Back-Blast Friday 02-25-2022 – The Baptizer @ The Garden

Not sure a back blast is really even needed for The Garden workout this morning. The pre-blast laid out exactly what we did and the 11 PAX who read the pre-blast were well prepared. One jumped out of their car yelling all sorts of basic questions but eventually figured things out when I politely explained the plan.

PAX – Buzzsaw, Methane (R), Uncle Rico, Jewel, Fertile myrtle, Bob Ross, Huggies, Wide right, Meter maid, Backflop, Stick Up, Diane dukes, Dauber (Q).

It was a solid workout, decent mumblechatter, great music/ads. Here is what we did…

Quick disclaimer and then a mosey up and around to the coupon dumpster for COP – SSH, Merkins, Grass Grabbers, Toy Soldiers, Merkins.

We grabbed coupons and stayed at bottom of the back hill for the Thang.
Pairs of exercises in a countdown of reps (40, 30, 20, 10) with interval run between reps.
Overhead Press / American Hammers / Run up to hill plus 10 merkins

Bent Over Rows / Flutter Kicks / Run over to basketball goal plus 10 merkins

Merkins / Squats / Bernie up hill

We hustled back to the flag with a minute to spare for a plank then COT – CoR, NoR, Announcements, Intentions, Prayer.

Fun morning boys.

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