PB – BoW @ The O 8/17/2021

In honor of going “Back to School”, we will be having a good old fashioned lesson in the ABC’s…..f3 style! Gloves would be a good idea, running shoes an even better one. No coupons necessary for admittance, only the willingness to test your mind and body. If you’re looking for tough, come get you some.Continue reading “PB – BoW @ The O 8/17/2021”

BB – The Ruiner @ The O – 5/29/21

The clock struck 7:00 am, disclaimer was given, and off we headed to the field of dreams, or should I saw nightmares. We circled up for some quick stretching, as we had a lot of work to accomplish before this WO was to be considered done. We started with SSH, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers &Continue reading “BB – The Ruiner @ The O – 5/29/21”