BB – The Bridge @ Posh – 6/15/22

It was almost 10 degrees cooler this morning that yesterday morning, but the air was still thick enough to cut with a knife. The beauty of Posh was still as spectacular as it always is!

0530 – Disclaimer was given and immediately jumped into COP.

COP : SSH, Toy Soldiers, Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabers, Downward Dog along with the usual accessories and a little Michael Phelps OYO

Thang: Threw our coupons on our shoulders and a quick mosey to the base of the bridge. Since Lambeau was present I figured we better do some man makers so he didn’t get cranky. So, I called out 10 man makers OYO before starting the Thang. He seemed to calm down after that. Onto the Thang, 11s-curl press/squats with a full bridge run in between. We picked up the six at the end for his last two rounds. Hard work was put in by all.

A quick mosey back to the flag and had a few minutes left. Called out 20 dips IC and 20 derkins IC. Read my watch wrong and thought we had less time then we had so called out an abbreviated round of merry. Flutter Kicks (YHC) Jack in the Box (Stick Up) 1 min Plank (Pizza), still misreading my watch was about to call time when Ed Scissorhands corrected me with having 1 min left, Gas Pumps (Bob Ross). The sweat in my eyes was blurring my vision to tell time apparently. Finally, time was called at 0615!

COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions, thanked God for giving us the ability and desire to get up and sweat together and make each other better!

PAX: Pizza, Double Entry, Bob Ross, Lambeau, Mismatch, Tudors, Jitterbug (R), Scissorhands, Stick Up, Flexseal (Q)

It was great to meet some new Pax at an AO away from home base!

Posh is where the Ghost Flag currently resides.

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