BB The Range @ The Patriot 20APR2022

The men of The Patriot showed up with much enthusiasm this morning. We began with a nice even number of ten and finished with the same as we always (well usually) do. 0530 Disclaimer made and we began the COP. 25 SSH, Downward Dog with all the things, 10 GrassGrabbers and awe were sufficiently warmedContinue reading “BB The Range @ The Patriot 20APR2022”

PB The Range @The Patriot 20APR22

Come on out to The Patriot tomorrow for your Wednesday morning workout. We will enjoy the morning hours together and start our morning off right together. This will be a bootcamp style workout that is simple yet effective. We will honor our fallen F3 brothers. Running shoes, clothing to your comfort level, and no coupons.Continue reading “PB The Range @The Patriot 20APR22”

Warno: 9/11 Tribute WOD at the O

HIMs Tomorrow, at the O, 0700-0800, we will raise a leg and weight in honor to those fallen hero’s of 11sept2001 and all those who haven fallen in support of this nations defense since that infamous day. Focker will be your Q. Bring you gloves, your coupon, and anything else you think will help you.Continue reading “Warno: 9/11 Tribute WOD at the O”

BB: Freedom Friday LA BO 02July2021

Good morning men. I hope your Independence Day weekend is off to a great start, as it was in LaGrange Ky at The Patriot this morning. 8 HIMs reported to duty and assembled around the Col William Oldham Statue. Holy Roller(R), Ruby(R), Swag, Shadetree, Lucky Charms, Hardley, Layup (FNG), Focker (q). 0530 Disclaimers made. WeContinue reading “BB: Freedom Friday LA BO 02July2021”

29June2021 BackBlast Bayside The Max WOD with Focker.

So I am batting a terrible average with the whole pre blast/back blast thing lately. This morning I am making sure to write this back blast straight away. Sorry to everyone for completely miffing the preblast for this WOD. 11 HIMs stood tall and proud. Squid, BananaBread, Birdie, Firing Pin, Slugger, Mr. Mom, Mouse Trap,Continue reading “29June2021 BackBlast Bayside The Max WOD with Focker.”

PB Lagrange BlackOps site The Patriot

HIMs I dropped the ball and forgot to put out requests for Qs this month! April flew by!!! However. Not to worry! Yours truly, FOCKER, will be your fearless Q! 0530 in front of the Col William Oldham statue LaGrange courthouse square. Bring whatever you want but most of all bring an FNG. No couponsContinue reading “PB Lagrange BlackOps site The Patriot”

BB: Rods of God 30March21

Welp. I forgot to write my backblast for the Loco workout at the county last Tuesday. Sorry Hushpuppy and all. 14 HIMs were present for this pounding! Backflop, LittleJerry respect, DoubleDown respect, JollyRancher, CousinIt, JerryMaguire respect, Dauber, Abacus, LadyBird, HushPuppy, WILDFLOWER, Valdez, HighTower, Focker the Q. so I have to admit, the exact details areContinue reading “BB: Rods of God 30March21”

PB: WARNO Enemy Spotted County A/O

Men. Military Intelligence reports a sizable enemy force maneuvering in the area of The County. Enemy size is unknown and expected to be organized and well equipped. Once again we meet our foe. This time we have an advantage. Time is on our side. We have a full hour to find, fix, fight, and finishContinue reading “PB: WARNO Enemy Spotted County A/O”