BB: Rods of God 30March21

Welp. I forgot to write my backblast for the Loco workout at the county last Tuesday. Sorry Hushpuppy and all. 14 HIMs were present for this pounding! Backflop, LittleJerry respect, DoubleDown respect, JollyRancher, CousinIt, JerryMaguire respect, Dauber, Abacus, LadyBird, HushPuppy, WILDFLOWER, Valdez, HighTower, Focker the Q. so I have to admit, the exact details areContinue reading “BB: Rods of God 30March21”

PB: WARNO Enemy Spotted County A/O

Men. Military Intelligence reports a sizable enemy force maneuvering in the area of The County. Enemy size is unknown and expected to be organized and well equipped. Once again we meet our foe. This time we have an advantage. Time is on our side. We have a full hour to find, fix, fight, and finishContinue reading “PB: WARNO Enemy Spotted County A/O”

BB: The Mutt 23March21

21 men posted yesterday at the Mutt and crushed their demons! Pope, SumpPump, Plumbbob, OneNut, Deuce, Tiger, Flare (R), Goodman, LarryFlint, Whamo, SoftTop, PeepingTom, Windshield, Busch, Fridge, OldBay, FallGuy, Ball Boy, PalmOlive, Blueprint, Focker (Q) Starting with SSH we warmed up with highknees, mario, lunge walk, dd, merkins, lap around the campus. We fell inContinue reading “BB: The Mutt 23March21”

BB: LaGrange Black Ops The Patriot

6 men, Yankovik (R), HolyRoller(R), BossHog(R), Mulch, Sludge(FNG), Focker(Q), stood proud around Col William Oldham, in the cold and windy gloom. We had our orders and knew that what was to come would not be a typical workout. It would not be easy. These hard bodies don’t stay that way by doing nothing and ourContinue reading “BB: LaGrange Black Ops The Patriot”

BB: Bayside W/O Bounce Back

HIMs. 10 men gathered together today to strengthen and condition body, mind, soul and spirit. Squid, Charlee(R), Banana Bread, Schotsky, Mr.Mom, Borland(r), ShuttleCock(R), Ruby(R), Birdie, Focker(Q). Theme for todays workout was being DANGEROUS! As men, we have been designed, by our creator to be strong, be courageous and be dangerous. We are the protectors ofContinue reading “BB: Bayside W/O Bounce Back”

BB: The Foundry @The County W/O Heavy Metal

It may have been a dry cool morning, but it was smoking hot in The Foundry. 16+5 HIMs forged their way thru the workout this Morning. Jewel, Yankovic(R), Wide Right, NaddyLight, JollyRancher, Honeydew, Pelican, Jazelle, DeVitto, Meter Maid, PitBoss(FNG), HolyRoller(R), Tidwell, Wildflower, Brownwater, Focker(Q) + 5 runners (forgot their boots but hit their 7:10 paceContinue reading “BB: The Foundry @The County W/O Heavy Metal”

BB: Davy Jonessssssss

Wow. our Mutt brothers show up in numbers! 20 HIMs reported for sea duty. Busch, Backdraft, Motorboat, Wammo(R), Pope, Frosty, FruityPeebles, GoodMan, Deuce, Zima, PeppingTom, LarryFlint, Old Bay, Fridge, Tiger, Blueprint, Beaver, Etto(sic), Focker(Q), Windshield. 0530 All aboard. Disclaimers made. We set sail with the wind at our back. SSHs, STs, BEARs, DD, Merkins intoContinue reading “BB: Davy Jonessssssss”

BB: LaGrange Black Ops The Patriot

Tour de LaGrange was a success we had 10 HIMs arrive at the boarding station, ready willing and able. BossHog(R), Yankovic(R), Mulch(FNG), Holy Roller (R), Valdez, Airplane, Browntail (R), Captain Crunchberry, Wildflower, Focker (Q) We arranged ourselves into some semblance of a formation around the Col William Oldham statue, disclaimers were made and we setContinue reading “BB: LaGrange Black Ops The Patriot”

