AARish Boondocks 14June2022

247th birthday United States Army


5 PAXs posted for a workout lead by YHC. We rallied at the one and only light post. Disclaimers were made.


DD and trimmings. Front leaning rest with 15 Merkins on my down. Nuclears from 5 and we were sufficiently warmed and loose.

PL Main Body Workout

Coupons carried for mosey to lower parking lot.

YHC had POV strategically placed for music. A playlist with all the Army tunes and ballads.

A range of 45 meters lay before us. On one end 19 WW2s to be performed. Then rifle carry coupon to other end. Perform 14 Pearls. Ground coupon take lap around baseball field. Return to coupon do 13 Pearls. Rifle carry coupon 45 meters. 18 WW2s. Keep coupon grounded. Lap around baseball field. Return to WW2s do 17, rifle carry 12 Pearls, ground weight. Take a lap, so on and so forth to completion.

Mummble chatter was low. Yancovic strikes out early for the lead as i started the playlist. I hustled and caught up as we kept each other company for the remainder of the exercise.

VS kept 3g company as they moved thru the workout together and Single source was pushing it from the middle all by himself. we did hang out at the static workouts momentarily. This turned out to be a run heavy WOD.


Yancovic struck out early, once again for the flag, as we finished up our lap.

We passed 5 and 10 of the workouts and headed back for the flag.

0616: PL COT

COR: 5

NOR: Single Source, VS, 3G, Yanchovic,

.Announcements: Monthly Ruck Capture the Flag, 1July check slack.

Prayer Requests: Single source 2.0s at camp keep hand of protection over them. Maddie still needs heart and prayers. Others spoken and unspoken.

Prayer to the SkyQ.

0620: Endex.

Colors retreated.

Carpe Diem

Focker Over Out

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