BB The Agony

We began with COP

ssh, coupon stretches, dd, all the things.

We then started main body WO.

70reps x7sets


Big Boys



4ct lunges

Coupon curls

4ct LBCs

Rinse and repeat

Mary with the usual…

Time called, rally around the flag COT, COR, NOR

Announcements: St als fish fry needs men to help serve throughout lent. Contact Stormtrooper for more details if interested. March Amazing Race Ruck coming up. You wont want to miss that! See March Ruck Channel for details.

Intentions: pray for Family of Travis Brown, memorial and flag folding March1. Holy Rollers daughter is getting married. Prayer for peace and smooth execution. Congratulations Skull and Leah! HooRah!

Prayer, kneel for cross, stand for flag.

Focker Over Out!

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