BB Squid Q – The Minuteman @ The Patriot 10.04.21

Short and simple… Here we go. Showed up a little early and set up. 10 PAX joined the COP. Took a mosey around the square to buy some time while the train kept us from the parking lot. Skull Crushers, Curls and Over Easy as the train moved along. Mosey to the parking lot. TheContinue reading “BB Squid Q – The Minuteman @ The Patriot 10.04.21”

BB – Big Kapowski @ Bayside 08.12.21

Back to school always meant back to the playground, where we would test our speed and agility while avoiding lava and slaying the latest animated monsters. We would end recess red faced and soaked in sweat. Today, back to school at Bayside would be no different. 8 PAX showed up, including Firing Pin for aContinue reading “BB – Big Kapowski @ Bayside 08.12.21”

BB – Squid Q – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

14 PAX showed up to see what hand they’d be dealt. We started with a lap around the loop and ended on the amphitheater stage. WORSSHToy SoldiersHillbilly WalkersDDKendra Newmans ThangFind a partnerEach PAX draw two cards from F3 Beatdown DeckPlay two rounds of War and perform the exercisesBox jump all the way to the topContinue reading “BB – Squid Q – Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

Squid Q – Baptizer @ The Garden 07.16.21

This one is a bit overdue so I’ll keep it simple.4 PAX showed up to celebrate my 41st trip around the sun. More importantly, we also commemorated a PAX’s father. Brut, of F3 Greensboro wrote the second half of this weinke in honor of his dad who passed away recently. He posted it on TwitterContinue reading “Squid Q – Baptizer @ The Garden 07.16.21”

BB Squid Q – The Foundry @ County 07.07.21

It was a beautiful morning. It was seventy-some degrees and sweaty-percent humidity. The 6 PAX that decided not to make this a run day were Lambeau, Swag, Brown Water, Dauber Bootlegger (FNG) and YHC. I gave the disclaimer and made sure the FNG had a loose run down of what was about to happen. WeContinue reading “BB Squid Q – The Foundry @ County 07.07.21”

Squid BB = The Minutemen @ The Patriot 07.05.21

PAX in attendance; Holly Roller (R)(on one knee), Jolly Rancher, Shade Tree, Timeshare, Ruby (R) and YHC on Q. This was day 1 of the Patriot as an official AO, it was also the day following Independence Day. With that, the theme was clear and fairly easy to come up with a weinke to follow.Continue reading “Squid BB = The Minutemen @ The Patriot 07.05.21”

BB Squid Q – BO @ The Patriot 06.25.21

Got to witness the train coming down Main Street at 5:205 this morning. Also watch FOCKER come from the wrong side of the tracks yelling and waiving the flag as the train finished its tour through town. 10 PAX showed up for a simple wienke as was advertised. We took a stroll around the squareContinue reading “BB Squid Q – BO @ The Patriot 06.25.21”

PB Squid Q – Escalator @ The Abyss 06.23.21

Since I know Jolly Rancher will have something to say, let me clarify something quickly. I wrote the BB yesterday because it was a “Before Blast” and today is the PB or “Post Blast.” See, it had nothing to do with me not paying attention and getting ahead of myself. Anyways, on to the matterContinue reading “PB Squid Q – Escalator @ The Abyss 06.23.21”

Squid Q – BO @ Bayside 04.17.21

Charolais, Shuttlecock and Slide Rule joined YHC for a handful of nuclear tests spaced out all over the campus. We started off with a mosey to the unlit parking lot by the baseball field. We got warmed up with Toddler Squats, SSH, Downward Dog ‘n’ Stuff, Toy Soldiers and Imperial Walkers. Next, I explained theContinue reading “Squid Q – BO @ Bayside 04.17.21”

Squid Q – The Fog @ Posh 04.10.21

Number 2, Drysdale and Jitterbug joined YHC for a boulder shoulder beatdown. We stretched, moseyed to the rock bridge and found a couple rocks to hold for the rest of the morning. I set a Tabata timer for the following exercises (4 rounds 25 seconds each, move on to the next exercise). American Hammer SetContinue reading “Squid Q – The Fog @ Posh 04.10.21”

03.25.21 BB Squid Q – Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Weather was perfect. 6 PAX came out to the Bayside “Zoo”. We stretched, grabbed coupons, did the following movements 50 yards each and then returned the coupons. It was hard and we are all better for it. Gator CrawlCrab WalkDuck WalkFrog JumpBlock n’ BearBear ‘n’ BlockMurder BunnyMurder MakerInch WormSide WinderBunny HopHop Bunny Until Next Time,Squid