the rock bridge and found a couple rocks to hold for the rest of the morning. I set a Tabata timer for the following exercises (4 rounds 25 seconds each, move on to the next exercise). American Hammer SetContinue reading “Squid Q – The Fog @ Posh 04.10.21”

03.25.21 BB Squid Q – Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Weather was perfect. 6 PAX came out to the Bayside “Zoo”. We stretched, grabbed coupons, did the following movements 50 yards each and then returned the coupons. It was hard and we are all better for it. Gator CrawlCrab WalkDuck WalkFrog JumpBlock n’ BearBear ‘n’ BlockMurder BunnyMurder MakerInch WormSide WinderBunny HopHop Bunny Until Next Time,Squid

BB The Patriot – BO @ La Grange 03.22.21

I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. The Patriot is the hottest BO in the area and already is gaining quit a following. After getting beat down by Le Pew’s nuclear recently, I had the idea to find something else that could be done with the nuclear inspiration. Knowing this was HolyContinue reading “BB The Patriot – BO @ La Grange 03.22.21”

BB Squid Q – The Chopper @ Vets 02.26.21

There are a few AO’s town that you know you have to bring a little extra heat, otherwise they’ll probably run you off. There are other sites that you can come with a little less and you will still be told “great Q” when you know it was fairly average. Vets, like the Garden, isContinue reading “BB Squid Q – The Chopper @ Vets 02.26.21”

BB Squid Q – Cloverfield @ The Garden 02.25.21

This morning was one of those where I would have much rather remained in the fart sack. Thanks to my commitment to Q and the strict requirements of the IHC, I begrudgingly made my way to the gloom. Shark Bait and I showed up about twenty minutes early so I could get set up. WithContinue reading “BB Squid Q – Cloverfield @ The Garden 02.25.21”

BB Squid Q – Escalator @ The Abyss 02.24.21

Tour de ‘Ville de Sequel Stop #9 Apparently F-Stop is tired of my shenanigans since he was a no show today. At 0515 I gave the disclaimer and we did a little warm up. The 4 Abyss regulars, minus F-Stop and Harbaugh, were ready to put in the work. The only thang was going toContinue reading “BB Squid Q – Escalator @ The Abyss 02.24.21”

BB Squid Q – Planetarium @ The Boondocks 02.23.21

Tour de ‘Ville de Sequel Stop #8 Le Pew was hyping today up by advertising the Ghost Flag and a highly anticipated visit by Tony Malito. There was also some planning going on by the Abyss guys because we wanted that Ghost Flag. I figured there would be a decent showing so I had toContinue reading “BB Squid Q – Planetarium @ The Boondocks 02.23.21”

BB Squid Q – The Ruiner @ The O 02.20.21

The temp in the gloom this morning was 4 degrees of sheer frigidity. We had snow or ice off and on for the past two weeks. Some of the snow was cleared, other snow was compacted and turned into ice and some snow remained untouched. The O is a sprawling shaded park. Sunshine hadn’t hadContinue reading “BB Squid Q – The Ruiner @ The O 02.20.21”

PB – Incubator @ Posh 02.22.21

Shark Bait and I have been watching the Dark Knight trilogy the past few evenings. How DC ruined such a monumental reinvention of a franchise is beyond me. And now, over the next year there will be three separate actors playing Batman in completely unrelated roles? What a mess. But, I digress. Last night weContinue reading “PB – Incubator @ Posh 02.22.21”

BB Squid Q – Extender @ The Mutt 02.18.21

Tour de ‘Ville de Sequel – Stop #5 of 12 With the unpredictable weather, I reached out to Digiorno and suggested he have a backup plan in place. I intended to make it out, but I wouldn’t know until 4:30 the next morning. I haven’t tried, but I’d imagine coming up with a Q beforeContinue reading “BB Squid Q – Extender @ The Mutt 02.18.21”

BB Squid Q – Foundry @ County 02.17.21

Tour de ‘Ville de Sequel – Stop #4. I started my early trek to county by falling down the 4 steps outside my front door with my coupon and water. Since Pelican already has a list of actions that equate to the verb “squid”, I decided I couldn’t add anything else to his list. So,Continue reading “BB Squid Q – Foundry @ County 02.17.21”

Squid/Natty Lite Co-Q – Poshes @ the Garden 02.15.21

Both Natty Lite and I are in hot pursuit of the coveted Iron Horse and this “away” Q was another check mark on our list. That said, with the closure of both of the ‘Ville’s Poshest of sites, a modification was in order. We decided a Co-Q at the rolling hills of the Garden wouldContinue reading “Squid/Natty Lite Co-Q – Poshes @ the Garden 02.15.21”

BB Squid Q – BO @ Bayside 02.13.21

Stop 2 on the Tour de ‘Ville de Sequel, the sprawling campus of Bayside. There are other AO’s with a significant amount of space, however Bayside’s painted parking lot football field is pretty unique. Because of that, we were going to spend some time here today. I showed up early to make sure the lotContinue reading “BB Squid Q – BO @ Bayside 02.13.21”