BB – Squid Q – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

14 PAX showed up to see what hand they’d be dealt. We started with a lap around the loop and ended on the amphitheater stage.

Toy Soldiers
Hillbilly Walkers
Kendra Newmans

Find a partner
Each PAX draw two cards from F3 Beatdown Deck
Play two rounds of War and perform the exercises
Box jump all the way to the top of the amphitheater
Rinse and Repeat

At 06:15 time was called and we circled up at the flag. Mumble chatter was strong and everyone got in some great work. COR, NOR, Announcements (F3 and BMR convergence), Announcement (PAX father having surgery).

We are all dealt a unique hand in life. Sometime we get a great hand and sometimes it’s junk. When we get a good hand, it’s easy to forget about the struggles of the men around us. Remember that many men are fighting to stay afloat in life, be intentional about watching out for them. We are not designed to face this life alone.

Until Next Time,


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