BB: The O! or the Mutt… no that’s not right; the O! “Captain we have a problem”…

Well me mateys. It appears I had a little too much rum last night and steer me vessel off course. She landed a few degrees, some direction off; making port at the O in the wee hours of the morn. Ok enough of this pirate/lepechraun talk. I messed up and a few kind souls helpedContinue reading “BB: The O! or the Mutt… no that’s not right; the O! “Captain we have a problem”…”

PRE BLAST: Davy Jones Locker W/O at the Mutt A/0 The O

Arrgh mateys. Have you ever wondered what it would be to swap the decks? How bout weigh anchor? Heave Ho? Aye not I. Come-out to the Mutt with yer pirate approved gloves, coupon and boots ye fancy? Do ye have what it takes yer scalawags? Maroon yer fartsacks and make land ho. Ther will beContinue reading “PRE BLAST: Davy Jones Locker W/O at the Mutt A/0 The O”

WARNO NEW BO site The Patriot

The time has come. As F3 Louisville grows its reach has really impacted the surrounding communities. The rate and pace in which recruitment from the Oldham County and particularly, the La Grange Ky area, has been exponential (thanks Holy Roller) to say the least. This is a call to arms once again! We must continueContinue reading “WARNO NEW BO site The Patriot”

BB AAR Doomed to Repeat @ the Gardens

What we did)  Doomed To Repeat, AO Gardens 14 HIMs Hollar,Huggies,DianeDukes,Jewel,NattyLite,UncleRico,Nino,Gipsy,Catfish,JimmyNeutron,NiceandSlow,Domino,WideRight,Focker(Q), all present and accounted for.  Enemy spotted in and around the area of the pump station, intel reports, possible ambush along any likely avenues of approach. HIMs are to clear the area, move to contact, engage with and destroy the enemy. 0530 COP) Began withContinue reading “BB AAR Doomed to Repeat @ the Gardens”

PB WARNO Enemy Force Near Vicinity of AO Gardens.

The men of AO Gardens have reported actionable intel. The enemy (Doomed to Repeat), has been spotted in the area surrounding the Gardens and appears to be strengthening. Each loss to the enemy, F3 HIMs have had, has emboldened them further. They now have a heavy weapons squad and a mortar team maneuvering with them.Continue reading “PB WARNO Enemy Force Near Vicinity of AO Gardens.”

BB Slaughterhouse Loco @ The County

We certainly trimmed the fat from the Christmas Beast this morning at the Loco. 16 HIMs presented themselves for the work ahead. NoNutsDoodle(FNG)DauberWILDflowerHolyRoller(R)DoubleDown(R)StickUpRippleBigBirdWhiskersHoneyDoDeepDishLittleJerry(R)BungholeBackflop(interim site Q)Focker(Q) We began with COP mosey to top parking lot for 20 SSH, downward dog with all the trimmings, 5 merkins, 5 mt. climbers then mosey back to lower parking lot.Continue reading “BB Slaughterhouse Loco @ The County”

PB Slaughterhouse Loco @ The County

Well its that time of year again. Christmas spirit abounds. Our homes are cozy and festive. A fire cracks in the fireplace, casting its warm glow and ambience throughout. The M, wearing her cute little kitchen apron, prepares sugary delights that are destined to find their way to our waistlines… while us HIMs… we knowContinue reading “PB Slaughterhouse Loco @ The County”

BB 15DEC2020 0530 After Action Review (AAR)Troops In Contact (TIC)!

What we did) Doomed To Repeat, AO Boondocks 15 HIMs, LePewCochranHolyRollerColKlinkTidwellLuckyCharmsFNGAbacusWildflowerDauberBackflopBullitenLaunchpadHoneydewFocker(Q), all present and accounted for. Enemy spotted in and around the area of the ball field, intel reports, possible ambush along any likely avenues of approach. HIMs are to move to contact, engage with and destroy the enemy. COP) Began with 10 Nuclear’s ledContinue reading “BB 15DEC2020 0530 After Action Review (AAR)Troops In Contact (TIC)!”

Enemy Spotted

WARNO (Warning Order) Situation:Last Wednesday we encountered an enemy force(our WO) that was a numerically superior force. That enemy force has returned to our AO Boondocks.We had approx 18 PAX fall casualty to this enemy force (WO Doomed to Repeat) and this approaching threat, intel reports, does not present weaker. We need at least oneContinue reading “Enemy Spotted”