BB- Squid Q BO @ The Patriot 05.21.21

I’m a little late on this, but better late than never.

Thankfully Holy Roller reminded me of my upcoming Q when he was at Bayside on Thursday. I was hesitant to Q because of some lingering back issues. I designed a Q that I would be able to modify as necessary while everyone else was able to put in the work up to their ability.

We had 8 PAX ready to work; Alice, Swag, Borland (R), Mr Mom, Ruby (R), Holy Roller (R), Yankovic (R) and YHC (Q).

We warmed up our legs and shoulders with a variety of stretches.

Ruby showed us how miserable a beatdown could be if you smoke the shoulders before you get into the real thang that is also shoulder focused. Because of that, we started with a modified Bat Wing (20IC of each below exercise).

Thang 1:
– FWD Kendra Newmans
– RVS Kendra Newmans
– Overhead Claps
– Seal Claps
– Light Bulbs
– Moroccan Night Club
– Bushwackers (Just made these up the night before)

For he main event we moseyed to the lit parking lot at the top of Heartbreak Hill. A board was set up in the corner with a list of exercises. The PAX would perform 15 of an exercise in each of four corners. Next the would move on to the next exercise and keep working down the list.

Thang 2:
– Toddler Jump Squat
– Carolina Dry Merkin
– FWD Lunge IC
– Wide Grip Merkin
– Side Lunge IC
– Diamond Merkin
– Step Back Lunge IC
– Gator Merkin
– Jump Tuck
– Blades of Steel

I think we made it to the side lunges before time ran out. We moseyed back to the Statue of Officer Oldham. We had a few minutes to spare so we knocked out some Blades of Steel and Gator Merkins.

All in the PAX put in a lot of great work today. Holy roller continued to push the PAX even though he had 50 lbs on his back, what a beast!

We circled up at the flag for COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions. For those that were comfortable, we brought back the BOM. I didn’t realize how much I missed wrapping our arms around each other and praying over one another.

Well done men and thanks to the Bayside Boys for showing up in support of the Q!

Until Next Time,


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