BB Squid Q – The Foundry @ County 07.07.21

It was a beautiful morning. It was seventy-some degrees and sweaty-percent humidity. The 6 PAX that decided not to make this a run day were Lambeau, Swag, Brown Water, Dauber Bootlegger (FNG) and YHC.

I gave the disclaimer and made sure the FNG had a loose run down of what was about to happen.

We took a short mosey to the far lot and did some typical warm up stuff. We moseyed back to our coupons and walked them over to the board. Although Lambeau didn’t seem excited about what he saw, he was glad it wasn’t a repeat of my 231 burpee Q from the first time we met in the gloom.

Thang: Modified Doracide
50 – Monkey Humpers
100 – Skull Crushers
150 – Bench Press
200 – SSH (SC)
150 – Curls
100 – Toddler Jump Squat (These were a big hit)
50 – Abyss Merkins
P1 – Exercise, P2 Gassers with 5 burpees at the top

The PAX crush their way through this. Since we had a little time to spare, we took a mosey back to the far lot for some Mary work. Each PAX called out an exercise. With a few minutes remaining we took the long way back to our coupons. We then rifle carried them back to the flag. For the last minute, we stretched as each PAX felt necessary.

COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions.

As always, it is great to join dem County Boyz in the gloom.

Until Next Time,


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