BB: Big Mo Heavy @ Vets 17May2021

Better late than never. A week later Im getting to this Back-blast. It has been some week!

The WOD takes inspiration from my two a day workouts, my military experience, consideration of the AOs location and a look ahead to memorial day.

We began with a warm up that consisted of the usual SSHs and what not. I also threw in Front Back Gos and top to bottom joint mobilization. I forget exactly what all we did.

After having been sufficiently warmed up we then headed down to the furthest reach of the AO on a mosey with coupon. Where we came upon my cache of novel workout kit. I had anticipated a 20+ reporting of men but instead got the five bravest men that morning.

Kilo, Gringo, Cousin Eddie, Yoshi, Focker(q)

We had prepared for us a firehose with wich we were to weave our coupons thru, but had not suffecient men to do so. So we adjusted fire and picked up Cpl Punishment (100# log), two test weights (50# each) a tank drive wheel a 65# sandbag and our coupons (I may be forgetting something)

We moseyed back up to the top where we stopped at the ships guns. Each PAX member took turns running to the ammo dump with the test weights one in each hand while the others did weighted big boys. Once everyone rotated thru we then shouldered back up and moseyed to the tank.

At the tank we broke track and each PAX lounged walked around the tank weighted while the remaining PAX did purls and held the drive wheel. Again on to next..

On to the UH-1 where we step squatted with weight around the bird while remainder of element did a mixture of weighted reps. Cant remember all of them. We took a ten count and reflected on the symbol of freedom that Huey was to so many men deployed into harms way in many a combat zone. For a-lot of them it was the last thing they would ever see in this life.

We hustled the weight back up to the top and then moved to the Howitzer for some epic deadlifts! See video! Thanks Gringo for shooting that!

Deadlifts with the Field

Time was called we circled around the Great Seal of our nation. We had some sidebar to its symbology, did announcements and intentions and ball of men the prayer for dismal after.

So thankful to have had the opportunity to lead each of you that morning and hope the delay in BB posting was not a discouragement to you!

Carpe Diem

Focker Over Out

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