7.7.21 Back Blast The Bridge @ Poshland

The workout was only 45 minutes but after today’s, let’s call it…experience, I have enough material to write a book! And to those PAX in attendance today, we all went through something special and I am truly blessed to have been a part of it. As I arrive I see Schotzie off to side talking to another PAX member. As some of you may know, Schotzie is going through a very challenging personal situation and has had one helluva week. Through his difficulties, his F3 brothers at Bayside raised him up, he rediscovered Christ and was baptized by F3 Borland following this past Saturday’s workout. You read that right. Baptized after a workout!! Since that short time ago, I feel what has been cathartic for him has been to share his story, his feelings, his emotions. I would later find out who he was talking to and how it provides further proof that there are no mistakes, there are no coincidences and that we are all a part of God’s perfect plan. I’ll touch on that more later. It’s important to say who was here and what we did so I’ll briefly cover that but it’s the story that matters most today.

PAX: Dry Rub, Minnow, Uncle Rico, YNot, Fertile Myrtle, Snap Fade (DR) (R), Schotzie, Buzzsaw, Wabbits, Bob Ross, Dynomite, Methane, Stick Up, BigBird (Q)

COP: Mosey to get loose, SSH, Imperial Walkers, 5 inchworms with a Merkin, Runners Stretch with RoL and RR, then LoR and LL, up into Cobra. All out mosey around the lot…recover

Tabata: 20 seconds on 10 seconds off for 8 rounds: Mountain Climbers…recover

Mosey to The Bridge for The Thang. 20 Merkins at the bottom of the hill, mosey to the top then 3 burpees. Mosey to the other side and do 20 jump lunges, each leg a half. Every time we reached the top of the hill: three burpees. Each time we would go down by two: 20, 18, 16 etc. and each time we would rotate between mosey and Bernie’s going up and down the hill. Sounds complicated but we had a smart group today and everyone picked up on it. We would finish together with 5 burpees at the hill before moseying back for some Mary. Solid work boys! Good work pushing through!!

Mary: LBCs, BBSUs, Slow Scissors and Dynomite would bring us home with Has Pumps.

Circled around the flag for COR, NOR and COT. Made an announcement for the capture the flag ruck and also for the 4 year anniversary of Poshlands on Monday. Methane has the Q and promised a celebrity will be in attendance. A “star,” if you will.

Next I’d like to call this section, “it just so happened.” And for me it was magical and devine. When I’m at the helm, I like to call out the “6” to find out who they are, how they got their name and who brought them out. It just so happened that the “6” was Snap Fade. We learned that he is an original OG from Charlotte, was in attendance for the second ever week of F3 and actually got his name from Dredd. Apparently he’s a really good golfer or a bad one…not sure. He is on the F3 board and when PAX were surprised to learn that we had a board, he said not knowing was a good thing. The board usually only steps in to resolve an issue or handle things to ensure F3Nation is running smoothly. He is in town for his daughters AAU basketball tournament. We would find out that Louisville hosts the world’s largest women’s basketball tournament. Anyway it just so happened that he picked the Poshlands for this mornings beat down. He would next tell us that Schotzie’s baptism video made it all the way down to Charlotte and Snap had seen the video. Now Schotzie is normally a Bayside dude but it just so happened he was in attendance today and it just so happened that Schotzie was the first person that Snap Fade would run into when he got out of his car. That’s who I saw chatting it up when I arrived. I mean, wow!! Now I don’t know what they were talking about but I’m sure Snap imparted some words of wisdom and helped Schotzie to unload. The Lord was at work today and we got to be there to witness it. Schotzie would next share a bit of his story, asked that we lift him and his family up and led us out in prayer.

Truly a special day for me and one that I will never forget! Thank you Lord, thank you F3 and thank you men!

Until next time…


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