Harry Caray Birthday Q @ The Ruiner @ The O

Tomorrow will kickoff the 1st (and only) Harry Caray Pre-Respect-In-Training Tour! That is right folks, you heard it here first. Starting tomorrow, I will be kicking names and taking a**! Wait, what did I just say? Any who, I suspect all the regions’ respectos magnificos to be in attendance to call me names like, young whipper snapper, and snot nose punk, and other words that people haven’t used in a half century or so. So don’t go making my reservations to Shady Pines just yet. We’ve got a whole ‘nother year to party til that happens. As for the workout tomorrow, well…. let’s just say it will most likely involve the number 49, a lot. After having run 11 miles this morning, Captain Crunchberry suggested my Q be an arm day, but who wants to do arms for an hour. Not this guy! So, plan on moving around some to get the body warm, plan to do some stuff, and some things, and whatever evil intenions that might pop into my head between now and then. Essentially, I have absolutely no plan yet for my weinke, and may not until 0659.9. Clear as mud? Good!


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