BB – 02.25.2022 @ Pleasantville

Hats off to Captain Crunchberry for allowing me to take the Q for this WO, a wonderful example of grace and humility.

0530 came and 5 PAX members began @ the amphitheater (Edward Scissorhands, Flexseal, Captain Crunchberry, Brown Water & Harry Caray), disclaimer given and away we began. Several in attendance, including YHC commented about the headwinds, but they were not going to deter us from our mission. As we moseyed toward the town center we noticed a vehicle coming in hot. It turns out, it was to be the sixth member of our troop on this brisk morn, none other than Dracula. He parked right there by the pagodas, hopped out and joined our wind riddled group of misfits. We reached the paved Italian-inspired town center square, equipped with bistro tables, and a fountain featuring Hebe, the goddess of youth. We were going to need that fountains powers for this WOD.

COP: Grass grabbers x 10, SSH x 20; Imperial walkers x 10, SSH x 20; Abe Vigado’s x 10, SSH x 20; Hillbillies x 10, SSH x 20; Mountain climbers x 10, SSH x 21 (101 total SSH, perfect).

The Thang: 4-corners was the mission for the day, 4 rounds. Round 1: 5 burpees at 1 corner, 10 BBSU’s at 2nd corner, 20 merkins at 3rd, and 40 squats at the 4th, mosey as mode of travel in between. Round 2: 10 burpees, 20 BBSU’s, 40 merkins, and 80 squats, Mario as mode of travel. Round 3: 5 burpees, 10 BBSU’s, 20 merkins, and 40 squats, Bernie as mode of travel. Round 4: 10 burpees, 20 BBSU’s, 40 merkins, 80 squats, and mosey as travel. We made our way up to the fountain for 2 rounds of 10 x 4-count dips and 10 x derkins.

Mary: In the town center square: LBC’s x 20, Flutter kicks x 20, LBFC’s (not a typo, look it up) x 10; LBC’s x 10, Flutter kicks x 10, LBFC’s x 10. BTW, whoever invented LBFC’s is evil-minded, and I love them! My new favorite core exercise. Q checked his Garmin, it read 0614, we started to mosey back, quickly realized that Dracula had parked there so we decided on a impromptu COT. Count-arama, name-arama, announcements, and intentions for all those in Europe affected by the issues surrounding Ukraine. Lords prayer, Dracula to his car and the rest moseyed back to the amphitheater. And we out!

On a side note, Pleasantville has quietly become my favorite non-home AO! If you’ve never been or maybe it’s been awhile, I highly recommend going, a great way to start the weekend.


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